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  1. There would be a lot of super smooth and very obstacle-free "bike" paths everywhere. Causing an obstacle on these (trash, ...) would be a serious crime that everyone frowns upon.
  2. Maybe a Tesla owner can confirm this with some concrete experience/numbers.
  3. meepmeepmayer

    MSuper Pro?

    Wasn't the third one this "city commuter" thing? I wonder what its biggest battery size will be and when it will be revealed.
  4. No need to be embarrassed. You're a victim here of Gotway's cryptic processes (it's not like there's a manual anywhere). Your posts will help others in the future. The pedals slowly dipping forward if you go over a constantly rattling surface like a cow grate (or cobblestones I guess) is a known thing. I believe all Gotways (all wheels?) do this. It happens extremely rarely though (does it?), so not a real problem. I believe it is another limitation of the tilt sensor used (next to the pedal dipping if the calibration is a bit bad). The manufacturers should use something better than this basic smartphone stuff they supposedly put on their boards.
  5. Watch religiously where you are going so you don't fall in the first place. Pretty much any crash is due to an unexpected obstacle. And if you crash, do not try to catch the wheel or stop it or anything. This is how harmless falls or run-offs can lead to injuries (we had a case where trying to catch the wheel - on soft grass - led to a nasty knee injury from just a harmless walking speed run-off). Take care of yourself and completely ignore the wheel and let the wheel crash by itself.
  6. meepmeepmayer

    MSuper Pro?

    @Seba 1800Wh is a 100V wheel, though, right? 84V would be either 1480Wh or 1850Wh with nothing in between. And who in their right mind would buy an 84V MSPro if we know exactly 100V will follow soon (like always)? I don't think there will even be a 84V variant. Well done spotting the 100V limit on the capacitor. Let's hope there is a good explanation for this picture (as opposed to a faceplant-inducing explanation)
  7. These numbers are not accurate. But they would be no problem if they were. Also, the rated motor power (800W vs. 1900W) doesn't really count, it's all about the battery. On paper and very roughly, 4 * 10A * 84V = 3360W is what the Tesla battery can put out continuously (!) at full battery. Even twice that would be doable for a short spike, so something like 6720W. At 0% battery (66V) these numbers would be 2640W and double that. [Battery cells are rated very roughly ~10A continuous and ~20A for short spikes, and you have 4 parallel configurations of them in the Tesla battery, which is a 84V battery.] But these readings are not accurate and too high (much higher than in reality). That's Gotway's specialty. The Gotway "80% alarm" (5/continuous beeps) is strictly speed and battery-charge dependent (it is a speed alarm that reduces with falling battery charge, with 50kph at 100% going down to 39kph at 10% for the Tesla). So if you put even extreme stress on the wheel at lower speeds (lower than 39kph to be exact), this alarm will never sound. But at lower speeds, your motor torque reserves are also very high, so only the battery limits what the wheel can do. And the battery is strong. No problem there. It is quite hard (or rather near impossible) to overlean a strong wheel like the Tesla at lower speeds. So the fact that there is no alarm where you would expect one is quite fine, especially for your low weight. There is also a low battery/low voltage alarm that would sound if the battery is near-empty (beginning at 15%). But there are no other alarms (besides the 30kph 2 beeps/35kph 3 beeps you can disable). And you don't really need any. There are plenty of videos of Teslas (with heavier riders like Marty) doing strenuous mountain climbs without problem. They would surely show more than 3000W then (no matter what the real wattage is). So your 3000W reading for a few seconds is completely harmless Don't ride like crazy and find out how even the Tesla can be overleaned at lower speeds (might be quite the challenge), but don't worry about those readings, too. Going from the V8 to the Tesla, you easily doubled your max power (battery has double the parallel configurations, plus you have lower voltage drop with such a battery, plus the Inmotion additionally limits the power output, the Gotway does not). Just to give you an idea how much room you have - a lot While 800W vs. 1900W is just the rated motor powers (which don't really mean anything), this also pretty much reflects the actual difference between their peak powers. In short: a Tesla below 30kph with a 65kg rider... it just laughs at you if you worry about getting near its limits or about a short "3000W" spike
  8. You can't do that. However the wheel is oriented during calibration, that is what is considered level in all directions (in certain limitations, laying the wheel on its side will likely not work at all). Additionally, it is very important to have no sideways lean during calibration. Otherwise you will get pedal dipping or raising in curves. If you get that after the calibration, you must recalibrate with the wheel being upright (no left/right lean). Make sure the wheel is not leaning left or right, with the pedal angle as you want it, and the wheel being still during the entire calibration process. (Just lean it against a wall as upright as possible and adjust the desired pedal angle, then calibrate, and don't touch it before the calibration is 110% over.)
  9. You need to calibrate your wheel with the pedals slightly angled back. This will be its new normal then. There is no separate setting to adjust the pedal angle a few degrees back or forth independent of a calibration, unfortunately.
  10. I think this is like the "miles per gallon" vs. "liter per 100km/gallons per 100 miles" discussion. Depending on what you are looking at, the one or the other makes more sense comparing different wheels. https://www.google.com/search?q=miles+per+gallon+vs+gallons+per+mile You cannot expect to "normalize" the values though where something never crosses 1.0. That would mean some nonlinear measurement, which is not a good idea.
  11. Nice idea! I got curious about the Nikola: 2100Wh 84V $2450 0.86 1800Wh 100V $2300 0.78 1845Wh 100V $2450 0.75 2664Wh 100V (1rad mod, not official, but I love this thing) 2749€ = $3050 0.87 (Prices from ewheels, and using advertised battery capacity instead of real capacity)
  12. Someone did the math on this once (balancing currents vs. voltage differences or something like this). It was longer than expected. Maybe @Chriull was that guy?
  13. "Getting started" might be a good option if we ever want to have a forum dedicated to making this site friendlier to (prospective) new members (or just for new riders). Whether or not such a forum is good is another question (see @Espen R above), but I just thought of this name and wanted to throw it into the ring.
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