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  1. I wouldnt order from www.moreformini.com I had a horrible experience with them. Ordered urgent parts on Tuesday Morning expected on Friday paying the high fee’s for 3 day shipping. Advised on the Friday that my ordered was cancelled as they “Prefer” not to ship to Australia. Asked why they prefer not to and was in relation to the fee’s they had to pay. They CC’d the Europe store to see if they could assist, did not follow up and had to email again. At the time a promotion was on for 15% off to which I was promised I would be able to claim still. And invoice was created without the 15% off putting the price over $40 more. When sending the enquiry for the price difference the repose was “Sometimes it’s hard to live in Paradise”. Called to discuss this and was told they will not complete my order and will not sell to me. Original