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  1. scubadragosan

    How bad were you hurt?

    I fell five times worse. It's was in the morning to work, riding my KS16 to work, very inexperienced then without any gear protection, hit a small pot hole and dove forward about 10 feet, landed sideways on my right side. Luckily my head was protected by my right arm. What happened next is I got up and continued my ride to work. Ended up scraping on my right knee and right elbow and some minor scratches on my right hand fingers.Lesson learned, life and fun riding goes on...!
  2. Check out this video by Eddie Moy on YouTube: Riding in any US states backed by ADA (American Disability Act) Title III. I wonder if this is a real good or legitimate defense. It seems to base on 3 premises: 1) You are "disabled", 2) You don't have to disclose any medical information and 3) No proof is needed. So if you are really cited by the cop and end up in court, would these premises still hold? I tend to think not. But again, I don't think in most cases that it's likely going to end up in court. Got to somehow put this Title III to the fire...anyone wants to try!
  3. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    Envy is pointless, start juggling! 😫
  4. scubadragosan

    Average age of EUC rider

    If I am not mistaken, you were a juggler before a wheeler. I thought about juggling after learning the wheel.
  5. Hurray! KingSong has a new update, version 1.5. I download it and it fixed the lift sensor issue with KS18L. Stand corrected: Thanks, Unventor, you are right. It's an updated version. Anyway, I am glad lift sensor is fixed. That's one of the main reasons I got KS18L.
  6. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18S or wait for Kingsong 18L?

    I own both KS18S and KS18L. Love being able to sit down while riding KS18S, a feature is much appreciated when those feet are tired after standing for 30 minutes. Aside from the lift sensor issue, hopefully KS will come out with a fix, the KS18L is a great wheel too. Riding it feels like on a Cadillac--solid, well-built machine. Both are advisable for long distance, any distance over an hour.
  7. I hope the lift sensor is only a software/app issue, not a hardware issue.
  8. Thanks again Stan. I am already aware of that feature, but didn't turn it off. Now I will.
  9. Thanks for the reply Stan Onymous. When you say disable the handle release function, how is that done in the app? Step-by-step if you could... I am just plain ignorant.
  10. I'm having problem with KingSong 18L lift sensor. Sometimes it works and when it doesn't work, the wheel will spin to its max, then stop. So I went to KingSong App and make sure the lift sensor is on and also I've used the re-calibration, but to no avail. Anyone has similar issues with the lift sensor? I've read that some KS18L owners also have similar problems. Anyone has a solution or do we have to wait for a firmware update by KingSong later on to fix this lift sensor?
  11. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    In San Francisco, we had a gal got her wheel robbed. As part of her daily routine to work, she used the subway. One day, two guys apparently had their eyes on her wheel, knew her routine. They were in a car. One guy got out of the car, robbed the wheel from her and they drove off. Another instance, my wife was wheeling about 30 yards behind me, a group of kids on skateboards started harassing her saying that they wanted her wheel. Then they followed her very closely with their skateboards. I then became aware of this and turned my wheel around and wheeled towards my wife. Noted that I had my pepper spray and 110db wheel alarm with me, I approached them and that resolved the harassment. As wheels are becoming popular, crooks are aware of their pricey tags. They are well-to-do people's high end gadgets. Not too many parents would spend $1000 to $2000 on a wheel for their kids, when a $100 skateboard can also make them equally happy. Average age of wheel owners, I gathered, is between 30 to 50. Putting these pieces together, more crimes against wheelers may be coming. So be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances!
  12. scubadragosan

    UK police wanting to contact me

    That's what happens with government bureaucrats--takes our tax dollars and don't want to work. Fast in collection, slow in delivery! In California, we have similar issues. Laws and regulations are so outdated. Bicyclists can ride in any speed, no one enforces the 15mph where it is posted. But in the same area where bicyclists are flying around 35 to 45mph, they won't let EUCs on these roads such as the Golden Gate Bridge, many trails of East Bay regional parks...etc. State legislation supports green vehicles such as EUCs, but localities are not on the same pages. I think it may take a great number of us, EUC riders to gather together and vocalize and demand changes in rules and regulations. Let's coordinate, have a global EUC day and be heard!
  13. scubadragosan

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Condemnation is way too strong a word. Opinions do change overtime and everyone is entitled. I heard EUC in Finland is legal. So when I travel, Finland would definitely, highly considered. I always keep an open mind... like a good scientists.
  14. scubadragosan

    UK police wanting to contact me

    I think I was in city center London. Maybe whether or not I like it is very subjective. Relative to San Francisco, London definitely is not as diverse. Regarding riding EUC in London, I am only reacting to the post here by someone who got harassed by police. I am glad to have another perspective. Is there a place in London you can rent a KingSong wheel? Any recommendations/suggestions? Any good, safe routes to ride on?
  15. scubadragosan

    UK police wanting to contact me

    I was in London and didn't like it too much, lack of diversity of good food, cultures, products... Now hearing about cops harassing EUC riders, I am definitely not going there again... Countries that don't recognize EUC as an acceptable means of transport and make room for them are backward!