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  1. I've been chased by a Collier and the owner tried to blame me for his dog almost ran over by a car. This dog would chase skateboarders, EUC riders... and the dog was off leash. I think the issue is solely on the shoulders of dog owners on training their dogs properly. Most dogs don't chase people at least not when they are leashed and under the dog owners' control. The dogs that chase people and are off leash do because they aren't trained not to chase people. EUC riders do not always know where these dogs are coming from and should not have to be responsible for their behaviors. Anyways, when
  2. How old are you Pale Rider, if you don't mind my asking? Age is not necessarily a barrier. But in most cases, the older you are, the harder it is to pick something up. If you are 60 or 70 or younger in good physical/mental condition, I say don't give up. But if you are higher up in 80s and 90s and not in good physical/mental condition, I say maybe consider another kind of thrills. Sometimes all of us have to face reality as it is.
  3. Lemfo colmpany does say Lemfo is water resistant and waterproof. I have 2 of them. They are definitely water resistant. Waterproof? Swimming is ok. But diving, no! I mainly use them to monitor my wheel performance during riding using apps like Wheellog or EUC World.
  4. Yes, China with its immense population has every reason to be the leader of green movement and she has put in great effort more than any other countries toward that. I always wonder just how serious the world is about fighting global climate change. Petro cars are still dominating the market and they aren't disappearing soon. People like Trump ignorant as hell who refuses to acknowledge the scientific facts, I am really glad this demogogue is out of office. Lazy U.S. bureaucrats really haven't done much in terms of legislature both nationally and locally to acknowledge and encourage the use of
  5. The law is the law. It's not always enforced. Sometimes it only serves as a leverage for penalty if and when needed. I and my wife rented locally and rode KingSong and Inmotion in Guangzhou and Chengdu on sidewalks, on trails and by the riverside. No one or cops ever bothered or pull us over. Realistically, if you look at the traffic conditions in China, do you think cops really have time to bother with little characters and vehicles like EUC riders? As long as you ride responsibly and respectfully, no one will bother you. Love the sceneries there, food is great, people mind their own business
  6. For heaven sake, there is really not a need to lecture this guy from Denmark...far far away from us. He is the best judge of his own situation and he is the only person responsible for his own action. What do we know? Maybe he owns the whole town there! Maybe everyone there is voting for him for his audacity for going extremely green. Maybe he has an invisible EUC we don't know anything about... Maybe he is riding on clouds.... BTW, in San Francisco, we do have cars driving in stores, it's called broad daylight drive-in robbery!
  7. We should first teach Trump to ride the wheel, get him addicted, then have him invest some money to manufacture wheels in America... Manufactured in the good old USA and sell worldwide! Tell him to stop Frump (F + Trump) around!
  8. We thought SF trails are great. No...Seattle network of trails is amazingly greater. After 10 days riding trails in Seattle different cities, we are impressed. Last trail ridden is East Sammamish river trail, a round trip of 34 miles, could have gone farther, but winter hours, daytime shorter and got cold. No one bothered us at all on our ks18xl and 16x. We definitely will return with even more zest.
  9. Not an expert in any technical sense, but these gauswheels are in no way comparable to EUCs in terms of battery life and speed. On a cursory glance, they looks a little cumbersome if a rider has to hold a control cord, then also has to use a break to stop. They are not designed to trolley around easily and have too many parts to replace. I definitely stick with EUCs even if these gauswheels are in the market.
  10. When people ask me what is that, I tell it is a SMA (senior mobile assistant). Of course, you have to be seniors (age 60-65 and above, depends on your location) to say that. I feel good and proper to say that. It gives others the impression that I am not wheeling around just for fun or to annoy others. But I am a proud senior appreciating/making use of this modern invention to get around and at the same time promoting its potential use for other seniors. Preferably, they learn to ride them before they are too seniors One time I and my wife went to Angel Island in San Francisco which has
  11. rainystateguy, do you mind telling me how old are you? Just curious, osteoporosis usually is an elderly medical issue. I am 60 and wondering when it will hit me.
  12. I find myself always in this state of mind "like water." When the mind in a state of purposeless or perhaps empty or be itself, it is not clogged and just flow. Lao-tzu, many Zen masters and Bruce Lee have mentioned something to this effect or effect to this something. Zen experience can spontaneously happen in anything that we do. Seek it, it may just disappear. Open the mind, but how do you do that without the purpose of opening the mind? To be or not to be, the famous Shakespeare quote, may share the same being here. Just be! (BTW, I am not on any drug :))
  13. We are a 61 and 68 couple. have been riding for 3 years. Fun like hell! Have explore a lot of the trails in the beautiful country. Wheeling opens up a new level of experience in its own right that you don't find either in walking or biking or driving. Like some say...just glide...float in the air...rock...dance...!
  14. Encounters like this really can ruin one's day! You have my sympathy. In SF, never had problems with police, but only a few with grotchy old men and ladies. Be careful and heed the words of these Japanese cops. Right now, they are probably conjuring up a scheme to nail you with some kind of violations. Not that they are bad cops, they are just part of an extremely orderly society. I am sure you aren't the only one riding an EUC in Japan, at least not so far from what I've read on this forum. What can you do? Have a legal battle with the bureaucrats? Ignore these cops? File an unequal treatment
  15. I recommended KS16S for its solid durability and time tested history.
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