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  1. Thank you, everyone! I'm distracted by other stuff at the moment, but soon-ish will have more time for this winter helmet thing. Looks like the TSG Pass isn't what I need. And although the cap/balaclava combination seems the best thing to do in general, I'm trying to get away just with a helmet because that's easier and quicker, and also less interference with my glasses (I tried a regular cap under my helmet and it just didn't work). So some good motocross helmet (or similar) will probably be what I'll be looking for soon.
  2. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Thank you. When I'm riding again. I might be afw (away from wheel) for the next two weeks (not sure yet), hopefully then the weather is warmer and I can be arsed to buy some suitable clothes and helmet quickly.
  3. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    For a moment there I wondered if your 16S had died a watery death. I don't know, who rides $1500+ wheels near canals and steep cliffs and in rain and whatnot?
  4. meepmeepmayer

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    I wouldn't try to use a non-matching board. That the wrong board causes the errors seems obvious. EUCs are not good places to do experiments. Get an ACM board. For clarification: There's the "ACM" which is usually called ACM16 or just ACM, and sometimes the 84V versions of the ACM are called ACMs and ACMs+ (1300Wh and 1600Wh respectively). ACM v2 refers to all but the earliest 67V ACMs, which had 6 instead of 12 mosfets and failed all the time. So nearly every ACM is a v2. There's the Tesla-ized ACM with no official name. Usually called the ACM2, ewheels calls it the ACMv2. So ACM (67V or 84V) and ACM2 (84V only) are the three board options there are. You need #2: 84V ACM.
  5. meepmeepmayer

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    And a 50% larger battery. 50% more range! Don't forget the most important part Maybe we can help you more if you tell us how you think you'll use the wheel, what the idea of wheeling is in your mind, that kind of thing. But it's hard to go wrong with a 1600Wh MSX (unless you're looking for a small, light wheel). The 18XL price might not be that much higher if you find the right seller. Here it is for under 2150€ from a reputable seller: https://eunicycles.eu/en/18-inch-wheels/107-king-song-ks-18xl-rubber-black-1554wh.html This is better than the MSX price on Speedyfeet (1950GBP = ~2200€): https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/electric-unicycle/products/msuper-x. Not sure if there are lower official/listed Europe prices, but I only did a quick search. Unlisted/unofficial offers and (for the MSX) a China import are also an option (though getting a first expensive wheel from China might not be ideal). In general, always get the wheel you really want, the one that just tells you "buy me", eat the price whatever it is (if you can), and it will be the best choice in the end. Be it the 18XL, MSX (that tire really is nice), or some other model.
  6. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Ah @Smoother you shame me. I should be defying the cold and ride instead and post nice photos where you see the ice only on second glance, just like you do. Because it has been sunny the last few days here as well. But alas, I'm too weak and whiny at the moment. At least I have a work excuse, but only til next weekend. Still haven't broken in my newly installed winter tire. Shame In other words, thank you for encouraging me to stop being dumb and go riding! Because your pictures certainly did that
  7. meepmeepmayer

    Inmotion V10 or KS16B?

    V10! The 16B is even a generation older than your 14D, and the V10 is a current wheel that runs circles around it. Faster, stronger, newer, comfortable and cushioning wide tire, everything's better (well it's bigger and heavier). The 16B is overpriced if they cost the same. The more compact KS16 form factor is great, though, but then I'd go for a 16S at least. It would also help if you could try and compare the two wheels (riding behavior, form factor, etc). There are a lot of EUC riders in Singapore, maybe you find some on a group ride who can help you with this. How about a V10F? More battery and more range than the 16B. But if you go for range for your delivery job, I'd get a 1600Wh wheel anyways. The 1600Wh new Kingsong 16 incher would likely be ideal for you (if it's as compact as the KS16 form factor), but so far it hasn't even been confirmed to exist. Anyhow, for the prices you mention, I don't think anything exists that is better than a V10.
  8. meepmeepmayer

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    They're all great. The 16S would work for you but a stronger wheel is never wrong, and it's getting a bit old (we expect a new KS 16 incher some time this year, probably towards the end). The Z10 might be a crapshoot, probably not a good idea to buy one unless you want this specific model. The Gotway Nikola is upcoming, just so you know it exists. Don't forget the Inmotion V10 and V10F! Reasonably fast, nice tire and riding comfort, easy to learn on because tall, has a trolley handle, and if you buy one from China they can be really cheap (like a V10 for 800€), check out the commercial advertisements forum for the details on that.
  9. meepmeepmayer

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    You're not posting from a VR browser, are you? Just to make sure you're really out...
  10. meepmeepmayer

    Newbie question

    You're oversteering because the V5F is much more sensitive to input compared to your other wheels (it's thin!). Happened to me going from my wiiiiide ACM to a borrowed V8 (both 16 inchers). Had to force myself to be very gentle (very slight weight shifts between the feet for control) to stop riding in snake curves.
  11. meepmeepmayer

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    Another day where Hunka is MIA, trapped in some Winter Madness induced cycle of VR hell or something, another day when people have to offer a pale imitation of his presence? (No offense to you, just saying how it is...) Wake up, Hunka, wake up! Just look at your old friends, waiting for you to return: Wake up...
  12. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Now I want to open a EUC dealership just so I can call it "Gotway Goodness" Or maybe King Song Kingdom.
  13. meepmeepmayer

    The Tyre (Tire) Thread

    Cool then. Don't worry, there's no reason to believe anything will be wrong with the wheel
  14. meepmeepmayer

    The Tyre (Tire) Thread

    Cool, good info! I believe the V8 started with the thin tire you have, then some time later they switched to a wider tire instead, but apparently (from what they told you) they went back to the original tire because of rubbing. NO EUC manufacturer is even remotely competent in offering good, reliable, up-to-date info on their wheels. Unfortunately at this amateur early stage of the market, this is how it is. (What data sheet specifically are you talking about?) But in the end, this is no problem. The wheel is how it is. Post photos if you want. In the end it's only cosmetics. That has no influence on riding behavior or safety at all. If you have a problem with the scratches for cosmetic reasons (but your wheel will be scratched up anyways if you use it), you can always ask for a return or maybe a discount. This video is not only one of the most enjoyable EUC videos, it also shows that the V8 is very solidly built and these scratches mean nothing: The V8 just isn't a strong wheel (mostly because of the small-ish battery). So it can be overstressed if you're unlucky. Don't worry too much, just don't do crazy accelerations. It's a great starter wheel - sleek, light, easy to learn on, not too fast. There is NO such thing as counterfeit wheels. If it looks like a V8 and works, it is 100% original and genuine. Any company that would be able to build a working "fake" brand wheel would be as good and would have invested as much money as the actual manufacturer. They wouldn't need to fake anything, they could build their own wheels. There are no counterfeit wheels at all. If you're unsure about the V8 (maybe because you want a stronger wheel, or because of the scratches, or anything else), this is an opportunity to return it before using it outside. Usually, you would buy from a specialized dealer instead of Amazon (unless that specialized dealer just sells on Amazon, can you give a link please?), but at least Amazon has a good return policy (if you really are unsure). But if the seller agreed you could return it after you tried it, no problem with trying. You won't encounter any unexpected new problem
  15. meepmeepmayer


    Love the ride, love the music, love the scenery. But you sure need the right clothes!