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  1. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    Yes, he and many others like him will continue to carry the torch after we are all gone... And eventually only EUCs will be the only means of transportation for making short errands and commuting.
  2. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    The one next to him looks even better...
  3. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    58 here...have been riding for 2 years...can maneuver in any directions, dance, going backward, one leg--left or right. Now learning 1 leg backward, 360 degree spins, jumps, dream about handstands....forward and back somersaults. My wife 65, a conservative rider, no tricks for her, can't afford breaking any bones or face plants.
  4. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    That's not an issue at all. You don't really feel anything is in the way. I still can ride seated without any manuverability isuues.
  5. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    View of holding the grab handle.
  6. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    Photo of KS off the ground Photo of sitting on grab handle.
  7. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    Photo of standing with ks18.
  8. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    Ok, see if I can show how my handle is done: 1) Buy this Jeep roll bar grab handles from Amazon (comes in 2, only need 1) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z89I2OY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 2) Wrap one around KS18 seat and its handle. Be sure the grab handle is situated in the middle of the seat because this is where your butt cleavage will be. Secure velcro straps with zip ties. If handle strap is loose or a little long, crunch it up and again use zip tie to tighten it. (see photo after it's tied) Sitting on the roll bar grab handle doesn't hurt my crotch or private parts since the grab handle is kind of soft and it is situated in the middle of the seat where my butt cleavage is right over it. The advantage of this setup is that the handle and the seat are always together and available. When riding stops, no need to take the seat off and grab the hard handle. You will also never lose your seat. The disadvantage is that the height of this grab handle is not adjustable. I think for most people between 5' to 5' 10", this setup should work. BTW I am 5 ft. 8 in. tall
  9. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    I thought no one will ever ask. When I get my photos together, I'll post them with Amazon links.
  10. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    I found another alternative way of installing a handle on KS18S. First, I bought a Jeep safety strap handle from Amazon. Then I wrapped it around the KS18S hard seat handle. Now I have a seat with a soft strap handle secured on top of the KS18S. I can walk my KS18S around like an equestrian. This Jeep safety strap handle is just a perfect fit for the KS18S seat. No drilling, no handle to break or tear off if the wheel falls.
  11. scubadragosan

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I know I can too... it just hasn't materialized!
  12. scubadragosan

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Envy, jealous...but find inspirational!
  13. scubadragosan

    Advice on first wheel

    I would go for KS16S. Well-built, good features, like the trolley handle, reliable.
  14. scubadragosan


    Any info on renting an electric unicycle in Paris? I'll be there in October. Info is appreciated. Thank you. I much preferred the KS16.
  15. scubadragosan

    I am not being able to get it and I am Afraid of breaking it

    Good for you. That's an encounter/experience that most folks will go through. But it's all good. After my 2 months of riding, my wife got inspired and now she is riding. I describe riding the wheel is like on an infinite escalator. Now I am trying to do tricks or slick maneuvers on it. Fell a couple of times, part of learning... So far, no regret and have fun always! Keep at it..get bored..learn new maneuvers...