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  1. Yeah, it's great in city traffic, and when you fit in a parking spot that wouldn't fit another car that holds less, it is easy to laugh at the haters!
  2. Didn't solve it. seemed to be an intermittent board problem. I thought it was fixed a few times. Couldn't find a replacement board, and wouldn't bother now because there are much better wheels available. Good luck!
  3. My Wife and I have two other cars and an RV, so not being convenient for a long trip, isn't a deal breaker for us. " it has properly made me decide against buying an electric car. " That's a good point, using a EU for the short trips, actually reduces the need for a electric car. I didn't get one because I needed it more, but because I gained a interest in them. That's when I found that a BMW i3 that sold for $45,000 in 2014, can be had for $13,000 today. I paid less than that for mine, and see no signs of wear and no measurable battery degradation. The price for Li batteries was $1000 per Kw
  4. It told me it didn't have the range to get me home, but I didn't listen....now I listen! I thought I could just turn the heat off and drive gently and get further than it thought I could, but had to run wipers and defrost.
  5. I found that Lithium batteries and brushless motors are so efficient , precisely controllable and low maintenance that I bought an electric car! BMW i3 - I was not disappointed! My first drive home from the dealer, I was short on range due to cold sleet weather and had to detour to an airport to find a charger. Missed the entrance to the parking building that housed the chargers. Got down to zero available miles - it would still go, but who knows for how long. Parked it, and used the electric unicycle to scope out the most direct path to the charging station!
  6. I have a 121 with a new battery and a bad board. Sometimes it works. whole thing for 150?
  7. I never tried it! I doubt they have a rule against it. It's not like they need to worry about the risk of fire as much as an aircraft needs to.
  8. Seems like all IPS unicycles are listed as having 1000w motors. I have been told by a reputable source that the IPS 130a actually can only sustain 350w. Is it that the board and 16 cell battery pack can only sustain 350w?
  9. I have a 1200 watt Kingsong 18ay which seemed like all the power I could need, until I got a 2000 watt Rockwheel GT16. The wife and I both like the rockwheel better. I like the speed power and agility, she likes that it is easier to turn and balance. I have a 12" IPS 130 on order that I will chop up for a project, but it will be fun to see how we like a small wheel for a while before I do.
  10. Yeah I don't see a lot of them around Baltimore. What kind ofwheel do ya have? I'm in Gardenville off of Belair rd. I rode around the inner harbor in between stilt walking at the Light City event there earlier this year. All my weekends are booked up till mid November. I hcould meet during the week. I'm not into riding with a large group, but I like to learn things.
  11. I sent my number to Jason before we met up. I try to avoid posting my number were anyone could access it. Thanks for comming out, it was fun!
  12. Barring a RV breakdown, i will make it. I don't know ncr trail, but maybe that is better. Parking at inner harbor is expensive and a scenic trail sounds better.
  13. I'm not a speed demon. I did pick up a 84 volt 2000w Rockwheel gt16 this week, so that might change! I have not been in baltimore a long time so I don't know a lot of places. Inner harbor seems like a good place
  14. If Sunday after 2pm is a reasonable time, I might be able to make that. I wouldn't want to be the only other person in the meetup in case I have traffic or RV troubles.
  15. Hi there, sounds like fun! I will be away this weekend performing at Beltane mountain mysteries in VA. Weekends tend to be when my work is, and most of it is not local.
  16. do your wife n kids ride electric unicycles too? Nina is working on it
  17. Got it, I will send you a vid clip on that email!
  18. Thats not far from me. I'm on Biddison, off Belaire in Gardenville. I have not seen many EU in Baltimore. I rode a little last night at the Light City event after stiltwalking and before taking the light up costume off. There should be some photos and video surfacing.
  19. Car dyno! I was picturing something a lot smaller that could be made economically for the more modest power of a EU. Like a wheel with a pulley that turns a modified alternator to provide an adjustable load. I was also surprised the dyno was only being used to test stock EUs. I figured there must be people out there making modifications that want want to see measurable results.
  20. I am wondering if anyone has a device for measuring the actual power and torque output at the wheel. Seems like it would be an easier thing to make than an electric unicycle.
  21. IPS will send me a new board, one with bluetooth for $250 with free shipping. I would do that , but now it is working perfectly. I can leave it on for hours and I took a mile ride with no troubles. It even seems to charge ok.
  22. I found I can simulate the problem by disconnecting one of the connectors to the bms. 15 seconds after disconnecting it I get the same beeping and flashing switch as I get when it is having the problem.
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