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  1. Well that’s what I did previously and when I tried connecting the battery on the motherboard side there was a spark and there was a small amount of black stuff on the tip of the connectors, luckily I didn’t jus jam it in
  2. Am putting my monster back together, do I connect the battery first then the board or the board then the battery, I remember putting my msuper back together and I fried my yellow connectors and had to reinstall new ones, if anyone can tell me in which order you connect them I would really appreciate it
  3. Actually I was wrong the motor is more towards the right of the foot pedal either way it’s not centered on the axel, nothing is loose or bent, I tried removing the bolt but it’s so tight I just left it Alone
  4. I’ve had my monster for some time now and all of a sudden I noticed that the motor is not straight on the axel, it’s more towards the left, I don’t abuse it I have layed it down a few times but that was going maybe 5 mph, occasionally I will do a 6-8 inch jump off the side walk only because I have to and I try to show off sometimes and ride on one leg but that’s as far as I go so I really don’t know why or how it got like that, if anyone can help I would really appreciate
  5. No just the regular
  6. ? no I didn’t lift it up hahaha, am not sure how I got mph but it’s somewhere in there
  7. Oh yea? I haven’t been riding around any trees or anything like that just straight sidewalk and bike lanes, The fastest recorded time I had on my monster previously was 32mph it has never given me any weird reading, I do remember a portion of my ride today where I was tryin to keep up with the cars though
  8. Am on a nice long Saturday morning ride with my beloved monster, stopped to take a break pulled out my phone and I saw this, it has to be a forum record if not a world record, anyone know the number to Guinness?... no not the beverage hahaha
  9. He sure freakin is in Florida! ????????????
  10. Am not sure i didn’t feel any difference while I was riding and i never messed with the pressure
  11. I finally got time to purchase And replace the valve core and it seems like it it’s coming from the side of the valve, whenever I tilt the valve to the side more air escape, any other ideas? I really don’t want to open up the monster and replace the tube
  12. Thanks I’ll try that tomorrow
  13. Marty if your hands and neck was covered you could definitely pass for a black panther super hero
  14. Yesterday I planned on goin on Nice long ride on the monster but right before I left I noticed the tire was flat, (thank god I have two other msupers) so I searched for the culprit but found nothing in the tire, so I decide to pump it up and i noticed that air was coming from the valve area, got some slime in there but it was still leaking, anyone experience this before? If you did how did you fix it?
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