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  1. Hi, I have bought 2 Gotway wheels with them about 4-6 moths back. Funny enough I asked a similar question on this forum Dmitry delivered the wheel in person same day both times. He answered my questions to help me find the right model, and helped me with other questions. I also recently purchased a replacement shell from them (had a bad accident). Overall very present experience.
  2. I do take a subway, but with a trolley handle I don't think it should be a problem. Hopefully will be able to check them out from Dmitry before making a decision. Im leaning towards ACMs+ for now.
  3. Thanks Dmitry, I should've contacted you again, dah Btw, MCM4 that I bought from you last time works great! In the video, I've noticed that ACM doesnt have a handle, do you sell them separately? Will reach out to you for more details.
  4. Personally, I'm looking for a longer distance, and a smother ride, which means bigger wheel size. I have MCM4 - 680Wh which is great and don't have a problem with it since I bought it, but might try something else.
  5. Hi, a few months ago I bought a MCM4 and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade to a bigger GotWay product, something like ACM or mSuper, I think monster is too big for me. Which model do you think is the best to ride in the city. Also, I want to give my MCM to my cousin, but the shell is a little damaged. Is it possible to replace it?
  6. Hi, just moved to New York City and looking to buy a GotWay (not sure which model yet). Is there a place in NYC where I can buy it?
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