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  1. I know a person who actually increased the tire clearance on his V8 to make space for a different tire. I got a different tire that I tried to put on after a having a flat tire because I wanted to try out if it reduced the sense of wobbling with high tire pressure but... Also not enough clearance so ended putting the stock. (ofcourse after fixing the inner tube with a regular bike fixing kit). So yeah definitely would say be mindful of the tire you buy
  2. Bram

    Newbie question

    Hi MichaelHensen, Cool story, welcome to the club! I also live in Almere and have been gliding around on the wheel for half a year. I hope by now you got the hang of your wheel. Let's meet up sometime soon to share experiences and fly drones together (I have a Mavic pro, so not really a race drone...). I'll PM you with my phone number. Bram
  3. Bram

    EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    Route sounds great, I'll also need some charging but that seems to be accounted for. Now just hoping that the weather is nice so we can make it into a great day :).
  4. Bram

    Msuper3, wheel for a starter?

    I actually decided to buy the V8. Main reasons were that this machine is pretty reliable (strong enough engine for my weight), has the speed that I wanted (30kph), was still portable enough to take on the train. I find cruising that at 30kph in the Netherlands I can still oversee the traffic situations and am in control of the wheel. I actually decided against buying a starter wheel and go straight for the keeper wheel because even if you sell it later on you´re bound to take some losses in money, and if you are careful when learning (protect your machine) you don't get irrevocable damage. Most of my scratches came after I was proficient at driving and actually started pushing the machine. If you care about replacing parts I find that the v8 is really nice, Fineone on aliexpress actually send me a replacement trolley system which arrived within a week, since I was ordering anyways I decided to buy some new side cover plates in case I want to "reset" the wheel to good as new condition. Anyways I'm really content with this wheel as it got me started and I don't feel the need to upgrade yet. Although next week I'll be trying out some different wheels, hope that doesn't change my mind
  5. Bram

    EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    That weekend also works for me, the earlier we nail the details the better chances we have at a big turnout. Hope everyone can make it!
  6. Bram

    EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    We already have a whatsapp group. If you PM me your number I can add you! Meeting halfway sounds like a lot of fun . Although Arnhem and Leeuwarden are pretty far apart, something like the weerribben (west of Meppel) might be a nice place to plan a ride(looking for something in the middle:P), I'm completely open for other suggestions. Really curious how the KingSongs drive, so far only experienced IM
  7. Bram

    EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    That's awesome! we were thinking about meeting up in February again
  8. Bram

    Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    Hi Z3n, thanks for reminding me that I really needed to post that update. I managed to get the information on how to switch to a voltage level from this website: http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/11/07/charge-doctor-v2-firmware-v-2-03-2/ The trick is to change (in the adjustment mode) to "up V", you can then adjust the value to what you want and get the battery percentage to where you want it. The theory is that every 10% from full charge doubles the expected cycles, that might be why Mono charges to 80%. Personally I'd balance the charging % to your needs. I can use my wheel for commuting two days if I charge it to 85-90% without dropping below 20% (I'll update my review, but I'm not happy with the v8 under 20%). I'm still looking for the sweetspot for that on my CD, but the option to use that for cutting off the charge is a life safer. Indication for the levels can be deduced from the screenshot I posted earlier, but if you want a certain % let me know and I'll zoom in and look it up ;).
  9. Bram

    I love my V8, really do, but...

    I've been away from the forum for a bit too long so here are my 2cents (notes: Distance wheeled 200km, V8 is my first EUC): - Tire pressure: My stock kenda tyre isn't round so I already get a rub at 3 bar, which is really not that awesome really. I like the handling better on the hard tyre so I'm always keeping it close to the case ;). I do have a spare chao yang tyre but I just don't have the heart to swap it out for testing (heard it wasn't that easy :P). - Wobbling, as posted in my initial review this was a serious issue for me in the beginning, it's nearly completely gone by now. I must admit that I don't have experience driving over longitudinal grooves so maybe it doesn't compare. @Mono do you know someone with a v8 close to you? Maybe you can drive his unit to see if it's a unit specific problem or not. Overall I can drive nonchalantly straight without getting a wobble (or maybe i'm just so much of an airhead that I don't even notice the wobbling anymore).
  10. Bram

    Inmotion v8-XL+

    lol, what protection were you wearing? Dodged all the speedcams, would be bad news for the EUC drivers if the catch you going 200km/h .
  11. Bram

    InMotion V8 Curb Jump

    Hmm I'm hitting the comfortablenesslevel where I'm also thinking about jumping up stuff on my v8. Never thought of letting the unit "drive" up the curb by releasing my weight. Too bad I'm only reading this now, think I'll try it out next weekend (both jumping and gliding up). Unless my new commute requires me to jump curbs already, going to find out tomorrow ;). Sidenote: Actually driving up small curbs 3-4 cm is no problem for the v8 (I do that without thinking/special action)
  12. Bram

    Inmotion v8 first 50km review

    That's true, misread it, but there's another hurdle. Can everyone differentiate between a shut-ff and a fold? As indicated by this thread it happened too fast for me to be sure what exactly happened...
  13. Bram

    Inmotion v8 first 50km review

    Haha, the options aren't particularly mutually exclusive. Because I'm pretty sure this was my own fault (1st option), but because I was (/am ) a newbie at riding it was unexpected (3rd option). I actually entered the first option because it's the most fitting.
  14. Bram

    Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    Thanks HEC, I actually found the page with the instructions literally while you were typing your post. That's why I edited my previous post
  15. Bram

    Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    I do have 2.04, so that shouldn't be the issue. I can't seem to find the option though did I miss it on the instructions on the website? Found it: http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/11/07/charge-doctor-v2-firmware-v-2-03-2/ It would probably be helpfull to not have to search all the posts but have it available in the instructions section available from the top bar (just trying to justify my ignorance, poor searching here )