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  1. Adel

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Thanks Jason for your initiative. Maybe next thing you can push EUC manufacturers is for much stronger headlights and tail lights.
  2. Adel

    Is the Inward Bank Angle on the MSX Uncomfortable?

    I agree, there is good chance Gotway will create the opposite problem which would be harder to fix.
  3. Adel

    Is the Inward Bank Angle on the MSX Uncomfortable?

    @Jason McNeil, As much as I like the change, I also know some riders who prefer the current setup so it’s probably best to leave pedals as they are to on the MSX to also save you headaches of incompatible parts as we currently have simple documented solution that people can implement if they are not happy with the current setup. Speaking only for myself, I’m very glad that I was able to mod the pedals to fix the angle and it’s relatively simple that anybody else can do if they want.
  4. There Is fair percentage of riders who find the MSX pedals uncomfortable. I gave it 3 weeks of adjustment time but didn’t help to the point that I started to hate riding the MSX. After fixing the pedals to match the angle I had on my older Msuper v3s+, I find the MSX much more comfortable now and love riding every day. I actually find the adjusted MSX more agile and maneuverable than the original factory one.
  5. Adel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    It's interesting that this wheel has been in development for 2 years and nobody in the design team noticed that the lights were not correctly aimed ? Or did they notice and still not fix it, which is worse ? All EUC companies seem to miss or maybe they don't care about the details like that.
  6. Adel

    Msuper x charging issues.

    This is a common problem that people seem to run into. There are all kinds of answers to this connection/disconnection sparking issues. It would be good if someone would make an authoritative video on step by step procedure to do this safely both disconnection and connection. Is it possible to get official procedure from manufacturers themselves ?
  7. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    It's a possibility but doesn't appear so at the moment. Only small amount of material is removed but time will tell. Here is a picture showing which part needs to be filled: You should absolutely NOT file the pillars. If you damage them, they are much harder to aquire and replace. On the other hand, you can relatively easy get and replace Msuper pedals. I used as medium file to start with then switched to fine when I got closer to the end. Finally when done used fine grain sand paper to smooth out.
  8. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    You're giving EUC manufacturers too much credit ?
  9. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    I had the MSX for more than 3 weeks to get accustomed to it before I did the mod. This also happens to be my 4th wheel, so I consider myself fairly experienced rider. For me, I could not find a way to get consistent comfort with the new pedals. For limited situations, they were somewhat tolerable for brief periods. On the one group ride I took it on, where we ride for longer distances and higher speeds, it was torture on my legs and hips. I accept the fact that some people may not experience the same issues as myself and may even prefer the new pedals, but there is also evidence from a number of experienced riders of the opposite case. So I think EUC manufactures should publish the pedal angles as part of EUC spec sheet. Better yet, they should manufacture them so that they can be somewhat adjustable so that people can customize them for their own specific comfort and preferences. We are all built differently.
  10. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    It's the KS16-B I have, I think KS16-S might be the same but I'm not sure.
  11. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    I also happen to own a KS16 and can confirm that the pedals on it are flatter than the MSX.
  12. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    I like the idea of adjustable pedal angle the best. Different people have different ergonomics and body types and what works for one person doesn't for somebody else. That way you can tune the pedal angle to your preference the same way that you can tune the calibration angle of the pedal.
  13. Adel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Very nice presentation and good job on the mods.
  14. Adel

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    Anyone who recently purchased MsuperX, and especially if you are upgrading from Msuper, you notice immediately the difference in the pedal angle on the MsuperX which is much sharper. Here's the measurement of the Msuper pedal which is about 80°: In contrast, the MsuperX measurement comes out at 75°: For myself and others, the new pedal angle on the MsuperX is uncomfortable. However there are others who are OK with it and may even prefer it, YMMV. Anyhow, I decided to modify the pedals of the MsuperX so that they match the Msuper ones exactly. I give credit to @mrelwood who I think first suggested the solution described below but first. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDATION. PERFORM AT YOUR OWN RISK ! YOU CAN EASILY DAMAGE YOUR PEDALS AND MAKE THEM UNUSABLE ! The modification involves very careful removal of pedal material using metal files until the desired angle is reached. Here are the tools used : To adjust the pedals, I carefully filed in small increments the area of the pedal that comes in contact with the pillar. Then put the pedal back and measured the angle and repeated this process many times until the angle matched the desired amount. This needed to be done in very small steps because if too much material is removed, the pedal is ruined and would have the opposite problem of too large pedal angle. Here are pictures of one of the modified pedals after about 20 minutes of labor on each one: Afterwards painted the pedals and installed better grip tape (optional) Finally here's the pedal installed on the MsuperX and now measures 80° which is the same as the Msuper: So far, the modified pedals feel much more comfortable to me. Still need to test them for longer and more demanding rides to see how they perform and check if the wheel dynamics have not been negatively affected.
  15. Adel

    Simple MsuperX side pad Mod

    I just happened to see it at a local store a while back and it looked like it could work.