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  1. Do you have to clip on the sun visor or the clear visor, or are both always attached and you can switch any time?
  2. How many days did you attend and have videos coming?
  3. You won't always wear that jacket, but you will always wear those wrist guards. Maybe your brain was smarter than you this time.
  4. Hey you're not allowed to use the w-word on this forum 3 km is... a 30 minute walk? A bit much for what could be a 10-15 min ride. And you're not getting sweaty in summer.
  5. Not sure what this is about I moved it into "Testing". Feel free to make a topic that makes more sense
  6. The 16S has a sudden tiltback that can surprise-crash you if you don't expect it. At least that's how it used to be, not sure if they ever changed that (@mrelwood do you know?). So essentially it's a 30-32kph wheel (you have your speed beeps there, to avoid getting too close to 35kph) which, in my opinion, is just a tad too slow. The V10F with 45kph max is fast enough so you can cruise at peace at 35-40kph instead. - Another thing: some days the weather will just be shitty and you might want to take the bus instead. Include that in your cost considerations. Maybe a new wheel tha
  7. For your weight and height, you'll want a strong battery to prevent overleans (the wheel not keeping up with you doing a stronger acceleration, and you falling on your face). Batteries are made of blocks of cells (how many in a block is fixed and determined by the voltage of your wheel), and you put these blocks in parallel to get bigger battery capacities. More parallel blocks means more power. You'll want to avoid 2p batteries (2 blocks in parallel) like on the V8F, 14D. 4p is better, that would be on the 14S, 16S, V10(F), Tesla, and bigger batteries are 4p or more automatically.
  8. Life duration will be determined by how long you want to use the wheel instead of upgrading it. So (for me) this tends toward buying a "better" model if in doubt. I'd say a V10 or V10F is about where you should start. Not too slow (everyone thinks 25kph is enough and everyone later finds out how wrong that was) and not too weak (powerful battery and motor). Or maybe a Tesla. Is your commute on bike paths and streets with few stops, or maybe more sidewalks and intersections and other situations where you stop and go lot? How much is it cruising comfort vs. zippyness and quick maneuver
  9. I added your location to the title because that makes it easier for people to quickly see it, and because it wouldn't even be shown on mobile. Good luck! (There's a Philadelphia group, if that isn't too far away from you, listed here.)
  10. The official King Song representative says it was some kind of trademark thing:
  11. Maybe photos and pictures can be two different things! A place for our Photoshop fans to go wild? Paging @Bob Eisenman. I like the Alien Marty picture. I don't think it's actually a picture of Marty but somehow I figured it must be him.
  12. The idea is to cool the battery down. So any fluid that is not flammable is good. The electrolyte in the cells ignites at a certain temperature. You want to prevent further cells from combusting due to their neighbor cells burning, you do that by keeping them cooler than that temperature by conducting the heat away with your fluid.
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