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  1. I dont own a EUC yet but I was going to start a similar thread on music listening while riding, because couldnt it be dangerous to listen to headphones while riding? Do some of yall fasten a bluetooth speaker to the EUC?
  2. Are you still selling the Ninebot? Where in Texas do u live?

    1. Planetpapi


      Yes! I do have it in Austin, TX.

    2. Planetpapi


      William, are you still interested in the wheel? Just checking.

    3. William S Pender

      William S Pender

      Nah man, Ive decided to go with the inmotion v8.  Thanks though.

  3. Exactly. Thanks for the help guys. Cant wait to get mine. I've watched so many videos on youtube. Evertime my daughter walks into the living room she says "Youre STILL watching videos about that thing??! lol
  4. Ok, Good to know. Texas for the most part is flat as a pancake, Not many hills. But just curious,,do u know if the lights in side the circle rim turn off/on with the Ninebot. Just curious.
  5. Do you think the E+ would be powerful enough? That's the model im getting interested in.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll look into the E+. I'm from Fort Worth, Texas I came across EUC by accident while watching Youtube. Pretty awesome hobby. Cant wait to get one.
  7. Hey guys. Love the forum. Just found out abouth these EUCs by accident on youtube and I got hooked. I'm looking to buy a Ninebot, but I'm confused by all the different models (Segway One S1, C+, E+). I'm looking to pay no more than 800.00. I couldnt find a comparison chart that shows the difference. I'm looking to buy new or used if I can find a good deal. Please help guys. Thanks.
  8. Wish I could join yall. I'm from Orange County, but live in Texas now.
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