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  1. scubadragosan

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Thanks for the info, Jon. This protector looks like it's meant for bikers. I am a little doubtful about the design whether it will save your face because the opening is so large. If they make it smaller just having the eyes exposed rather than almost the whole face, it might work. Another thing is that it needs to be tested on EUC riders. Bikers seem to me falls to the ground slower than EUC riders during a face plant. Anyway, someone (me or you or anyone) can write this Swedish company to make these suggestions. Actually, I think I might just do that.
  2. scubadragosan

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I'd like to see an airbag that would save someone's face if and when a face plant happens, one like in an automobile, expect this may be a collar around one's neck. If and when a face plant occurs, it would just immediately deploy saving one's face or head hitting hard on the ground. Ooops, I gave away my multi-billion dollar idea I'm sure I'm not the first one to have thought of this. Now who with the entrepreneur spirit is going to do it out there?
  3. I own a KS16s and KS18L. I wonder anyone out there knows about doing tricks on a wheel would harm the mechanical integrity of the wheel such as the axle and bearings. Partly, I think that depends on the weight of the person and partly on the size of the wheel. I notice when I do one leg riding on KS16S, sometimes I would feel more stress and hear some change of motor sound when more pressure is put on one side of the wheel. However, on KS18L, neither is felt. My KS16S croaked after 3000 miles within 2 years. Did unusual riding bring it to its early demise?
  4. scubadragosan


    I don't have the best looking face, but I still want to leave it the way it is. To minimize the risk of more face plants, I have traded in my (2) KS16B (I think they're 'B') upgrading them to KS16S. Whatever the issues/problems with the KS16B are, I am going to leave them to the technicians to figure out. I had them for almost 2 years, had a lot of fun and rode them almost daily. One time, during the process of changing the tire at 3,000 miles, after removing the outer shell, I notice a thick black cable running from the center hub of the wheel and then it's connected to the battery. This thick black cable had some wear and tear on it because it looked like it was situated really anal tight between the shell and the hub. That's as far as I wanted to deal with the mechanics. What might have caused the clunking or any weird noise would be second guessing. It could take days and more expertise to diagnose these problems. To have a face plant on a flat concrete surface was not exactly "face" saving as I felt like the star of the show. But I can't imagine having a face plant on any uneven surface where objects might have jabbed at your face such as a tree branch, a rock.. With my new KS16S coming, the journey and the fun goes on....
  5. scubadragosan


    I just got a face plant yesterday due to a bad KS16 wheel making strange clunking noise prior to riding. Can't emphasize enough about protective gear. The wheel power got cut off. In a split of a second, all I remember before the face plant is that my eyes were staring at some concrete. 3 points on the body was impacted--knee, hand and face. My helmet saved my face. Lesson learned: Never ride a wheel with any suspected problems. Always wear protective gear, because face plant happens in a split of second giving you zilch time to react.
  6. Let's consider the possibility of anything like a tether may get sucked into the wheel or wrap around someone... like the neck? Or worse, whip someone's eyes?
  7. scubadragosan

    Riding Backwards.

    Thanks for the videos! More practice and conditioning...
  8. scubadragosan

    Riding Backwards.

    Thanks, Pico. You got a link to your video?
  9. scubadragosan

    Riding Backwards.

    How about tips for riding one leg backward? Anyone? Practice, practice, practice...
  10. scubadragosan

    Wheeling Sickness

    Has anyone besides me experience "wheeling sickness?" Wheeling sickness is defined by me as "a state, both physically and mentally, in which one finds him/herself in daily lives having a "floating" sensation as a result of wheeling." It may also have the elements of euphoria and addiction. As such, I prefer to call it a "sickness" because there is a strong crave for it once you are wrapped up by it. In my daily bodily movements, while I am walking, my legs feel like as though they are still on the wheel. Whichever direction I decide to go, I simply lean toward that direction just as if I were wheeling. I even tend to walk faster which may have to do with believing that my legs are not doing the work, but a wheel is moving underneath me. Every movement becomes “smoother” gliding. Is this an after effect of riding the wheel a lot? BTW, no drugs/alcohol involved.
  11. scubadragosan

    I can´t ride my kingsong 18s 1500w/1680wh

    Are you still not able to ride your KS 18S? What do you plan to do with it?
  12. scubadragosan

    How bad were you hurt?

    I fell five times worse. It's was in the morning to work, riding my KS16 to work, very inexperienced then without any gear protection, hit a small pot hole and dove forward about 10 feet, landed sideways on my right side. Luckily my head was protected by my right arm. What happened next is I got up and continued my ride to work. Ended up scraping on my right knee and right elbow and some minor scratches on my right hand fingers.Lesson learned, life and fun riding goes on...!
  13. Check out this video by Eddie Moy on YouTube: Riding in any US states backed by ADA (American Disability Act) Title III. I wonder if this is a real good or legitimate defense. It seems to base on 3 premises: 1) You are "disabled", 2) You don't have to disclose any medical information and 3) No proof is needed. So if you are really cited by the cop and end up in court, would these premises still hold? I tend to think not. But again, I don't think in most cases that it's likely going to end up in court. Got to somehow put this Title III to the fire...anyone wants to try!
  14. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    Envy is pointless, start juggling! ?