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  1. Kuji Rolls

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    @Flying WYeah, im looking to make some standardized course where i can do apples-to-apples comparisons. I wanted to do a 100m dash, but i wasnt able to find a good spot for that. I also want to test: High speed turning, low speed agility, slaloming, and a bunch of other stuff. Have you heard of anyone else trying to make some standardized race course? I know wheelers33 has an EUC competition in France every summer. They have an off-road, slalom and street course. I plan on attending this years. Wheels Games 2018: https://www.wheelers33.com/wheels-games-2/ I plan on it. Im currently working on a beginners guide to unicycling now. I have a bunch of ideas and ill know better of which direction i should go with every video i push out. What other types of videos would you guys like to see?
  2. Kuji Rolls


    Well, id say that im an enthusiast/explorer who thinks everything is better with a unicycle. As for target user... im not sure. This wheel is heavy on eye and ear candy. Two things that are lower on my list than performance and convenience. It would probably perform well in group rides providing a light show with heavy beats. Maybe Gotway doesnt know who the target market is and is like "hey, were just gonna throw this out there and see what happens"
  3. Kuji Rolls


    I thought about the reasons why Gotway would design the Nikola and ive come to admire them even though it is not designed for riders like me. Gotway now has the: Smallest decent wheel (10" mten3) Largest wheel (22" monster) Every other god damn size wheel [and now] the brightest and loudest wheel
  4. Hey guys, Another shameless promotion of my first ride with the 17" Gotway Nikola prototype!
  5. Kuji Rolls

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    awesome! my wife helps is my biggest critic because she doesnt give a shit about unicycles. So i strive for videos that are interesting enough that even she can tolerate it.... im not quite there yet.
  6. Kuji Rolls

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    yeah, you should check out part 1, i have a section called "range", but ill say it here too. The ranges i got for riding around the city with 46-50kph cruising speed (and relatively hard acceleration/braking): MSX: ~60km. KS: ~100km I think there are several factors at play, but i think its mainly due to the low tire pressures i like.
  7. Kuji Rolls

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    haha you noticed the missing KS trolley handle... I didnt mention it because i didnt think it was a fair thing to say. After i took them on the 50m dash i was riding back home on the MSX and trolleying the 18XL by my side at speed. I smashed into a speed bump and lost control the 18XL with the handle extended. No surprise what happened next. I cant say that my foot position is always the same in all the runs, sometimes it gets dislodged by bumps and sometimes i may have not properly positioned my foot. The thing i can say is that i tried going up hills many times and the 18XL was never as easy as with the MSX.
  8. Kuji Rolls


    Yeah, several things were at play. First, i like to ride with really low tire pressure. Second, the temperature suddenly dropped in Beijing (and further reduced the tire pressure). Third, that was pretty much the sharpest corner i could slam into. I it did bottom out on that hit, but luckily with no repercussions.
  9. Shamelessly promoting my latest video here even though i posted it in "Reviews" already. Thought you guys might enjoy it here too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXrtH9lqomY&list=PLDOfnfEk0BeUs6uzkMvikDyhf0691SbR6&index=2
  10. Kuji Rolls


    I ask myself if i should do stupid things all the time. My response typically: "Why not?"
  11. Not entirely sure, but i think its mainly a firmware issue. I suspect that the soft pedal settings behave similar to the way bike shocks act when you are trying to pedal. It just absorbs a lot of the force you are trying to deliver.
  12. Kuji Rolls


    I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...
  13. For the last month and a half i've been riding around with both Gotway MSuper X and the Kingsong 18XL trying to put all my thoughts in the densest, most entertaining way I could. After lots of riding around, i've finally finished part 2 of my in depth comparison review. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i enjoy riding!
  14. Kuji Rolls

    Gotway MSuper X vs Kingsong 18XL Comparison Review

    @Marty Backe Well, I did take it up a mountain and it definitely has the power push as hard as the MSX up steep hills. But as for sustained steepness? I cant say.
  15. Kuji Rolls

    Gotway MSuper X vs Kingsong 18XL Comparison Review

    @Lutalo Yeah, I get you. I think it really comes down to your lifestyle. Designing these wheels is just a bunch of compromises.