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  1. yeah, sorry. I lurk around here from time to time, but in general im much more active on reddit and fb. I just received the v11 last night, immediately posted the pic on instagram and then went out for a quick ride before going to bed. This morning took the close up beauty shots so now im ready to start pushing her a little harder. My initial impressions (subject to change) are: The suspension is not as responsive or as smooth as the s18, but still solid. No wiggle and the handling is easy and tight. Motor control feels smooth and reliable (but i havent really pushed it). Both are significantly smoother to ride on bumpy streets than any wheel without suspension. Todays mission: find a way to put some padding on this wheel so i can push her harder. They didnt make this easy for me.
  2. I'll do my best to address your questions! The settings i had it were more stiff than ideal, but i didnt want to bottom out and break their prototype. I still have a lot to learn about suspensions.
  3. I'm still waiting on the wheels to arrive. I like to ride the wheel around for a week or two to get a good feel for many different use cases before i even start filming and editing so... probably at the end of the month at the earliest.
  4. He's 178cm and about 70kg.
  5. It shouldnt be a surprise that this cant compete with the MSP torque. That thing is just a monster at that... I think the S18 is a near ideal beginner/intermediate wheel that handles similar to the 16X with a much cushier ride. I think even experienced riders would also have good things to say. Its pretty decent at off-roading and bumpy trails too. But if all you care about is top speed and torque, then Gotway dominates that department at the moment.
  6. Kuji Rolls


    The Kingsong S18 Suspension Test
  7. Kuji Rolls


    Slightly off topic, but i just pushed out another video on test riding Segway's new S-pod chair. Slightly on topic because its made of two 84V Z10s plus a chair.
  8. Kuji Rolls


    Official Kingsong 16X Review
  9. Kuji Rolls


    New VLOG! Chengdu Part II: Group ride with the local riders up the mountain, picking peaches, and Sichuan Opera (a traditional Chinese show with incredible hand shadow puppets and lightning fast mask changing).
  10. Kuji Rolls


    Decided to do my first VLOG with my trip to Chengdu. Traveling with wheels to check out giant pandas and ride with the local crew.
  11. Yeah, no worries @US69, go ahead and keep that video. In regards to the video not being identical... yeah sure, but out of the ~15 runs i did, i assure you that i did at least a few runs that were just as hard as the one that caused the bobble failure. As for the throttling, i didnt feel it. Just got a little annoyed with the beeping (couldnt disable the beep at 30kph and double beep at 40kph). So... anyways, i feel much better about this firmware update and have regained a fair bit of confidence in the wheel. Time to go ride and do some crazy stuff for the 16X review video coming up.
  12. So to help clarify from my side, it is limited to HARD acceleration followed by immediate braking. Ive cruised at top speed followed by hard braking without any problems. So, braking isnt the issue, its the hard acceleration (much more preventable). Kingsong has been pushing out new firmware updates and made vast improvements to the motor control in the last month, so i believe that this will be a simple firmware update soon. A hard hill climb demanding the same power didnt result in this problem. Other than this motor control problem, the 16X has been a blast to ride.
  13. Kuji Rolls


    Tired of picking up your wheel every time you encounter a curb? Here's the trick to jumping with ANY electric unicycle and how to make your own Kuji Pads.
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