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  1. Just curious Wxman25, why are you selling it, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. It might be time to consider a wheel that you can be seated when you get tired!
  3. My KS18 bluetooth on and off connects/disconnects to my LEMFO watch. Initially, I thought it might have to do with my watch. So I did some simple testing by trying my watch connecting to other wheels. No problems. It only happens with KS18. Does anyone have any idea how to replace a bluetooth on a KS18? Does the whole motherboard need to be replaced? Is it a job for a novice? I am just throwing this out there, any info is appreciated!
  4. San Francisco has one of the best trails in the world. First leg, forest view - a ride through Golden Gate Park down to the Great Highway by Pacific Ocean. Second leg- Ocean view from Great Highway toward Golden Gate Bridge. Third leg- More ocean view from Golden Gate Bridge toward Fisherman's Wharf, luncheon there. Fourth leg- City view, ocean view, entertainment from Fisherman's Wharf, along Embarcadero toward AT&T park. Fifth leg - City view from AT&T park toward Hunters Point. A round trip about miles. Fun, fun, fun.... This is what tourists come here for...of course, better only i
  5. Jason from ewheels probably has the answer!
  6. I am 61. Learned EUC 3 years ago. My wife 68, learned at 65. Is this any boost of confidence for you? Hope so...Hope we'll keep riding til drop dead!
  7. I don't know if this is your issue similar to what happened to my KS16X. After completed charging my KS16X, several days later I found 16X battery is drained. Then I found out that after charging and unplugging 16X, there is a light inside that would continuously blink and that's what drained the battery. To prevent the battery drain, after completed charging, I would have to power the wheel on once and then turn off before I put the wheel away. I don't know why this extra step is necessary, but that's the way it is. Hope your issue is the same!
  8. I consider this a very gentlemen fight. Driver knows he got his ass kicked, actually choke hole submission that could have killed him, he returned to his car. Wise!!! EUC riders might look like immature kids playing with toys, but we are all actually mature adults re-living a new childhood. Don't mess with us...anyone got the balls to be on a one wheel travelling at 50mph on the road might be a little nutty, off bound...! BTW, EUC rider got gloves and helmet on, what was this driver thinking?!
  9. This one is great, under $30, got strobe and 4 levels of brightness adjustments. Highly recommended! https://www.amazon.com/Headlamp-Rechargeable-Flashlight-Inserted-Upgraded/dp/B07NJ9PCJC/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Headlamp%2C+1200+Lumen+Rechargeable+Head+Flashlight+with+18650+Battery&qid=1611088602&sr=8-4
  10. Bring it on... no paramilitary groups in any shape or form can stand against USMC! Only in fantasies will they think they will win!
  11. Where you live perhaps can use snow chains?
  12. scubadragosan

    EyeRide HUD

    For Seba, I've been occasionally using the Raptor from Everysight when riding the wheel. The only thing the Raptor glasses won't show is the battery life of the wheel. Is there any chance you can make the Raptor glasses connected to the wheel and show battery life? Maybe do some sort of collaboration with Everysight. Everysight, Raptor website: https://everysight.com/product/raptor/
  13. I guess it sounds like depending on the individual, it is good to try different ones before deciding which one is for you to learn on. Being a small guy, I tend to find a smaller, lighter wheel easier to counterbalance/grab/control onto with my foot. I started with KS16S. Now that I am much more competent, I can take on larger wheels. Oh... the question is which one you would use for teaching? I would use a wheel that the learner after trying different ones feel comfortable. If that's not an option, I would prefer a relatively small wheel.
  14. Traffic is especially dangerous during COVID. I had a SUV driver stopped at a red light like he was supposed to. But as I wheeled across the crosswalk, he suddenly stepped on the gas and ran the red light toward me. What the f....? So I looked toward his coming toward me, he stopped in front of me, for god sake, without hitting me. What was he thinking? Another day, I witnessed an SUV driver didn't stop at a stop sign and struck a young bicyclist right in front of me because I was following the young bicyclists from behind. Luckily, the youngster was ok though he got struck and flew off
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