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  1. charlesrg

    Kingsong KS18L, will it Marty or Rehab or not?

    So are you going with the KS18L or the V10 ? I also have a InMotion V8 and feel I can get an upgrade if it will be easier to fix the flats.
  2. charlesrg

    Flats - dread .. dread .. dread

    I've got some angles valves that fit, however the hole is so close to the tire bead and the valve needs to screw in the inside so it didn't work.
  3. charlesrg

    NYC EU group

    Hey guys, I'm downtown by the Staten island ferry. I've a InMotion v8 if anyone wants to exchange wheels to try it out I'm up.
  4. charlesrg

    Newbie on / with V10F

    Thank you, I tried to find the info on their page yesterday but they didn't have the video yet. Looks like it's slight easier than the V8 as I won't need to mess with the LED lights but still not ideal. Hoping there will be a way to make this tubeless.
  5. charlesrg

    Newbie on / with V10F

    Is the V10F tubeless ? If not how hard is to change the tube ?
  6. charlesrg

    Flats - dread .. dread .. dread

    After a flat I've added about 5 ounces of slime however it still leaks. I'm carrying a pump with me every day so I can top it off as needed, this is going to be my second tube replacement this year, so I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible. Slime definitely helps but not the definitive solution. Tubeless would be the best as the tube stress flats would go away and even if you have a nail you can use a tire bacon to repair without having to open the whole thing. I ride a InMotion V8 and I'm looking to upgrade, my most requested feature is easy accessibility to change tubes or make it tubeless.
  7. charlesrg

    Inmotion V8 tyre / inner tube / replacement

    Sorry for the delay responding. The story goes like this: Had to order few different valves to try as the wheel has a weird side hole, if the valve is too long it will rub the plastic. Got that addressed. Tried many times to inflate the original tire with compressed air and co2 but always failed, also tried using tubeless sealant but failed. I needed to use the wheel so I assembled it back with a cheap tube that I got from Amazon so far the tube is holding fine. Long story short no luck yet. My recommendation for anyone trying is to make the tubeless conversion to do it before assembling the wheel. I had it remounted and it was lots of trouble to access the valve. My concern was valve clearance so I wanted it assembled to ensure it was going to clear. The tires once in the rim bend inwards, making it hard for air to stay and create pressure. Disclaimer: I've set about 50 tubeless tires before. I've road, mountain, cyclocross bikes all on tubeless. Didn't had the space to try inflating them with propane gas as seen on youtube vides of tractor tires. I've no experience with that and won't do it indoors. I will attempt again if I have problems with this tube, wich I think might never happen Opening the wheel is too much pain.
  8. charlesrg

    Inmotion V8 tyre / inner tube / replacement

    ok, ordered some L shapped valves, going to try to make it tubeless. if it does not work I will use a tube.
  9. charlesrg

    Inmotion V8 tyre / inner tube / replacement

    Wondering if I could put a slime tube in there, usually the valve is straight not L shaped like the one it came with.
  10. charlesrg

    Inmotion V8 tyre / inner tube / replacement

    I just got a flat on my V8 and from watching the instructions I feel it sucks to replace the tube. Painful task. Looks like KS16S would have been much easier.
  11. charlesrg

    My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy new cover once the cover is scratched ?
  12. charlesrg

    Charge Doctor on Inmotion Wheels

    I changed my autocut from 1A to 80V because at 1A it was already going to 97%
  13. charlesrg

    V8 disassembly for cover/shell replacement

    Where did you get your replacement shell and how much ?
  14. charlesrg

    INMOTION V8 Bluetooth

    No need to use android just download Vypr VPN on Iphone. It's free and select VPN from whatever country you need. In my case I used Hong Kong and I can get all features on my wheel.
  15. charlesrg

    INMOTION V8 Bluetooth

    The app does not add any value. I just used the app to change the top speed from factory speed to the advertised top speed. So I did and and then it failed on me at top speed. So I went back to factory default speed. I've some scars that will remind me forever of not trusting what chinese manufacturers advertise. Yes I still ride the wheel, but slower. I don't think it makes a difference if you're buying from AliExpress,Gearbest,Ebay or the guy in the corner. They are trying to lock their distributors so they can charge what each person can afford according to their country. If the distributors complain about manufacturer selling directly they will loose their distributors, so they have to enforce any way they can. In this case the App GeoFence. EUC do really need distributors to make a push.