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  1. Hey, I saw 1600w on a different post so i was a little scared (for security purposes) but if it s 3000w, it s ok Thx a lot ! Ayoros
  2. Hello, Do you know if the v8 motor is 800w nominal/ 1600 peak . Or 3500w peak? It s difficult to find this information on Internet. I saw 1600w peak in a post (about range and secure speed) but I saw 3200 and 3500 in some forums . Someone know the real information ? Thx
  3. Hello all, i have 38 years old and i'm actually a S300 user since 3 years now. I will need some help to choice my next wheel. Mine is getting old, Max speed is now 10mph (16km/h) at full charge. And it s not working as good than before. (and no Bluetooth, no applications) I don t know what to choice with this 3 wheels => Gotway ACM, Inmotion V8, and KS-16B I would like some help or informations, or personal préférences . Did someone already tried this models ? I m looking for a wheels with a good speed, and secure (no cut off without reason) 25km/h with
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