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  1. I've got 6500 kilometers on the ACM. After a wheel and tube change the other day, the battery is only charged to 90%, and when I ride it, it acts as if there's only 50% power, and fast acceleration (like I normally do) gives power-induced tiltback - and sure enough, my app confirms it dips to 20% power when doing that. I have removed all tiltback that isn't hardware (like the power induced one). I'm going to reopen the wheel tomorrow and see if maybe a cable came loose or jammed/cut off in the reassembly process.
  2. Hey guys! Contemplating buying an MsuperX for $1530. An upgrade to my ACM v2 for sure (battery is dying). But I am a bit wary... Is it possible to fit ACM v2 pedals to an Msuper X? If so, will they angle better? And by better, I mean less of an angle. I like mine flat! Thanks for all input!
  3. I've got an ACM v2. I've logged over 6000 km (or 3700 miles) on it. Only had a flat tire or two, other than that the thing works like clockwork. Absolutely no issues. As I careen down the road, I wonder, "This thing has moving parts. Moving parts break after some time. I wonder how long until this one breaks. And how does it break? And how fast I'm going when it does..." I wear protection ofc, and I am considering buying a new wheel just to have less of a chance of this one breaking under my feet. Is there any kind of service I need to be doing intermittently to the wheel? Anything to watch out for? What are your thoughts, oh wise EUC riders?
  4. No good. Can't find it. Can't you just copy the url when you're at the ebay page?
  5. I can't see the listing. Can you link it?
  6. Let's hope you're not one of their victims... https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ywgkdj/heads-up-hoverboarders-hackers-couldve-hijacked-your-deck-mid-hover?utm_source=mbtwitter
  7. Hey guys! I'm selling my lovely Ninebot One S2 in its original packaging. It's been used for about a month. There's a few scrapings but nothing major or noticable at a quick glance. Upgraded firmware. Price: $600 plus shipping from Sweden, with a European charging cable. It cannot go by air unless you want to pay for an expensive Fedex shipping. It's easy to replace the cable if you need to: the part you need to change is a standard laptop/computer power cable.
  8. It's still for sale. I've had 3 inquiries in the last 24h. I'm not accepting offers below the listed price.
  9. It happens at all speeds, not just slow turns. It's just easier to spot at lower speeds. If you wanna feel it in action at higher speeds you wanna find a big space to do long turns in. If the behaviour is by design to "help", then this is an "easy" fix - just remove the "helping" code and allow for another mode. If it's hardware related, we are probably SOOL. I don't want to have to lean backwards in turns to counter the wheel leaning forward. And then lean back forward when the wheel tilts back when I straighten out. It just sucks. I wish my Gotway had the handling of my Ninebot S2. That thing is AWESOME when it comes to handling. So I KNOW that this is solvable, somehow.
  10. So after talking to Speedy Feet, I did a few new calibrations and now the tilting back is more manageable. The dipping on turning still happens though - at all speeds! Very unnerving and unsettling. With less grippage from the pedals after they're worn down, I fear I might slip forward one day...
  11. What kind of green goo bath is it submerged in on pic 2? Looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters lent you his litter box! :D!
  12. I agree with this. There's just no "helping" going on, only working against what naturally wants to happen. My Ninebot S2's algos are perfect - they just keep the thing leveled. Handles like a dream.
  13. Calibration didn't help. No change. Riding it backwards is actually what works the best, but it feels kinda weird to have the headlight pointing backwards. On the other hand, I can check my battery fairly easily... Still, at low speeds it feels weird. On turns, the wheel dips forward, and then uprights itself when straightening out. So weird behaviour. I need to talk to Speedy Feet about this...
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