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  1. Just bought one, THERE ARE NOT THE SAME
  2. I started coding a Wheel App compatible with EUC World with a more modern stack and compatible Android & iOS :-) @Seba We can talk about it if you want, the idea behind that is to be AS-IS with the current features from EUC World but for both iOS and Android and then, improve the app with a lot of different features. What do you think ?
  3. Just realized that my fork has been used by many people :-) I've forked just to implement the support of my inmotion wheel, and now, years later, because i've just bought a KS18L, i decided to reinstall WheelLog (cus, the Kingsong app....) and, what a surprise : EUC World ! Thanks for all this work ! I will starts contributing again !
  4. Hi Kingtide, Thanks for your feedback, i will work on it. Be careful, i don't think this app will cause any cutoff but since we don't know their protocol well...
  5. Hi, I had a lot of work recently, i will work on this this weekend.
  6. Hi, I've made some adjustments on wheel detection. I've also added a dirty dialog when you search the wheel to input your wheel password. If somebody has a V8, please tell me if it works now. app-debug.apk
  7. Hi, It works with my V5F. It's hard to work with all wheels cus the protocol is not documented. I will try to investigate. When all bugs will be gone, my final goal is to support the Samsung Gear S3.
  8. If you don't want to wait, you can change your wheel pincode to 123456 and try the attached apk. app-debug.apk
  9. Sorry, it's because i've put my wheel pincode in the source code so it doesn't work correctly. I will push a version with a prompt instead.
  10. If somebody want to try, the APK is attached. Happy new year app-debug.apk
  11. I've something working: https://github.com/cedbossneo/WheelLogAndroid but needs some adjustments and still a lot of disconnects. Thanks to Paco Gorina for his work on 9BMetrics
  12. Hi, I'm trying to adapt this code to the WheelLog app, @JumpMaster did you tried yet ?
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