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  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Thomas and I bought my Mini-pro in early February after failing miserably at trying to ride my Ninebot One e+ (anyone looking for a practically new Electric Unicycle?). I'm 61 years of age, have a beautiful wife and an extended family of three adult sons and three adult daughters. I've been on some great rides around the Washington DC area and, yes, Pezman, you do get a lot of looks and even a few questions, but it's no worse than standing on the pulpit Sunday mornings, (Hopefully that comment was politically correct - no offense intended). So there's a little about me - hoping it's not TMI.
  2. Practically new Ninebot One E+ for sale. I decided to go with Ninebot's Mini Pro. Less than 6 miles total mileage. Total run time less than 6 hours. I have all paperwork, original box, US 110 volts rated charger, tire valve extender, foam protective strips and tape. There are a couple of scuffs from falling while learning, but nothing serious or compromising. Continental US shipping only. PRICE REDUCED $450.00. Location Leesburg, Virginia.
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