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  1. With the V10F I rode it up to Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley during the summer. It went about half way and got overheated, rest for a few minutes and kept going. That's the way the V10F is. I think KingSong 16x might not have overheating issues or might be more tolerant to warm environment since it does have a built-in fan for cooling. So I would pick KS16X because it is a stronger wheel--more torque, more power, more range. I think any wheel depending on the distance it has to climb...eventually might get overheated.
  2. Good point, Grumly! So what I have done to bolster the button area is by wrapping some straps around it to give it more stabilization. I suppose you can use whatever else you can think of to stabilize that area. Now that the trolley handle is removed, the seat becomes the "handle." I can easily wheel it around by pushing on the seat. Also, most of the pressure/stress is not on the bend of the absorber, rather it is on the tail end of the absorber. Of course, this is rather a new DIY seat, time will tell what, if any, negative impact it might have on button area. So far, I am quite enjoying it for being able to sit down when my feet get numb. A breather for a couple of minutes off my feet is all it takes to make my journey more pleasant. In the long run, should the button stop working, it is no big deal because I no longer need the trolley handle.
  3. I just want to share a DIY seat for InMotion V10F costing about USD40: 1) A bicycle seat https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32818428817.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.32818428817&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=828amp-RMEIObMjmv-Qb9w-rfH-RA1585346465997&browser_id=ff52c36a34cb44258d9b158b56ab4061&is_c=Y 2) Bike Shock Absorber https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000376174339.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.4000376174339&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=5014amp-RMEIObMjmv-Qb9w-rfH-RA1585346550066&browser_id=ff52c36a34cb44258d9b158b56ab4061&is_c=Y 3) Remove 10F trolley handle 4) Photo of finished look
  4. I learned at 56 on my own and taught my 65 years old wife to ride it also. Now we traverse the world with them on our vacations. Favorite city: Singapore, beautiful city trails with scenic ocean view. Best is still San Francisco!
  5. Hmmm…Roland, Your analogy is way way too simplistic for complex human morality!
  6. 1. Stay home, do not ride your wheels until COVID-19 has been exterminated. 2. Wheeler should be gowned and masked up while wheeling. 3. Do not share your wheels with anyone. 4. If you do, make sure it's de-sanitized completely. 5. If your wheel get sicked or you, stay home. 6. If you happen to meet Asian wheelers from Wuhan, try not to be close to them or borrow their wheels. 7. If your passion for wheeling overwhelms you, what the heck, go wheeling and die happy wheeling. Bury yourself with your wheel!
  7. Joining the rank of the Superheroes! Ready for the next superhero audition!
  8. Come to San Francisco, we have some of the best trails and bicycle routes open to EUCs. Our governor in 2015 signed a bill AB604 allowing EUCs to be used on sidewalks. With or without the bill, our police never bother us. Interestingly, EUCs fall into the category of "Electrically motorized boards". I am a senior and I can exercise my ADA Title 3 to be on any trail. However, with these regulations on our side, where can one rent wheels??? Get in touch with Nevin at www.tec-toyz.com AB604: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB604 ADA Title 3: https://www.ada.gov/ada_title_III.htm
  9. To me, EUCs are gadgets. In terms of cost, e-scooters, skateboards, bicycles...etc. are much more practical. EUCs, though not meant to be, are really for the "elites", those with disposal income, a little bit daring, enjoy solitary, free-spirited, don't mind a little notoriety, trailblazing, ... Not too many mainstream public nor children meet these characteristics. I think it is going to stay as a passionate hobby for the few likened to the sale of small 2-people car would never beat the sale of mainstream cars.
  10. I was in Paris awhile back. You should go to your local EUC shop for repair or advise.
  11. We have to be good for the environment. Every time someone rides a wheel rather than driving a car, less pollutants is put in the air. The question is: Is the environment good for us wheelers? So far, I haven't seen a lot of real actions on the government part to really promote use of the wheels making them acceptable to societies, to pedestrians, to drivers...etc.
  12. Hmmm... Who is the biggest culprit here, but least bashed in the media?
  13. I use my wheels for commuting daily as well as for fun. My commute to work riding motorcycle used to cost me around USD50, now KS18S only USD2, minimal pollution. Making errands to the store used to be a 15 mins walk, now 2-3 mins on KS18L, lazy me. Love them! However, I am still concerned with retired wheels as garbage/pollution. How re-cyclable are they? Does the benefit of using wheels outweigh the cost of junking wheels? I see some countries that are using e-bikes, a lot of these bikes become litter on the streets. A word about China's role in the green movement. I think if I have my facts straight. She is contributing more to the green movement than the US. US didn't even sign on to Kyoto Protocol.
  14. This really befuddles people when I tell them my KS18L is a senior mobile assistant (SMA). BTW I and my wife are both in our 60s. We've benn able to ride in places like Angel Island which ban any kind of EUCs. Since we are in our 60s, seniors mind you! We do have some limited medical conditions that limit us from long walks. So we are able to ride our EUC in banned places under ADA Title 3. The ironic thing is that people know we are seniors, yet we are able to ride these wheels with easy though they appear to be a challenging endeavor for seniors. Calling our wheels senior mobile assistants tends to make people more acceptable to our presence. These wheels definitely is a senior advantage!
  15. Wow, this guy must be going warp speed!
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