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  1. scubadragosan

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    I prefer KingSong 18Xl, since I already have a KS18L. It might just a matter of preference. I don't like MSuper ride as much because it has a sway to it. In terms of body cosmetics, KingSong has a better look. It's very solid. Good distance. KingSong is preferred from a KingSong fan!
  2. scubadragosan

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    Dzlchef, try this headset. It gives you the option of listening through earbuds or speakers. To secure it, use a velcro, one end tie to headset, the other end to the hanging loop on your jacket or shirt, if there is one. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JKWC3J2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. scubadragosan

    Foot Pain - Cycling Shoes - TIP

    If there is a good pair of shoes that can reduce foot/calf fatigue for 30 minutes of riding, then after 30 minutes of riding, you might have to find another better pair, if possible. The ultimate solution to foot/calf fatigue is take the pressure off your foot/calf or upgrade to a wheel with a seat option like the KS18S. IMO KS18S is the best due to its height off the ground, so you don't have to crouch too far down to be seated.
  4. scubadragosan

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    Every rider has his/her own experience. When I am riding, I describe/imagine myself standing on a flying carpet as in Aladin, the magic carpet. Favorite music through my bluetooth bike helmet, favorite snacks/drinks, wear protective gear....and I become carefree and start my own wheel dancing. I have experienced a few face plants along the way due to inexperience with riding and road surface. But as time goes by, face plants seldom or rarely happen. Don't let any fear stop you...the fun and pleasure is all worth it! BTW, we are a couple --- 59 and 65 years young, also owners of 6 wheels, 7th and more coming....
  5. Check out this article by Estey Bomberger Law Firm website whose 7th fact states that "Unicycles are legal on the California roadways. Whether they are EUc (electric unicycles) or regular foot-powered, they may go wherever bicycles are allowed. You are, however required to wear a helmet, and at least 16 years old to legally operate a unicycle on the road." If you get in trouble like riding on Golden Gate Bridge, you know which law firm to call to save your ass. I wonder how this article would stand up to Golden Gate Bridge police patrol. Anyone wants to give it a try?
  6. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    Somehow it looks like I did a better job than you someguy153, just by looking at the photos. My second grab handle will be used for a 2nd KS18S. One for work, another for long distance travelling. One more thing to consider is to remove the tubing inside the grab handle. This will soften the handle a lot more while sitting on it. Sorry, the link is outdated. Products must have been sold out. Thanks for your input/feedback. These look like the jeep grab handles that I got: https://www.amazon.com/Jeep-Wrangler-Roll-Grab-Handle/dp/B005HAYDR4
  7. scubadragosan


    "Hot pink"... "Red" neck... have some qualities in common!?
  8. scubadragosan

    Why are ther so few Female riders?

    My wife and I are both in our 60s. She can do basic riding. She definitely doesn't like face plant at her age. For most women, face plant is no shortcut to cosmetic surgery. They much prefer to pay a hefty price for the real thing. Men don't care, they like face plants especially the macho type as it's evident in UFC fights.
  9. scubadragosan

    Good news from Germany

    Is there an EUC holocaust going on in Germany? Strange twist...
  10. scubadragosan

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Consider getting a motion sensor alarm for US$10-15 which is what I have. When I leave my car parked with my KS inside, I turn it on and it serves as an alarm and definitely a deterrent to break ins. And if the thief picks it up, it will just continuously alarming at 120 decibels. Make the thief thinks twice! I have 5 wheels and they all have motion alarms. They can be out of sight, but "not out of ears!"
  11. scubadragosan

    Questions for EUC dealer in Taiwan?

    I was in Taiwan last May and went to this shop and was told neither the Taipei or Kaihsiung shops rent out any electric unicycles. Very disappointed! Because that's one of the main reasons I went to Taiwan.
  12. scubadragosan

    Good news from Germany

    Can we blame Emmanuel Kant for this kind of rigidity?
  13. scubadragosan

    Good news from Germany

    "I hate to be the kill joy at this party, but EUCs are explicitly excluded from this new regulation in Germany (because they lack handlebars, seriously!)." Technically speaking, most EUCs such as the KingSong 16s, Gotways... do have handles. You can have it extended while riding.
  14. scubadragosan

    Good news from Germany

    Lazy, dumb politicians.. I didn't like Berlin, now I'll never come to anywhere in Germany for her EUC intolerance. Inconsistent standards for bicyclists and EUC riders. I am glad San Francisco has none of these hypocritical barriers toward EUC riders.
  15. scubadragosan

    San Francisco - No EUC on Golden Gate Bridge

    Critical mass doesn't have to be unruly, although sometimes that's what it takes to get done and get heard. How else things will change if these politicians don't realize there are thousands out there demand it? Of course, we aren't there yet. But it's never too soon... We need to push the world forward...