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  1. Munsense

    Cover for KS16s?

  2. Munsense

    My new Mten3!

    Looks good. Does the trolley handle throw out the balance of the wheel at all?
  3. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Oh no, a broken arm - I'm sorry to hear that. Good on ya for getting right back onto it.
  4. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Chopsywa maybe you are right, prices were indeed over the top. They dropped their prices a whole lot (halved) just before the webpage disappeared. Tesla sounds great, let us know when you get it! Would love to see one in real life over here.
  5. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Locally there's only one place that sells euc here - it's in Subiaco called ninebotone. They were on some current affair program a few years back and I've bought a battery and some EUC tyre tubes from them. Looks like their website is under maintenance but you can find their contact info here: https://www.truelocal.com.au/business/ninebot-one/subiaco
  6. Munsense

    2018 who is getting what this year......?

    OMG, MARTY! WHAT MAGIC IS THIS??? WHAT MAGIC IS THIS???!!! I just think it and it maneuvres itself to the target, without my conscious effort, and with high accuracy. Seriously bizarre. Maybe its small wheel diameter makes it super sensitive to the minute adjustments our body subconsciously makes when we have an intention? I don't know. Freaky ... Nobody is going to believe us ! Nothing like the wheels I've ridden for sure (KS14D, KS16S, NB1E, NB1E+, Airwheel). Loving it. And hopelessly addicted.
  7. Munsense

    2018 who is getting what this year......?

    Just want to say that the 2018 addition to my EUC family (mten3) has just arrived from USA to Australia in 8 days, despite the Easter holidays. I'm really impressed with eWheels. I think fellow Aussies can also consider buying from there.
  8. Munsense

    2018 who is getting what this year......?

    For 2018 I've just ordered an mten3 (from ewheels). Marty is to blame, Lol! Can't wait to see how it compares to my KS16S and NB1E+.
  9. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    If there’s gonna be any riding on a Sunday, I’d join in too.
  10. Munsense

    KS16S magnetic pedals mod

    These are the things in the packaging. The round ones would work too.
  11. Munsense

    KS16S magnetic pedals mod

    If you can't print the spacer, a self-adhesive furniture protection square works well too. It's durable, gives good cushioning, sticks firmly around the magnet and looks nice.
  12. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Yeah count me in too
  13. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Yes it was very scenic - sorry the video was too large to post here. Looking forward to another group ride soon!
  14. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Ok no worries! It’s easy for Jinni and I to get to, so just tell us the time on Sunday Jan 7 that suits you and the train schedule best
  15. Munsense

    Perth, Australia Group

    Or would you prefer morning?