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  1. i have asked a seller - this control board is for Gotway ACMs+ 16 inch 84v
  2. Hello i sell brand new ACMs+ Board. The Seller sold me the wrong version . - i needed the 64V Version. Its new and never used - i only checked if its running and its perfect ok. I ship worldwide. - My Location is Austria - Europe Price without shipping 90$
  3. no dont reprogramm the controller (Gotway is not opensource) - its really no problem to find a motor ! its a 14inch e bike motor from aliexpress like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Customized-14-inch-e-bike-motor-48V-1000watt-high-speed-brushless-DC-bike-motor-diy-parts/32520017603.html and its turns fast enough ! the rpm should be relatively high like this - 750rpm
  4. Hello i want to show you my new project ! Onewheel specs: Control Board Gotway MCM4 2 Packs 18650 340wh Motor: 1000W ebike motor Next i plan to upgrade with Gotway ACM 16 control board and two packs Samsung 25R 18650 (40A max current)
  5. is there a way to calibrate the gyro ? like shortening to pins ?
  6. here is the motherboard mit BMS onboard like IPS do - but only 6 MOSFETS
  7. thanks for answer ! but the system makes no shutdown - it remains running - i will a post a video of the stress test tomorrow
  8. Hello i am a proud owner of a IPS121 and have bought a used IPS111 with the old 50.4(12s) Volt System but something is wrong - i never hear an internal speaker ( does the IPS111 has a speaker ? ) but now the dangerous thing If i drive uphill its moving very slow much much slower than the IPS121 - then i tilt the uncycle to get more speed i complete fall forward faceplant !! whats wrong here ? i tried this on a wall again - put the IPS111 close in front to the wall - and make a strong tilt with the hands on the grip first the wheel turns forward then i increase the preasure with the hand and get a really large tilt angle and the wheel is not turning can anyone help me ?
  9. Hello guys I have a board for a chinese one wheel skateboard. But something is wrong with the gyro. Does anyone know if i can calibrate this - with the switches i marked or with the serial interface?? MPU 6050 -- Micprocessor:STM32F103
  10. You are right - to get on this board is not easy - i need a wall or tree. Thats because the board controller(30B4) needs 1s approx. to stabilize in the horizontal position. Balancing: Thats not easy - i needed some hours to manage the four direction balancing. My friend has the orignal OneWheel - its easier with it - but my board runs a little bit faster
  11. thanks for info now finally i made i video of my my Project
  12. the red tire is original i got it from ebay http://www.ebay.at/itm/16-Zoll-DSI-BMX-Reifen-16-x-2-2-Zoll-grĂ¼n-blau-oder-lila/131947144562
  13. I want you show thats possible to make a One Wheel Skateboard from a Unicycle. One Problem i ran in - i cannot tilt to max speed(floor connection) - i have to set the construction higher to the center of the wheel
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