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  1. Maybe some diffracting layer over the more denser LEDs? Whatever Gotway does. These isolated lights just look surprisingly bad.
  2. Such a cool tour! Exactly the kind of riding I like. Just exploring and seeing where you end up. Anybody who questions the value of as-big-as-possible batteries needs to watch this. You trying to "break" into the prison was the highlight though
  3. Interesting! Do they "only" have 6 currently?
  4. @US69 Can you tell KS to change the ugly discrete LED strip to a continuous one like on the Nikola? That would look so much better!
  5. Sweet Lord! I don't like the Monster, too sluggish and delayed for my liking, but sweet Lord! 2460Wh is 24s8p in comparison to 24s6p for the 1845Wh. They must have filled every available space with batteries.
  6. See here for a bit more info. Not sure if anybody has ordered there yet, but Gotway does make these special big battery editions on request. The question is, how much sense does it make for you in Canada to order from Europe (like paying unnecessary import fees or something) instead of ordering directly from Gotway or asking a US dealer to order one for you. I don't know, just some thoughts. @diegoxxx might know more details.
  7. So a better fix would be using new thermal pads? Where would one get those? @Chriull The idea was never to only use paste. Only in addition to the pads as these alone apparently cannot be reused. Whether that makes sense or not I don not know.
  8. This one is fine. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame
  9. If I were in your position, I'd make a plan how to remove the glue, and find a nice non-conducting thermal paste. Then I'd disassemble the board, look if there's glue and remove that if there is, and put it back together with the original heat pad and the thermal paste on both sides of the heat pad. Then you should have a good board, right? How does one remove such glue cleanly without damaging the mosfet plastic? And ideas?
  10. Never heard of this thing. Where did you get it? How much? Do you know the specs?
  11. This is THE excuse to get an MCM5. You wouldn't want your daughter to ride a weak, unsafe wheel, would you? Get the best! It's not even an excuse, it's a justification(I am biased towards the MCM5 despite not having one.) That shouldn't be too heavy. MCM5 is 37lbs, 14S 32lbs, 14D 30lbs acording to ewheels. I don't think the downgrade is worth it for the weight savings, your daughter seeems heavy enough for all three. Or ask her which one she likes. She better choose right The 16S idea isn't bad either. Maybe better?
  12. Speedy Feet statement From an email by Ian: Here's the article. Doesn't say much more than this. https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/blogs/things-concerning-safety/gotway-nikola-control-boards-first-release Doesn't look like Gotway thinks this is anything but a one-off wheel failure instead of an issue that affects every wheel where the board was falsely assembled with hot glue between some mosfets and the heatsink, and neither we (nor they, probably) know how many and which wheels these are. They don't seem to understand that only because nothing much has happened yet, doesn't mean there is no big problem
  13. Congratulations to being featured like this For completeness' sake:
  14. Does one need a Google account to do this? It asks me to login to a Google account. Is this intentional?
  15. Please make a lot of photos of the board from all directions and with all the details, should you open the wheel. I want to see those sweet mosfets confirmed
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