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  1. I have version 1.42 of the Kingsong app. I tried updating when it said to update, but my Pixel 2 refused to run the apk, even after specifically enabling unknown sources in the phone's settings. I left well enough alone, because it worked fine; I could use the app, it would pair with my KS18-S, then I could open WheelLog to make sure my trip is logged. Well, as of updating to the current version of Android this morning, when I try to run the app, the phone just says "Kingsong keeps stopping." I'm still unable to install the updated apk. I deleted the app, and the apk still doesn't work. I figured maybe there's something wrong with the apk I downloaded from the link the app routed me to, so I went to the kingsong site to download the latest one. I try to open it, my phone says "Can't open file."
  2. Been riding helmetless for a while. Thought putting on a helmet was enough of an upgrade to consider lifting my 18S' alarm/limit from 20/22. Considering it's also a 6-year-old Schwinn Thrasher, and the damage OP got going only slightly faster than I do, I think I'm gonna reconsider that increase. I'll also need to make getting safety gear (and a full face helmet) a higher priority.
  3. I fell off a Solowheel last year in much the same way. Found a smooth stretch of sidewalk with no pedestrians, decided to kick it up to max speed just for fun (completely unaware of the risks). Made that decision probably at 9.8 mph near the end of the journey, which meant that I was "used" to that speed and didn't realize how fast I was going. The max speed is 10, so the wheel started to tilt back almost immediately, as I was shifting weight forward to accelerate. The motor didn't have any power left to give to lift me up, so it simply cut off, and I ate the ground. Put me out of commission for a week, but I didn't need any stitches or surgeries. I was dumb and complacent, wearing 0 gear. My response was to (eventually) buy a better wheel with a much more powerful motor, and to stay well below its limits. I probably capped my Solowheel speed at 5 or 6 mph, just barely above walking speed, until I got a new wheel. The key point I wish I had been told early on is to never, ever, ever ride an EUC at its limits. If you're riding a wheel at its limit (speed, torque, battery level), and you either try to speed up, try to go uphill, or hit a bump, all it can do is cut off and throw you. And there's nothing you can do, because you probably won't be expecting it when it happens. This is slightly off-topic, but you're most likely to use a gun on someone you know than someone you don't.
  4. Sad to hear this. Guess I'll have to DIY something, too. I'm really frustrated that something that is so expensive is lacking in such a basic way.
  5. I had a pretty bad problem with this on my Solowheel Xtreme until I bought the fender add-on. The water on the ground would splash straight up onto the seat of my pants. I see a similar open back on the 18S and wonder where the fender option is, if I need it. If there's no option, I might be a fairweather rider on this thing.
  6. I wish I had a way of test-riding both the KS18S and the MSuper V3S+. Based on what I've read, there are really strong arguments for both wheels.
  7. Does the KS18S have a trolley handle? I'm not finding any info on it, and all I saw was an addon for the 14" KS wheel. At 30 lbs, the Solowheel Xtreme is very annoying to carry around once I reach my destination. I can't imagine another 16...
  8. I can't see the options in the app without syncing to a wheel, but does the King Song iOS app allow for the tilt back threshold to be changed? That is, if I wanted it to tilt back at 15 MPH, can I have it do that?
  9. The one thing I'm certain of at this point is that if I was riding a different wheel, I would not have fallen. I fell because my wheel was too weak, period.
  10. I'm really upset now. I'm looking at the description of the KS18S, and the damn thing goes 3 times as fast as my wheel, and costs $800 less than what I spent. I'll have to try to get rid of this thing on eBay...
  11. I weigh about 180 pounds. I was actually looking at the KS18S based on this thread, but it seems to have a 1500W motor vs the Xtreme's 1800W. So how does it have triple the top speed? Also, given that the Xtreme apparently has a more powerful motor than the KS, wouldn't that make the KS18S even more susceptible to the sort of cutoff I ran into?
  12. Me IRL: The impression I got from browsing the forums and checking elsewhere online late last year was that the Solowheel was expensive, but was the only "legit" EUC, as the rest were all "cheap knockoffs" that had rough handling, whereas the Solowheel had smooth handling due to better-engineered balancing algorithms and such. I thought that the other brands were more popular simply because they were cheaper, and people didn't mind the comparatively rough handling. I also had concerns about battery fires and explosions, that were never the case with Solowheels, but sometimes were with these other brands. I thought I had to charge this thing so damn frequently because larger batteries were dangerous or something. Nope, just a tiny battery (though the airline restriction is real, from what I understand). It seems my ideal wheel, now, would look something like the following, compared to a Solowheel Xtreme: More than 200 Wh battery capacity Highest possible max speed with an option to software-lock it to tilt back at 10-15 mph (so even if I jam on the accelerator near max speed like a scrub, instead of running out of torque, cutting off, and flinging me, it just strongman lifts me up anyway) Extendable handle to walk it around instead of having to heft it (which is the sole reason why the weight was a problem, really) Decently strong magnets in the pedals, so I can easily fold them up with my feet when done instead of this delicate placing nonsense I'm dealing with daily A quick charger that doesn't have ear-piercing coil whine noise when the wheel is fully charged An actually useful, informative app The ability to go up steep hills, even at half charge (and do so at a decent clip, instead of a snail's pace, in an effort to prevent the same sort of torque fall) An option to automatically stop charging before full capacity is reached, so it can go downhill and brake sharply immediately instead of having to run the battery down a bit first A more accessible tire valve for re-inflation as tire pressure decreases over time Hell, maybe I should get one of the crazy dual-wheel models. Ostensibly, I'd be able to navigate stop and go pedestrian traffic without having to fully stop and plant a foot on the ground.
  13. Cliff's Notes on the fall is that I was going near-max speed (unknowingly) when I decided to take advantage of a flat, clear sidewalk. A few seconds after my decision to speed up, the Solowheel abruptly cut off without warning and chucked me forward, full force. I was out of commission for about a week. I speculate that this happened because the wheel attempted to initiate tilt-back, but because I was maybe 80-90% of max speed (estimated), it must've started to tilt back at the same time I tried to accelerate, so some torque threshold was exceeded before I could even feel any tilting, and the thing was off, and then I was off, before I knew it. A month later, I'm mostly fine, presumably because the max speed of the Xtreme is so low (relative to other EUCs), but I still have some pain in the joints that hit the ground hardest. The reason why I say I'm no longer convinced the Solowheel is the best is because this sort of thing, as I understand it, isn't really supposed to happen. I've been using my Xtreme for over 6 months, and feel I know what I'm doing. When I was shopping for an EUC, I picked the Solowheel because this forum convinced me that it uses the best algorithms in terms of wheel behavior, turning, acceleration, deceleration, tilt, and so on. But it's sketchy on cobblestones. Going up or down the sharp dip on the sides of a vehicle or pedestrian ramp on a sidewalk can trick the wheel into thinking you're going up or down a hill, causing it to sharply tilt to try to compensate for that, resulting in an awkward downward-pointing foot while going at low speed until you work it back upright. It weighs too much, at 26 pounds. The handle is uncomfortable, compounding that weight issue. Without a $20 fender addon, it's unusable in the rain unless you enjoy soaking the seat of your pants on your way to work. And the damn magnets that hold the pedals are so weak, I have to gently lift them up to prevent them from bouncing off the body and falling back down again. So what are your recommendations? Or is Solowheel really the best, despite all of the issues I have with it?
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