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  1. Hi, it happened to me as well. Some time to time, app change into chinese language. the only solution is to uninstall/re-install. But Kingsong is at the moment releasing a new kingsong app, more or less OK on android, but full of bugs and in practice not usesable under IOS. Therefore they withdrawn it from the apple store. I have asked on the kingsong facebook group if they could put the old one again, but had been answered that there is a delay of 11 days from apple store to do it and in that timing they are confident to solve the bugs under IOS. therefore, wait some days or use android.
  2. It is a very common problem on KS14C. Especially for those with a weight of 85kg and above (like me) with a left strong foot. (You start with left foot on the pedal and do a "one foot" at every start, white light in front, therefore the weak axl is also on the left....). I also had a bended axl... 1/ stop ridding it, it is dangerous and 2/ contact your dealer for axl/motor change. No other choice Good luck
  3. Just received mine in France last friday. Did not ahve much time to ride it with the awful wheather I had. I will try it over the Week end and will report my 1st impressions here or the other thread. FYI, I am coming from a KS14C and for sure this is quite a change....
  4. Nice In fact as long as one have the template with the right dimensions of all parts, that will help. Then the right vinyl, printing, fixing... Maybe someone has it already.
  5. Do you know where to buy some online ? I do live far away from singapore, and would like to personnalize my next 16S wheel. Cannot find any internet websites, selling those....
  6. No I mean something like that !
  7. Some french country side for once in Bordeaux area. I did not participated, but enjoy the scenary !!
  8. I saw picture here and there of KS16 wheels customized with special stickers. I was looking on internet but could not find any vendor for KS16 stickers except for the pad, nothing for the entire wheel and the complete shell. Probably some are home made but I doubt all the one I saw are like this. they must have been bought somewhere. If anyone has a link to share, would be great.
  9. Sorry, my english acronysm is not that good. "PWM" configuration stands for ? power management ?
  10. HI, same for me. Cracked axl on the left after 5 moths of use. (I weight 90kg and ride in city - no freeride, no jumps etc...). Within the warranty I received a new motor after 3 months. I mounted the new motor but I have a very strange wheel behavior : Video 1 To the point that I got a fuse blown. Had to replace it as well. But the strange behavior remains. And wheel is not recognized by the app anymore. Firmware version V0.00 and all serial number data disappeared. Impossible to upgrade. Looks like Mother board did not like the new motor. I would strongy suggest you make a screen copy of your apps with the old motor before changing to the new one. Will post news as soon as I know more.
  11. djerr

    KingSong KS 16S

    Confirmed when asked on the french forum. Top speed when unlocked : 35 km/h
  12. Hi, I own a Kingsong KS14C 680 Wh and weight 90kg naked. Spring and autumn - moderate temperature (around 20°C) - I consume 15-16 Wh/km (43-45 km full charge) Summer - temp above 30°C, around 17 Wh/km (40km full charge) Winter - temp below 10°C and sometimes below 0 (add 4-5 kg weight for the equipment), i consume 18-19 Wh/km (roughly 36-37 km full charge) Hope it helps to compare
  13. I will relay information from the french forum for the benefit of all. Original thread here The wheel is under demo and test @ 3 paris shop and feedback from wheelers are very positive when it comes to the use and sensations while riding. Powerful, compact, surprisingly "small" (despite it is a 16", it looks like a 14"), nevertheless a store dismantled the wheel and here is their feedback : - Very difficult to open the wheel (a disadvantage in case of necessary maintenance) Most important defects noticed (see original thread for more info) : - Pads needs to be removed to open. pads are bonded with glue. need to use a cutter to remove them.... - To access mother board and disconnect the connectors, small plexiglass part needs to be broken - Opening on the side are probably a dust trap and some isolated cables are visible - Some part are bonded with silicon - The mud protector is not easy to open/retract and scrubs against the tire - pedals extremely slippery - to modify - a must On the electronic part of the wheel, further analysis are necessary, but quality seems to be there. Double charge port is awsome Power of the wheel is incredible, algorythm excellent, but a wheel is not only that but also reliability, safeties and a minimum of clever design for the maintenance. They conclude that as such they will not commercialize the wheel because some parts needs to be compulsory changed and some redesigned to ease the potential repairs and maintenance wich is today so complex that they do not want to take the risk to sell it. Again, original thread (in french) here Modifié vendredi à 21:32 par Urban360
  14. https://store.urban360.com/produit/rockwheel-gt16-mono-roue-electrique/ A french store located in Paris. A serious one. Delivery and possible trial according to the web site early Summer 2017..... wait and see....
  15. I was part of the morning session in Lyon and staid a little while in the afternoon. I have 4 months of wheel (KS 14C 680W), I am comfortable to ride more or less everywhere but freestyle is another thing. My intention was to learn some tricks that could be used to feel more comfortable and in control in all circumstances with the wheel in my day to day usage. I started the one foot, Damien corrected some behavior, and gave some basics to start to train my brain and body to go backwards etc... I discovered that some wheel were much easier for freestyle than others (especially for the one foot and the behavior of certain wheel when you stop before going backward), could practice to go backwards on the inmotion V3 (2 wheels) which I believe helped to understand the basics because you find your balance left/right much more easily. On top was lots of fun, Damien is a great guy, and obviously meeting other people sharing same passion was great and an opportunity to ride and share all kind of wheels brought by participants. A big difference for me was to ride and do tricks on an absolute flat and regular surface (which helped a lot). I tried to repeat some tricks outside the day after on the road, different story... But no secret, to improve, we need to practice but not ideal season for that ... Winter is coming ! A great day that I would recommend to everyone whatever is your level.
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