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  1. scubadragosan

    From KS18 to KS16?

    Hello Lutalo, Just curious, you don't have to tell me any specifics about your health reason for not riding the KS18S, but able to ride the smaller KS16S. Does your health reason interfere with your strength or skills for riding a bigger wheel?
  2. My way of riding KS18S is even more confusing to drivers. I always ride on the sidewalk and use the pedestrian crosswalk to cross the streets. Some drivers think that just because I am not a pedestrian walking, I therefore don't have the right of way, but they do. Or they would think that I am violating the law by crossing the crosswalk while riding the wheel. So it may be ok if they run me over??? Fortunately, most do stop because it doesn't matter what or who is crossing the pedestrian crosswalk, the drivers need to stop because they either have a red light or stop sign telling them to or even without any of these. The few that don't I think have problems following the law. And they intentionally, but un-admittedly of course, want to commit man-slaughtering or simply want to exert their vehicle dominance. Or they might think since I to them have broken the law, so it is alright if they can do it too. In court, they might argue that the person riding the wheel shouldn't have been using the pedestrian crosswalk. I wonder what would be the verdict?
  3. scubadragosan

    San Francisco Bus Driver Trouble

    We have California state legislation supporting use of green vehicles including EUCs but with a clause that gives local authorities conjuring up their own regulations. That's very problematic. We all know how bureaucrats are. They like to get pay for doing nothing. Coming up laws regulating EUCs--what are they, how many kinds are there, pissing off pedestrians and bike riders..etc.--are too much work. There is a document http://bit.ly/2LrE2le one can use to ride anywhere according to Eddie Moy, a fervent rider. We should put it to the test. One just has to mention ADA Title III and no further info needs to be given to the cop or anyone says to you that you can't ride the EUC.
  4. scubadragosan

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    I think all EUCs should be designed such that the batteries are removable and replaceable for the benefit of convenience and range extension and perphaps, be brought on planes. Batteries then will be independently and separately inspected by customs.
  5. scubadragosan

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I already have the KS18L, excellent wheel. Now I am travelling to Singapore, a wheel friendly city-state. Instead of renting a wheel, I am going to buy the V10F to ride around for the next five years, once every year there for vacation. I like the fact that they both have about similar travelling range and the V10F is usd300 cheaper in Singapore. After I finish exploring this few hundred square miles city-state, I will ship it back to the US.
  6. scubadragosan

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Sh-it....I might be homeless after this Gotway purchase! Any generous donor out there 😇
  7. scubadragosan

    WheelLog Android App

    Samsung s2 and s3 watches are compatible with Wheellog also for KS16S and KS18S, but not KS18L. Download Wheellog to your phone and Samusng watch, phone will connect to watch and viola, data will show speed in km, distance in km and battery percentage left. Or you want to get fancier, try Everysight smart glass for bicyclists which show you almost everything but battery percentage.
  8. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S or wait for Kingsong 18L?

    Update: KingSong has a updated firmware which fixed the KS18L lift sensor issue...Yeah!
  9. scubadragosan

    WheelLog Android App

    Does anyone know when using Wheellog for KS18L, why the battery display doesn't work? It just stays at 100% all the time. This app has no problems with KS18S.
  10. scubadragosan

    King Song 18S

    Here is a solution to handle and cover...and keep the seat on during rainy days or sunny days!
  11. scubadragosan

    Protect Your Feet, Get a Good Foot Massage

    Consider investing in a good foot massager? I have been using some massage chairs for over 10 years. I can undoubtedly say that, contrary to the common opinions that masseuses are better than chairs, good massage chairs are better than 80-90% of the masseuses. Another solution is get a KS18S for long distance travelling. I love to be able to sit down when my feet are feeling numb or sore.
  12. scubadragosan

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Thanks for the info, Jon. This protector looks like it's meant for bikers. I am a little doubtful about the design whether it will save your face because the opening is so large. If they make it smaller just having the eyes exposed rather than almost the whole face, it might work. Another thing is that it needs to be tested on EUC riders. Bikers seem to me falls to the ground slower than EUC riders during a face plant. Anyway, someone (me or you or anyone) can write this Swedish company to make these suggestions. Actually, I think I might just do that.
  13. scubadragosan

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    I'd like to see an airbag that would save someone's face if and when a face plant happens, one like in an automobile, expect this may be a collar around one's neck. If and when a face plant occurs, it would just immediately deploy saving one's face or head hitting hard on the ground. Ooops, I gave away my multi-billion dollar idea I'm sure I'm not the first one to have thought of this. Now who with the entrepreneur spirit is going to do it out there?
  14. I own a KS16s and KS18L. I wonder anyone out there knows about doing tricks on a wheel would harm the mechanical integrity of the wheel such as the axle and bearings. Partly, I think that depends on the weight of the person and partly on the size of the wheel. I notice when I do one leg riding on KS16S, sometimes I would feel more stress and hear some change of motor sound when more pressure is put on one side of the wheel. However, on KS18L, neither is felt. My KS16S croaked after 3000 miles within 2 years. Did unusual riding bring it to its early demise?
  15. scubadragosan


    I don't have the best looking face, but I still want to leave it the way it is. To minimize the risk of more face plants, I have traded in my (2) KS16B (I think they're 'B') upgrading them to KS16S. Whatever the issues/problems with the KS16B are, I am going to leave them to the technicians to figure out. I had them for almost 2 years, had a lot of fun and rode them almost daily. One time, during the process of changing the tire at 3,000 miles, after removing the outer shell, I notice a thick black cable running from the center hub of the wheel and then it's connected to the battery. This thick black cable had some wear and tear on it because it looked like it was situated really anal tight between the shell and the hub. That's as far as I wanted to deal with the mechanics. What might have caused the clunking or any weird noise would be second guessing. It could take days and more expertise to diagnose these problems. To have a face plant on a flat concrete surface was not exactly "face" saving as I felt like the star of the show. But I can't imagine having a face plant on any uneven surface where objects might have jabbed at your face such as a tree branch, a rock.. With my new KS16S coming, the journey and the fun goes on....