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  1. Good luck with that project Paco. I live in Cuenca Castilla La Mancha. I've attracted the attention of the police when riding my EUC - we have several roads that are shared between vehicles and pedestrians, and the police told me off for riding on one such road, and told me to go on the pavement - but people are walking on the road and pavement. There are other roads where there isn't a separate pavement - am I supposed to carry my wheel up such roads? The other thing I worry about is, in the future there's bound to be accidents where someone's wheel goes out of control and hits someone o
  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I really appreciate it. Cuenca is not a wine growing province but has an excellent range of wine, locally brewed beer and a liquor called Risoli on offer at a good price. Conan The Barbarian and a Bond film was filmed here, and a manga cartoon series is based on the town. There's lots of natural beauty to explore. It's perfect for a 3-day quiet getaway. The "bread and butter" customers would be regular local people, any tourist would be a bonus, though it would be great if EUC enthusiasts specifically made Cuenca their holday de
  3. Hello, I 'd like to pick your brain. Is anyone here with experience of running businesses? I am exploring the idea of starting an EUC touring and training club in a small tourist town. I'd like your thoughts and suggests. There would be a maximum of 10 adult participants. Each session would last for one hour.Helmet and protective gear would be provided.There would be a variety of different popular EUC models to choose from a total of say 15. Beginners would be charged more and experienced riders less to off-set the damage. One-off none-members will pay more. Members will accrue
  4. Thanks for the advice. I think I will use them a bit longer before I tinker with them.
  5. Hello comrades, Your help would much appreciated. I have both of these EUC's - see pictures attached. The blue one (sold as Monowheel G11 I think). The red one (sold as Solowheel but unmarked). The blue one is battered and generally not good, e.g. the footrests are low and scrape when going down. However it has a longer range - 10 km. The red one is in good condition and easy to ride but only has a range of 6km. Unfortunately, I don't know any of their technical details. Question: Before I open them up, does anyone know if a) it's a good idea to swap the batterie
  6. Hi, I thought I'd try as I've seen two people with EUC's in Cuenca. I'd be interested in meeting up for a ride etc. Hola, Ya he visto dos mas personas en mi ciudad con monoruedas electrica. Tengo ganas para reunirse algo dia. No hablo tanto en Español, soy de Inglatera. Tengo dos monoruedas electricas. Puedo prestar uno de estos para pasear algo dia. Al
  7. Hay una tienda online con casi todo de los marcas (Kingsong, Gotway etc), y puede finananciar: ¿Alguien has comprado algo desde aqui? http://www.eptv.es
  8. Sorry to hear this. I hope you have a good lawyer who will also present the public interest case for not banning the EUC. Keep us updated.
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