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  1. Sorry guys - but LMAO.... Gotway App is a joke and I continually see people seeking to make it work like we think it should or ought to. But yet see nothing but silence from Gotway Reps. Ok.. carryon and good luck.
  2. 55 miles and counting on my ACM. Not bad considering, I just started and it's winter time. Been having some unseasonably warm weather here of late though.
  3. The ACM trolley, While not necessarily the best design... mine came with no instructions, no screws and the mount on the lower portion was bent/formed backwards (I.e. the flush screw eyelets were formed backwards). It's not that bad. Kinda looks decent once mounted and adds utility. Now I can dismount and push it when entering the building to my work place and at the restaurants etc. Instead of lifting and carrying the heavy wheel. Also I would have preferred the handle to extend a little higher. But all-in-all, it is useful.
  4. And definitely on the motor. But I don't use the Gotway app with my ACM. I'm happier with the app from Google play store.
  5. Most times in the videos and pictures, the wheel have more padding than the person. Guess we all have our priorities. I personally wear everything except wrist guards... Never had any but may look into more.
  6. Congrats @meepmeepmayer. That is definitely a nice - first wheel. Be safe on it. As for the whine noise, at least on my ACM 820wh, it doesn't bother me at all. But it drives my daughter crazy... she can tell when I turn it on from 2 floors away. She's 11yrs old.... Go figure..
  7. You've quickly become my hero @Marty Backe... Awesome stable of wheels.. Enjoy
  8. Just ordered a Peeble watch from Amazon.com. It's used but for the price and the ability to monitor the vitals of my wheel, I couldn't pass it up. And yes, I know... Pebble is no more, but hey WheelLog app still works.
  9. I have the Gotway ACM 820wh. So far the temperature during a normal outing plateaus at about 33-35 deg C. The ambient outdoor temp at about 33-40 deg F. My weight with winter and safety gear about 218 lbs. Riding on smooth tarmac and sidewalk with some small inclines. During normal cruise speed the temp of the wheel stays mostly at 33 deg C according to WheelLog app. I average between 15mph and 18mph. But MCM and ACM are different designs with different wheel size and CB. Not sure about motor, but suspect they are different too. I'll have to wait until spring/summer to get wheel temperature data points in warmer ambient temps. Hasn't been 70 deg F here in a while. I suspect the wheel temps will be hotter, but not sure how much hotter.
  10. Congrats on the new ACM Marty.
  11. Looked like a responsible rider to me . The polar opposite of a majority of the videos I've seen of EUC riders. That said, I think I prefer the EUC as well... Looking forward to the spring and summer months.
  12. Ahhhh... Happy feet with the big pedals. Thanks @Marty Backefor the suggestion. And thanks Tec-toyz for the fast shipping... Literally next day delivery.
  13. I wear size 13, I find the 9b1 pedals OK width wise, but could be a little longer for my comfort. But the new owner has no problems with it all. She simply wants more lights. From pictures, seems like the msuper v3 pedals are the best. I thought about ordering those, but couldn't find any within the USA.
  14. Ha.. and it is! But check out the pedal size between the two. Lol....big difference. When riding it feels like majority of my weight is concentrated in the middle of my foot. New bigger pedals should be here tomorrow. If I can talk my wife into getting/wanting one... I'll pass the ACM to her and get me something else ... maybe an 18" or 22" wheel...just a thought for now.
  15. Pictures of the 2 wheels together. The 9b1 now officially belongs to my daughter. She likes it...
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