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  1. Looks like you might need a new motor The symptoms (beeps and shuddering) match a hall sensor failure. Contact your seller about this.
  2. A broken capacitor on the board will make the wheel feel weaker and softer. Like a softer ride mode. Is it like that? Or maybe the board or pedal brackets are a bit loose? Be careful, unexplained behavior changes are always a reason to be very careul.
  3. Yes. The pedals (and pedal brackets) are designed to hold the rider weight. The rest of the wheel is just some stuff held together by a plastic shell which itself is screwed onto the pedal brackets, so not exactly designed to hold a rider, just the wheel stuff itself. So all weight on the brackets or pedals is the ideal way to make a seat attachment.
  4. @Blueblade By top speed I meant the no-load, freewheeling speed (just the zero torque speed). So only looking at the properties of the motor itself. Of course wind resistance will ruin everything in reality, but I still haven't given up on EUCs on the moon That's how that post was meant.
  5. I guess you solved the conundrum A self-balancing vehicle can never work at its limits, or you'd faceplant. So (unless you overlean) it's never the battery, but the motor behavior that counts. And that just gets better with higher voltage.
  6. Who cares? But ride up the same hill at the same speed and compare the power numbers. Then you have your factor. Not that it matters
  7. There's a huge difference in drag between 45-50kph and 55kph. Gotways are faster so the drag quickly reduces the Wh/mile efficiency. In theory that's all right. But then why does the 100V Nikola have better acceleration and top speed, as found in @Marty Backe's blind test? So the firmware or something else has to play a role there for practical behavior. I'd be very interested to separate the cold hard motor facts as you described and whatever else leading to the practical results we have.
  8. No, it mostly would not mitigate that. The problem at high speeds is wind resistance (drag). Drag is the main power draw in EUC riding, and it goes up like crazy with speed (double the speed, 4x the drag). Same reason why you get insane range when you go really slowly or with lighter riders (which are smaller and have much less wind resistance). So while high voltage wheels might (or might not) be a bit more efficient at high speeds, that still doesn't solve the main problem that high speeds simply means high drag losses. The Gotways are faster than others and that's where you really feel the drag killing your battery. That problem won't go away, no matter the internal electronics, high voltage, low voltage, whatever. You simply have a higher power draw when riding due to the drag, so your battery empties quicker. Try seated riding for reducing your wind resistance losses
  9. Would you say it's an electrical or mechanical noise? Hard to make out from the video. Maybe something's stuck somewhere? Try this: take a few pieces of kitchen paper, fold them and wrap them around the tire while the wheel is on the side, and then turn the tire to scrub the inside of the wheel well. Maybe you can get some result that way.
  10. 84V: 1600Wh (two 800Wh battery packs), 800Wh, 1300Wh (2x 650Wh), 650Wh, 2100Wh (2x 800Wh + 500Wh extra battery) - all available now 100V: 1845Wh (three 615Wh battery packs), 1230Wh (2x 615Wh) - all available now 126V: unknown, probably 1600Wh, possibly others - some time in the future, Gotway is "testing" the 126V Many dealers skip the less popular/mass market sizes and only sell the 1600Wh 84V and 1845Wh 100V.
  11. Nice math! Higher voltage means less parallel blocks which negates exactly the lower current requirement. So the cells are stressed exactly the same (for a given power requirement and battery size) regardless of the battery configuration.
  12. The Inmotion app will show a nice stylish dashboard style overview if you hold the phone in landscape. I think that's it. No idea how they translate that to "shooting mode".
  13. @Carbonos Moved to its own thread, you will get better answers this way.
  14. Maybe they sent the new 100V charger separately like the Nikola and it will arrive soon. 5 pins on charge port = 100V. Gotways report a false voltage, don't worry about the app reading. For the battery size, open a side panel and look for the extra battery packs crammed everywhere.
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