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  1. Still waiting for my flexpads that I ordered end of March. Starting to wish I ordered the Clarkpads.
  2. Definitely share how things go. After 2 attempts to make the suspension valve easier to adjust the pressures. I just decided to adjust them as intended with unscrewing of the side saddles, but am open to giving it another go if it works for you.
  3. I Have both these along with the flexi hose type. It would always leak air were it connects with the suspension valve stem ( which I tried tightening and added Teflon tape.) when I try pumping air into it.. So for me the 2 types of extenders was unfortunately a no go for me.
  4. I just placed an order for the Hulaj ones. Once I get the in a few weeks I can give my thoughts and impressions.
  5. @Kamikaze_K Does the fact that you have only 1 position that you can set it to horizontally make you feel that you could adjust the pads forward or back a bit? @EUC_userthey have the newer CP and Hulaj Pedals with a carve out so you can fold the pedals up, but the ones in the Hulaj website have been out of stock for sometime.
  6. Thinking of picking up either Clark pads gen 2, or the Flexpads from Hulaj to replace my flypads as I need more breaking power on downhill off road trails. Adavantage I can see from the Flexpads is more adjustibility left and right. I haven't seen any reviews for the Flexpads and would love to hear any feedback from people that have them on their V11.
  7. Just received an email from EUCO regarding a recall for a batch of V11s for faulty motherboards, which could lead to a cutout. They advised not to longer ride my V11 until they hear back from Inmotion. 😕
  8. I just finally received my V11 after months of waiting. I noticed that one of the sides are missing two screws on the lower portion of the pedal. Anyone encounter this? Does anyone know what size and type of screws they are so I can get replacement ones?
  9. I'm 140 lbs geared. I have my tops set to 40 psi and bottoms set to 70 psi. Tire is 35 psi. I am still trying to dial in my pressures. Went for a 25 mile ride yesterday and noticed on gravel trails the suspension oscalates in a rhythmic pattern getting bigger after every compression of the suspension. Any suggestions on what I should adjust my preasures to?
  10. Glad to hear there is a tilt back not just a cut off like the earlier EUCs.
  11. For the V11 does anyone know if the battery is at 100% charge and the first part of your ride is downhill how does it handle the regen as to not overcharge or cut off to protect the batteries?
  12. Just got a similar email this morning from EUCO.
  13. Is this for the tree extra charger promo they were running if you ordered a few months ago?
  14. I ordered mine early June from EUCO and reached out to them yesterday and heard back that possible eta is around Nov for them to ship it from their location to me.
  15. What app are you using for this that shows speed and start and goal as you recorded?
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