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  1. I just got back from a NC/Georgia Mountain motorcycle trip and I’m ready for a EUC ride! Friday afternoon or this weekend. Sold Byron my MSuperVs so he’ll be up to a mtb Trail or distance ride next time out.
  2. the topic has been around, you can start here. there are other topics that took off from this discovery.😊
  3. Sent you a message, DigotalAdrenaline.
  4. MRN76, I have gone to your website and cannot find the firmware or process to get Minipro mod. I need some more information please. Thanks, James
  5. I’m a Test Technician by trade. Just not up to date with programming. I have precision lab PS if needed and meter of course. I’ll order the debugger. Once I do my wheel I can help somebody else!
  6. Not really seeing the comparison? Charge Doctor is a $55 power meter + $150 5A adjustable charger= $205. Grin Satiator is a fully programmable multi-chemistry 5A (103v) charger for $300. ?
  7. Correct my statement. No Z wheels. Proprietary connector was probably used to prevent any mishaps!
  8. I’m onboard! Will this programmer work? Thanks for the efforts! https://www.adafruit.com/product/3571
  9. Most of the US version Segway/Ninebot products (Segway One S1 and Ninebot Minipro) do not get charged to 100%. Full charge would be 63 volts. Check your charger, you might see 58.8 volts or thereabouts. You can buy a 63 volt charger and extend your range! The Segway app will show 100% when it technically is not!
  10. Ok, Marty a real geek (nerd if your a baby boomer, that’s me) will have this charger to know exactly how much charge you put back into the battery!? This charge was from a 47 mile ride on MSuperVs 1300 also there are apps for smartphones to log battery usage. RC LOG charger link: http://www.ebikes.ca/product-info/cycle-satiator.html
  11. JES

    Mten3: 325wh vs 512wh

    I would opt for the 512Wh. I regularly go 10+ miles and at that point the 325 Wh would be beeping for overspeed. Nothing more annoying. This wheel is such a blast to ride having more capacity will never hurt and is easier on the battery. I would be disappointed if I had bought the 325Wh. You could regularly charge the 512Wh to 90% and double battery life! Although I do believe most people will have moved on before Battery craps out... The MTen3 is a very fun and zippy wheel to ride!
  12. I started out on the Minipro knowing the top speed would be an issue with me. I did think I might be able to hack the speed limit on the Minipro (there are people working it as we speak). A week later, found this forum and all about EUC’s. I gave the Minipro to my wife and granddaughter to ride, bought five EUC’s since and there’s no looking back. I’m 53 also! Gone over 1000 miles in the last six months! I did turn Duf on to the larger tires for Minipro if you want 1.5 mph increase. Also bought my Dad and wife electric bicycles so now they can keep up with me! Went on a 55 mile ride last Friday.
  13. JES

    KS 18S range test

    That was the first time I hit 20% battery, I thought it was your pebble watch texting you! Next time my MSuper 1300 will be 1800 and we’ll go until we drop! Recharge on my MSuper 1300Wh took 1000Wh, I’m happy with that! 47 miles. ?
  14. JES

    KS 18S range test

    I think you were drafting the MSuper!? or going down hill! It was a good ride! Next time an even 50!
  15. After demoing the MTen3 tomorrow Marc will order one! The wheel is a blast! I’m very comfortable going full range and 15-20 mph. The 10” tire is still safer than any electric skateboard.
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