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  1. After a year on the market and loved by many riders I wonder why there has yet to be a competing 4" fat tire wheel. Are there any plans by other manufacturers to go that route? If not, why not?
  2. yep, found this on youtube from a Z10 disessembly video. They get surpringly high power out of a 52V battery setup. I was most interested in the discharge value of the cells used (10A for the LG MH1) and how they compare to the cells used in the Z6. Since the battery compartments in the 2 models have the same physical dimensions, lower capacity cells must be used in the Z6 (but not less cells in number). Depending on the type of cells, the Z6 battery may or may not have a different max discharge value which impacts power. Otherwise, the Z6 offers an interesting optionality value in that it can easily be upgraded to a Z10 ( or pimped with 3500 / 20A cells).
  3. Does anyone know which exact brand / type / model of 18650 batteries is used in the Ninebot Z6 vs. Z10 respectively?
  4. 1) What is the weight of the GT16? 2) Will it have an integrated trolley bar? Doesn't look that way, but if the wheel is remodeled, they should definitely include it. 3) What about the rumored foothold suspension? That could be the greatest innovation of 2017
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