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  1. foxmulder32

    MSuper V3 or Monster?

    Difference in weight between MSV3 1600 and Monster 1600 about 3-4kg - forget that. Monster is absolutely awesome in pedestrian traffic, forest roads, industrial zones with dirt and bricks on the road, etc. And the absolute superiority for me: to disassemble Monster you don't need to remove pedals!!!
  2. foxmulder32

    Tightening the Monster Axle Nuts

    Thank you!
  3. foxmulder32

    Tightening the Monster Axle Nuts

    What size of Monster axel nut? M24 or M27?
  4. No, but I completely disassemble my Monster by myself. Nothing hard. Monster need screw fixer (blue liquid) and special washers with fixers under axis nuts. Without them dropouts start wobbling every 100 km without fixing in my case. And total hydroisolation, of course )
  5. My Monster also not ideal after crash, and I have idea for bumper source - car's rubber carpent like on picture. Will cover all front and back surfaces and make hole for front light and slot for stoplights. Also attach strips for side corners, who also make a contact in crash. I strengthen all bits inside with liquid thermo-glue. Broken ones stick together with super-glue before. What do you think?
  6. foxmulder32

    Working Android app for Monster

    Problem solved. My china Android phones could not connect, but samsung phone with Android 6 connecting perfectly (all versions of apps). Will find the android internals for answers. Thank you all )
  7. foxmulder32

    Working Android app for Monster

    Same behavior. Ok, will try different phones tomorrow. Thank you all for links.
  8. foxmulder32

    Working Android app for Monster

    Latest Wheellog and latest app don't find the wheel. So sad. Can bluetooth module be broken if it detectable by phone?
  9. foxmulder32

    Working Android app for Monster

    Good day. I have received a Monster and he is insanely good! But I can't configure him, because app doesn't see wheel. I have Android 6 phone and application from facebook Linnea Lin public group (Android161124.apk). Phone finds a wheel, but can't pair with him (just "pairing failed" message). Another phone with Android 4.4 have same pairing error. Is it normal? Whether there is a new application version? Maybe some tips & tricks for resolving this problem? Without app I can't change 18km/h speed limit ( Will be very grateful for any help.
  10. foxmulder32

    MSuper V3S+ or Monster

    Think V3 will be good choice, enough for your needs. For example: my way to work is 21 km (one way) with bad quality road, so in this case I will buy Monster for more soft ride. Sorry for my english.