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  1. I wear accordingly. Go down a couple of blocks to buy something from Safeway, no protective gear. To and fro from work everyday, yes. Spend a whole day out riding, yes. Spot a beautiful sexy girl, yes!!! BTW, I already had my lessons of 2 face plants. One was w/o protective gear, it hurt! Second one was with protective gear, hurt less! No one is immune to surprises or accidents!
  2. MKader17 We may be in Texas next month. Any real long good paved trail you can recommend? We are seniors 61 and 69 from San Francisco, not looking to kill ourselves riding any unpaved mountain trails. We like river trails where there are fun places to visit...for food or sightseeing!
  3. Yeah, when I come to Portugal, I want to see an elderly EUC group wheeling around town like a bunch of kids...and say to the world "We can do it, so can you." Wouldn't that be a great promotion of EUCs?
  4. How to reduce anxieties? A big part is from having experience. I would say be prepared to ride-- 1) Wearing the proper and necessary equipment. 2) Anticipate what might/could happen if you are in a tight situation. 3) Don't put yourself in a tight situation to begin with. 4) Give yourself ample of reaction time to a expected/unexpected situation. 4) Plan of escape or plan B. I think 2 major causes of wheeling accidents are 1) Lack of skill/experience and 2) Speeding reduces reaction time and increases risk.
  5. Dealing with negative comments...Ignore, verbal fights, physical fights.. Which is the best way? Physical fights won't solve the problem, only exacerbate and complicate! I tried ignoring...that didn't work either. Verbal fights worked well, but it took several times. Case in time: Everyday I use my KS18S to commute back and forth work. On my way home, I encountered this 60 years old guy. He would tell me to get off the sidewalk. In the beginning, I just ignored him. Then he got aggressive by stretching his arm out attempting to block my way. So finally I stopped, trying to reason with him. He
  6. Yes, riding backward or doing anything on the wheel requires muscles or balancing skills we have never used. How surprised we are to discover some parts of ourselves always been there but left untapped for years. Now that you are able to ride backward, you might want to try one leg backward...even more challenging! Then after mastering one leg backward...try one leg spinning backward...
  7. Another way of keep wheeling elsewhere is buy and store the wheel at where you will be going often. I have a V10F purchased and store Singapore. Storage fee is usd100/year. I go there once a year and I have my own wheel to use. Likewise, another one in China. Pretty soon, one in South Korea; another one in Malaysia... Is this an expensive solution? Depends on how you look at it. I was in Paris costed me usd80/day. I was there for 20 days, that costed me $1600, literally a wheel. A month...wow... minus well have my own wheel!
  8. I always thought that Adam ate the apple and fell was only a myth. But I guess it's no myth. Besides the apple, there are other things such as yellow-black pillars that can make one's soul go astray and fall....hahahaPlease be careful driving....protect the area between the legs.....pillars are hard!
  9. Make sure you guys write the company. You may end up doing a commercial for them. Just imagine their tires on EUCs with a Martian landscape on the background! And you have your astronaut outfit riding the EUC traversing leaving a smoking trail behind! Going where no cars have gone before!
  10. No way...fair competition...see who gets there first? I am leaving on the plane now!
  11. Paulo Mesquita After learning the weather doesn't get too cold in Portgual, I would like to visit Portugal whenever COVID is over. Are EUCs legal there? Any place to rent something like a KS16X? Are you allowed to bring on buses/trains? Rental rate? Any info would be appreciated!
  12. I have all kinds of watches for riding--Samsung S2, Lemfo LEMT and recently Conquest F2, a mini 3" phone. I want one that can serve me in different ways. Finally, I settled with Conquest F2. It gives me a full screen for all different EUC apps, can make phone calls. It is a full android wearable phone, best of all, it has nfc for purchase payments. Samsung S2 watch face is too small and limited riding info. Lemfo doesn't have nfc feature. Check it out!
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