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  1. Can't argue with @LanghamP here. And as far as he has racist opinions (I can't argue either that there were some... statements at least), this isn't one of them No fighting please. I don't want to split this off into another healthcare discussion because the posts are intertwined with the original topic. Be nice.
  2. Nice tour, nice video! Are you guys all about the same weight?
  3. The temperature reading means nothing if there is glue. There was a Nikola that failed due to glue at more or less cold start temperatures.
  4. @michaelbui This is not a vague issue. There are two cases here: You are 100% sure your mainboard is glue-free (the old mainboard with the smaller mosfets is no problem by itself). You need to check and, if necessary, get a new board or fix it in some other way. Since you aren't 100% sure, you need to do something. Hoping "it will be ok" is a really bad idea, the glue (if there) can strike at any time, unpredictably. I wouldn't even ride a questionable Nikola until this has been clarified. Easy solution is to put in a new board, that will not only be glue-free, but also with much stronger mosfets. Or you disassemble your board and have a look, which is a bit of work.
  5. Small update (I also edited my post above): There will be no 21700 MSXes. So this 100V 1860Wh is going to be the best MSX that will ever be
  6. There is a 1845Wh 100V MSX (or 1860Wh, exact same thing) available at ewheels. Jason/ewheels seems to be extremely swamped with emails at the time. He hadn't visited here for 2 months, dropped by to make a quick statement about the fast charger issue, and then went back to answering emails. So tagging him here isn't going to get a quick reply (or maybe a reply at all). @photorph is somehow affiliated with ewheels so you can tag him instead of Jason for better chances.
  7. Stupid question, but your tire is pumped up fully?
  8. If it works, it works Still not entirely sure why you have (had?) such problems learning, something must be going on. Have you ever met another rider and tried another wheel (or they yours)? You mind if I move this to General Discussion? It's clearly about electric unicycles.
  9. Below each post there is "hide" in the "options". You can remove your posts (and threads, hide the first post) this way. You can also ask a mod to hide a specific post of yours, but you can do it yourself.
  10. The biggest difference is that the rest of the world doesn't build the prevailing house types from wood. So there's no standard wood sizes for a huge volume application like houses in North America that also need to fit together into a standardized system of fixed measurements and distances for all the other parts (prebuilt siding, windows, etc). You just build what you want if you do it with wood. The sawmill will just cut your desired size, given in millimeters (e.g. 100 x 20). Sure, there are more commonly used sizes (I guess), but it matters much less.
  11. @US69 does a Thailand vacation every year (I think) which includes EUC riding. I'm sure he knows a lot. Not visited the forum for 2.5 weeks, though. Maybe some older posts of his help: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aelectricunicycle.org+thailand
  12. Great observation, and you are definitely right. That's how my first ACM died. Wheels nowadays have a bit thicker wires, and the mosfets overheat (warning alarm making you stop) or, worst case, fail first. But under extreme circumstances you can still get the motor power wires to melt their insulation and short, e.g. this video of the infamous @EUC GUY MSX car push test. I wish they would just quadruple their wire gauge (why not if you can!?) but that means having thicker axles on the motor as the cabling goes through there.
  13. Nice wheel!!! And good info, thanks! And they did have to cut away some plastic so the wider battery would fit. Free space at the top! At least a custom 450Wh battery is going to fit there (2250Wh) or even a third 900Wh (2700Wh!!!!!!!!!). Someone please send me 4000+€ so I can do this Sad to hear there will be no 21700 MSX. But also good news, they have to design a new msuper successor now (or at least wider side pads).
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