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  1. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Monster handle extension suggests?

    After the above I tried using a handle off an old suitcase for a while and then a modified bike accessory but I ended up buying the seat option made for the Monster. As the Monster has such a large battery I leave it on and the seat gives it just enough height that it is reasonable comfortable to push around stores. With some practice I can even balance a couple of cases of beer on it:-) If I need to go up a set of stairs I quickly pull the seat and use forward force on the handle let the Monster roll itself up. If you pull on the front of the handle when the tire is against the edge of a stair it is pretty easy to get up a few flights.
  2. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    Awesome, Awesome, awesome! Before I had the lesson now I have the lesson plan. Thank you.
  3. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    @Chris Westland thanks for the link. I will look into these.
  4. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    Awesome tips! I wondered about the control board as I can see the heat sink exposed on the backside. I fully agree with the power button failing on as the other option is falling off:-) Laying the Monster on its side would have been a bit easier than wrangling and angry spinning wheel until it goes to sleep
  5. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    @Marty Backe when my handle separated I was able to just loosen the top screws on both sides and gently coax the two sides apart until things snapped back into place. Although the shell feels pretty solid when everything is locked together, experience shows that under duress there is flexibility. The is a good thing is it allow things to move instead of break. Something about a blade of grass bending in the wind versus a tree branch that resists and breaks...sorry about that my sleep deprivation is kicking in:-)
  6. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    @jrkline no I'm not a ham (although my wife would probably argue differently) but it is on my hit list of things to do:-) I should have said Cell tower. I used to be a radio tech many, many (did I say many) years ago and had to service broken equipment on similar towers. I guess old habits die hard which is why I referred to it as a radio tower.
  7. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    I bought the Monster because I was told it is a good off road unit. It is and it isn't but that could be said for any machine. On the road it is smooth and delightful to ride and will handle any standard hill engineered to drive on. Off road in steep terrain I have found a couple of spots that it just didn't cut it and it wasn't able to climb. I haven't given up just yet as I am not entirely sure if it is the Monster's weakness or my ability to ride it. Downhill, I did try it down some hills that I had to use my hands (and almost knees) to crawl up. Any steeper and they would have been free fall (which I did unintentionally try for short distances:-) The Monster is pretty good at downhill. In mud and soft terrain the Monster is probably better than any other EUC out there but it is still point loaded on one wheel. Unless you go really fast, you can sink really deep:-) Did you notice that the Monster is heavy? Try pulling it out of the mud. Anyway, the top section is hollow and mostly isolated from the remainder of the wheel. The components seem to be hot glued but I doubt that is very effective. The inside of the handle was almost entirely dry. It appears that the sides are where most of the water gains access. I had water all over my control board, so yes I feel very lucky I didn't face plant even more often. The board appears to silicon coated or something similar. I was surprised to see the water coming in through the sides as I had ridden the Monster in fairly heavy rain 15km each way every day for a week when I was in Vancouver and had no issues. I think what happens is that the case flexes under duress and has a different modulus of elasticity then the side panels. This in turn will slightly open and close little gaps around the panels which if timed poorly allow water to get in. This is my theory anyway. My inability to turn off the unit is probably from water in the switch which doesn't seem very water tight. Once it dried all was well. I ended up taping around all of the joints to ensure I have a better seal going forward. I would say the Monster is mostly splash proof now as long as I stay away from the power button. I may tape some cellophane over it later to help that out. I do really like this EUC and hope that it survives my trials.
  8. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    My handle also broke on an impact in a similar spot as you said it is not the most robust case. There are no hidden screws as such. I just removed the side panels, unplugged the batteries (too much unbridled energy to free by accident) and removed them. It is not really necessary to pull the batteries if they are glued down but it does make it easier to deal with. There are screws on both sides of the top handle that need to be removed and I pulled the inner case on the none control board side ( there are a pile of screws holding it on the pedal but they are easy to get at. The two halves slide together and are easy to slide apart. Removing the little corner tabs gave more access to the inside of the handle. It took me a couple of hours from start to finish as I was looking for any signs of faults in connections and wires. Have fun
  9. Merrittous MonoWheel

    The Agony of Defeat with my Monster

    Sounds like it was a rough weekend to ride Monsters. I tumbled down a few hills on mine. Once when I was falling through the air I noticed my finger was between the wheel and the case. I managed to pull the finger out before the Monster began to freewheel and before we hit the ground. I ended up with a nice slice on my finger and bruises in places a man my age shouldn't. I feel you pain and hope you didn't hurt anything to badly. All I can say is ride on:-)
  10. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Anatomy of a Monster

    So my Monster took a bit of a beating this weekend. I had a goal to make it to a radio tower at the top of a mountain behind my place. This is a 400m meter climb over some questionable roads but I had it in mind that we would do it (that is me and the Monster). I had tried to get there last weekend but ran into to much snow so ended up turning around. When I returned I found my rear lights no longer worked. As I didn't have time and the Monster was still functional I left it. So this weekend I took the Monster for another assault at the hill. This time success. 10km and 400m very few tumbles for both of us and 28 minutes to success. It was a nice sunny day so I figured I would I tackle the next level take the mountain bike trails back. I wish I had filmed it as it was a series of tumbles and nail bitting down hills. At times I was leaning so far back to slow down that my heals were hitting the ground behind me. I managed to run an couple of freshets and cross a few swamps. Both my self and the Monster were covered in mud and I am not sure what else by the time we hit the bottom an hour and a half later. So I went to shut the EUC down for a well deserved rest and scrub down but it didn't want to shut off. I didn't matter how many times I pushed the power button the Monster had turned into the energizer bunny and it just kept on going. Eventually I just lifted it up and let it free wheel until it auto shut off. So then it was time to dissect and investigate. It turns out that water is able to enter the Monster from many cracks and crevices. I am sure that that was the cause of the shut off issue as I found droplets of water throughout the inside of unit. I have since dried everything, reassembled and taped off all seams. Rear lights still don't work (dealer is working on that with me) but I was very happy with the assembly of my unit (Dec 22 2016 run). All cables and connections were tight and no indication of overheating. One cable had been pinched but this was an easy fix. Anyway some of the pictures are below for those that may be interested:
  11. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Gotway Monster Questions for the group

    Thank you for bringing this up. My Monster behaves the same way. I'm glad it is not just me.
  12. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Are fast chargers bad?

    This video inspired me to order the 5A charging unit for my Monster:-)
  13. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Att all ? Or Shud I say all monster owners

    I used double sided on the underside of the outside tabs. The top tab has no tape. The tension of the curve keeps everything in place. I just bend and position until it doesn't rub.
  14. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Att all ? Or Shud I say all monster owners

    The inside of my handle popped out and split. I was able to pop everything back and I will JB weld on the inside later. Many scraps and scratches but mostly functional still. The rear lights aren't working at the moment which I will find out why later when I remove the cover. And yes it was not a pleasant sight looking up the hill and seeing the Monster literally rolling towards me end over end. Missed me by a couple of feet luckily.
  15. Merrittous MonoWheel

    Att all ? Or Shud I say all monster owners

    They should work well for any wheel just trim to size. Initially I used a cheap double sided tape which allowed me to install and remove for each ride. The tape would last a day in the rain. I now use Gorrilla tape and that seems to be holding well for a few days. Time will tell.