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  1. 978/5000 Hello friends. I explain my current fleet of wheels: I currently have an MSX 1600 and about 3 months ago I bought a fabulous MONSTER V2 2400Wh. I am in love with the new Monster V3 and my questions / doubts are the following thinking that my weight is 93Kg: - Which Monster will give me more kilometer auronomy? - What maximum speed could it reach safely? - My current V2 gives me the alarm at 50Km / h; V3 at what speed does the last alarm sound? (I have canceled the 2 alarms of the APP); but at 50Km / h it does (beep-beep-beep). - Are there possible fears of failures with the 100V? (It is always said that it is not good to buy the first units of a new modelThe 84V is very proven and proven and is very reliable ...). - Can you increase the capacity of the batteries with safety / reliability ?. - Do you recommend the change or not worth it ....? I am so in love with my new Monster V2 that I am sad to make the change .... Thank you all in advance from Barcelona!
  2. MOTHER GOTWAY PLATE I have seen in the motherboards of the Gotway (as in my MSX) that you can read GOTWAY MSX, in other GOTWAY MSX HB; and on other MSuperv3 + HS boards I have seen on the MSM5 board that you can read HS .... What is the difference? Thanks in advance. Best regards from Barcelona.
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