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  1. Am at work right now am not sure The exact brand but it’s a pretty decent one I got from Walmart, it’s also digital, works pretty good
  2. One of them fluctuate between 69 and 70 and the other is A solid 69 and doesn’t change, I think that should be ok to connect but just to be safe I want to get them both at exactly the same voltage
  3. 👍🏿Thanks I really appreciate it, I have one more question as far as matching the two good batteries to the same voltage before I attemp to connect them, would it be best to just charge them all the way to full Then connect them? Am still going to check the voltage before I connect but it seems like that would be the best route to go as far as getting them both to the same voltage
  4. Ok thanks, so I will be safe riding with just two packs instead of three?
  5. I have the 1st monster 2800wh, the batteries are out of it because I had to replace the shell, When I first took them out two of the packs were reading 69v but the third was about 66Volts. After having all three battery packs sit out for about a month or so the pack that was reading 66v went down to around 18v but the other two are still reading 69v. I have no idea why the sudden drop, I never had a prob while they were in my monster, my mileage remained constant
  6. The voltage on my monster battery pack is too low to charge with the included charger, is there any hope for the pack or is it basically trash? 😬
  7. The charger is charging my other batteries. I’ve had all three batteries out of the monster while I was waiting for a part from China, The voltage between the three batteries were pretty close but after sitting out of the monster for about 2 month Just one pack has drained all the way down to where it can’t be charged by the charger which I don’t understand why, the other two packs are pretty much at the same voltage
  8. Has anyone ever had a battery with a voltage reading too low to charge with the included charger? If so what did you do about it?
  9. Yea I would feel much more comfortable getting the voltage a lil close or the same, can anyone tell me how to charge just one battery in the monster? Am thinking just plugging the charge port connector to the appropriate battery connector and plugging in the charger, let me know if that’s the correct way to do it
  10. Am getting ready to plug my batteries back in my monster, I just checked the voltage, two of them showing 70v but the third is showing 67v is it too much of a gap to go ahead and plug them up?
  11. So Why did your Connectors fry, is it because your voltage was different between the two batteries or it was a connection mistake?
  12. Ok so I got a meter and those are the readings I got, there is a huge voltage difference. based on the voltage on the two batteries what should my next step be?
  13. In my case the capacitor is not what’s melting my connectors, as you can see from the photo I don’t even make it to the other side of the wheel, And if you look closely the left battery male xt60 connector and the female splitter xt60 connector is fried. nothing is connected on the opposite side
  14. So did you install xt90 connectors to all 3 of your batteries and the splitter? And what advantage does the xt90 connectors have over the xt60, can it handle higher voltage? Am new to all this
  15. So how did u manage to keep urs from fryin again, what did u do different?
  16. Oh trust me my hand Looked jus like urs, I fried my connectors so many times my fire alarm came on, I had to lie to my neighbors and told them I was frying eggs lol, on a serious note, my capacitor should be depleted because after I unplugged it I pushed the power button and that should pretty much drain it, but My xt60 connectors fry before I even make it to the board
  17. I don’t have a voltage meter On Hand but I will buy one tomorrow and see what the readings are
  18. So how would I go about charging just one battery? Just plug the battery directly to the charge port Via the little red and black wires with the black connectors? and plug the charger in like normal?
  19. Am not saying it’s not but I don’t know why there would be a voltage difference all I did was unplug them from the old shell and put them in the new shell, but I’ll get a voltage meter and test it
  20. I keep frying my connectors and I don’t know why, this is as far as I get and as soon as I connect the right battery to the splitter it fries it, there’s nothing connected on the other side, am replacing the shell and that’s the reason I have everything apart. Everything was working fine with the old shell, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE, I WANNA RIDE!
  21. Am trying to upload a photo But it’s too big, which website do you guys use to compress photos
  22. An trying to connect The batteries to my monster 84v and I keep frying my XT60 connectors, 🤬SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE CONNECTION!!
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