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  1. This is exactly the kind of reassuring information (wherever its source) that Kingsong should be publishing far and wide to keep potential shoppers from bailing out on the KS16X.
  2. What ?! Ok at this late stage in the game (almost production start) demo unit still has beta engine and they're still working on tuning the firmware as we speak ? KS should take some additional time to workout all these issues before shipping a single wheel. It might mean a month delay if needed or more, but so be it.
  3. KS needs to address this issue and demonstrate its fixed otherwise there's big cloud of uncertainty hanging over the KS16x which likely hurts early sales. The fact that KS claims none of the wheels they have has this issue as reported by @US69 doesn't offer much assurance. If that is the case, then have KS prove it by airship today one of these supposed trouble-free units to @Marty Backe or @houseofjob for a re-evaluation, or any other credible third party. Fortunately for KS, Gotway is equally inept and there is same level of uncertainty over the Nikola model, so best option (and most difficult) for shoppers again is wait until dust clears.
  4. Ok thanks for the clarification.
  5. @Marty Backe if you look back at @eddiemoy post, he mentioned that the wheel turned on automatically when plugged to charger. I think we all agree that's not desirable feature and I thought that's what @US69 was referring will not be in final version (or maybe something else ?) So I think some misunderstanding somewhere in the thread. As far as current KS wheels, are you suggesting its not currently possible to turn them on and balance while charging ? I'm curious, I have an old KS16 starter wheel I can check later to see that's the case or not. Or somebody else can try sooner ? EDIT: @mrelwood confirmed that some KS wheels do not balance when turned on while charging so ok the issue is clarified and we all are in agreement on all points.
  6. @US69 I don't want the wheel to automatically turn on when charging for safety issues. If somebody wants that feature, all they have to do is turn on the wheel themselves.
  7. Thanks @eddiemoy. The KS16X seems to have better balance between the size of the shell and the tire than the Nikola.
  8. @houseofjob do you have a side by side photo of the nikola and the KS16x together for comparison ?
  9. @Marty Backe yes I agree on the Gotway they are interchangeable but the angle is not consistent from wheel to wheel. Also I've seen pictures of nikola on MSX which result in extreme angle. Actually, since you have both wheels, can you please try the nikola pedals on the MSX and tells us what you think ? it would be really nice video that a lot of MSX owners would be interested in. Thanks !
  10. Thanks @houseofjob for this video and it was nice format getting all the different first impressions, but also look forward for your own review after you have spent more time evaluating the wheel. What is interesting is the variety of opinions you get, from definitely liking and getting one to absolute hate and everything in between. I think the issue with all EUC manufacturers is they don't build enough adjustability in the wheels. Every new EUC we get same complaints about pedal size and pedal angle. It would be nice if each company had standard pedals of different sizes that works on all their models. Also support some user adjustability to the pedal angle would be welcome feature by all users.
  11. They're probably having too much fun trying it out to post anything
  12. FYI, the French review of the KS16x has been updated with English subtitles.
  13. @US69 the tire is Chao Yang based on the pictures uploaded.
  14. @houseofjob uploaded picture of the tire of the KS16X in NYC. Using Google translate it shows it is Chaoyang tire brand.
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