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  1. KujiRolls

    POLL: What tire pressure do you prefer to ride at?

    Yeah, i know 25PSI is low, but i feel much more in control and its easier to jump. With the PSI jacked up to 60PSI i feel every bump and turning feels a bit squirrely.
  2. KujiRolls

    POLL: What tire pressure do you prefer to ride at?

    I like to go with the lowest tire pressure that doesnt risk me getting a pinch flat or denting the rim... that being said, i have dents. I probably have about 25PSI on my MSX unless im forced to pump it up to get more range out of the thing.
  3. KujiRolls

    Gotway MSX crushes stairs

    The fat wheel and the stability of the MSX makes gliding down [short] stairs really easy.
  4. KujiRolls

    Inmotion Hovershoes vs Segway Drifts

    Cool. Yeah, i think these are best suited for kids. They are underpowered for adult sized people.
  5. Hey guys, not sure where to put this since it doesnt fall into any existing category... but, i made a new video on the Inmotion hovershoes after trying out the Segway Drifts and thought you guys would enjoy it.
  6. Hey guys, kuji again. Ive put together another video of my experience at Segways unveiling event (July 26, 2018) for the new Drift W1 (hover shoes) and the Ninebot Gokart (mini attachment kit). I had a blast in the heat of Beijing and met up with the Ninebot co-founder, Cid Wang. Check out the video! Its short and sweet.
  7. KujiRolls

    $1600 Electric Unicycle Review | inmotion v10

    @novazeusYeah, its a fox racing helmet. Its quite comfortable, very well ventilated, and looks cool. Thats ridiculous thinking your head isnt worth $250. A visit to the hospital wont be less than that and if it saves me from anything itll pay itself off at least 10x, probably 100x.
  8. KujiRolls

    $1600 Electric Unicycle Review | inmotion v10

    Its awesome to hear from you guys. In response to your questions: Overloading with >200lbs - @Marty Backe @dw8928 I hadnt read about the overloading problem until afterwards. I still cant respond appropriately to this question. KS16S vs V10F acceleration - @Glitched The KS16S is zippier off the line. In the city, im not sure which one id feel prefer... the faster acceleration of the KS16S vs the slightly faster 40 vs 35kph top speed of the V10F. Forward tilting for faster acceleration - I havent done that yet, but i will give that a try next time im out. My firmware is v1.1.6 (im in China so whats available to me may be different) Incorrect weight - @UniVehje Thanks for informing me. i posted the correction in the video description.
  9. KujiRolls

    $1600 Electric Unicycle Review | inmotion v10

    The V10F has the torque to easily handle 195lbs; im 170lbs and theres no lack of power. The main dissatisfaction you might have is the sluggish acceleration. I havent ridden the KS18L, but will report back when i do.
  10. KujiRolls

    $1600 Electric Unicycle Review | inmotion v10

    Marty, Yeah yeah... maybe i should change it to, "i typically wear my full face helmet". Comparing wheels to the Tesla and Z10? Basically the Tesla is my preferred urban cruiser and the Z10 would be my trophy-wheel. Performance-wise the Tesla is a lot more responsive and fun to ride. The Z10... is just aesthetics. Im thinking of doing another video thats not so specific, but more in the general "why i love unicycling" space. What'd you think? Yeah, im an EE and wannabe-ME. i built prototypes in their innovation lab and helped out with the testing of the Z10.
  11. It's Kuji here. I used to roll with the guys in SF, but moved to China about a year ago to work with Ninebot to follow my passion. I'm an entrepreneur who is just obsessed with self balancing vehicles. Things at Ninebot didnt pan out as i had hoped, but my obsession with electric unicycles hasn't been fazed. I figured id show off my first piece of work on reviewing the new inmotion v10F. I dont have any background making films, but I figured id give it a shot and start making videos about self balancing vehicles, electric things, and seeing where this takes me. It's less than 5 minutes long, super dense, hopefully entertaining and funny. It covers about 80% of what I feel about the V10F after riding over 500km on it. I figured id post it in 'general discussions' rather than specifically in the inmotion category since i think this video would appeal to all electric wheel riders. Since this is my first video, it would be SUPER appreciated if you 'subscribed' to my channel... More to come! I hope you guys like it! Here's the video:
  12. Ive had a similar experiences (maybe 8 times in 5000km) on my v8 typically after dropping off curbs at 20+kph. What it feels like is violent and quick shaking that lasts a second or two. Like a stepper motor rocking back and forth between detents. The movement isnt enough to force me to eject, but it is quite challenging if im upright and not prepared for it. Ive crashed once and had to bail a couple times, but most of the time i just push my knees in to grip it and wait for it to stop. It might be related to the sudden force causing it to dislodge its rotational location. Then the firmware thinks the wheel rotation is somewhere else and cant control it properly. Then after a second (maybe after the wheel has rotated completely and the hall effect sensors update the location, it corrects itself. Other than that, the v8 has been a very reliable wheel for me. Those pedals stay balanced down stairs better than other wheels ive ridden (and ive ridden them all). My recommendation is to just go hard and gradual rather than hard and abrupt... bend the knees and pinch the frame.
  13. KujiRolls

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Yeah... im a little aggressive (dropping down curbs and tight turns) and like to keep the tire as deflated as possible without risking a pinch flat. Sometimes i get that wrong, but i think the main problem with getting so many flats was that the inner tubes had to be twisted a little to get in since the valve location is off center. Anyways since i made the upgrade to tubeless i havent gotten a flat yet! I tried with a handpump at first and failed so i brought out the compressed air tank. I read somewhere on the internet that you can use a ratchet strap down the center of the tire to flare out the sides to get it to hold. I didnt try it, so YMMV.
  14. KujiRolls

    Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    Ive successfully converted my mten3 to a tubeless with relative ease. It probably took me about an hour all said and done. I measured the hole and it was about 10mm, so i ended up buying some 10.5mm rubber valve stems from taobao. I bought the 7th item on the list that says "小头(电平车)" https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.20141002.4.7dab14ff3ZBAp6&scm=1007.10009.70205.100200300000001&id=526509074402&pvid=48ce2593-ce69-42e9-9318-59c14b998a33 Installing that stem was kind of a bitch. I lathered it up in soap, and tried pulling that thing through using needle nose pliers right near the base and leveraging it through. I thought i was going to break it I was pulling so hard. After futzing with it for 10 minutes and not being able to get it through, i decided to pull it as hard as i could. It worked! It just popped right in. Anyways, i think you get the 11.5mm ones, they might work too. Just pull harder? https://www.amazon.com/Slime-2080-Rubber-Valve-Stems/dp/B0041FCNU0 Don't bother with the valve stems with the nuts. You wont be able to tighten the nuts since the valve comes out at an angle and interferes with the rim. Also, ive popped three Mten3 inner tubes in 150km. I was fed up with that bullshit.
  15. KujiRolls

    First Annual EUC Championships

    Yup yup. I agree we should be inclusive of other forms of personal electric vehicles. I have to get my head out of just EUCs. With different classes, this could get really interesting. I'm thinking some other potential classes: e-skateboards (4 wheels), ninebots (2 wheels coaxial), onewheel (one wheel, foot position front-to-back), hoverboards, scooters? I'd really like to get companies/super-enthusiasts onboard with this idea so they can prepare their fastest/meanest custom machines with pro riders bidding for the top ranks. I think we finally have enough riders to make something like this actually happen.