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  1. Sorry is no longer available. @Admins: This thread can be closed
  2. Hi. The promised photos as follows: The only thing I missed was the other AC Charger, that will also be included
  3. Sure thing. I'll be off over the weekend so won't upload photos until Monday/Tuesday. Forgot to say I am also including a helmet. Pretty handy if you are an starter but hopefully you won't need it :-)
  4. Hi I am selling my Ninebot One E+ due to lack of usage. I previously had a model C unit, which has the same design, meaning spare parts can be used on E+ With the unicycle you will also have: -2x AC chargers -Spare parts from model C (except battery and handle) including tyre, chamber, motor, covers, pads, pedals, LED rings, etc. -Original box from model C -Air pump -Tyre valve extension -Parking stand accessory Can provide fotos/videos if requested. Glasgow / Edinburgh areas only Offers over £180
  5. Ok, that answers my question. Thanks you!
  6. So after 2 years and a half of enjoyable commuting experience, my Ninebot One C is starting to die. The handle has broken, the shell is deformed after countless crashes allowing rain to get inside though the gaps, etc. It is still working but I think it's time to give it a golden retirement before I have a serious accident. Anyway. My goal is now to get an E+ (Gen2) to keep using the same batteries, parking stand and chargers, but I would like to compare the technical specs between them both. When I google for it, all I find are commercial tech specs that could refer to ANY Ninebot model. I would like to ask you if I can expect difference from C (not C+. Just C), and E+ (Gen2) in terms of speed, range, charging time and weight. Not looking to get hyped, just want to know what do I will pay for. Thank you!
  7. It may be a bit late to reply but I am a Ninebot One C commuter It is a big investment at first, but daily return train tickets costs me £1.70 and given that I've riding my Ninebot since 2 years ago, I've saved around £800 in 2 years. It is enough to buy the Ninebot + 2 chargers (one at home and one at work), so from this 3rd year onward I will only be a matter of saving money. As said, I've got a Ninebot One C, which is 'worst' than current models in terms of range and speed, so it should be some sort of warranty for you if you get an E+, S2, etc. I live in Scotland and weather here is identical to Ireland. No problems with heavy rain and strong winds (apart from being careful to not to lose my balance). When it gets 0 Celsius or less (maybe twice a week on winter) I rather like to go back to the train just for safety. Falling off due to a slippery soil isn't a good morning experience :-) It took me around 1 week / 20 minutes a day to learn until I started to feel confident, but it depends on everyone. One last thing is that it's not just about a long term money saver or to avoid long boring wasted times waiting for the train (or bus in your case). It's also making commuting way funnier. It's a cheap, clean, reliable and fun way to commute.
  8. 99% probabilities it was me :-)
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I'm in Glasgow and commuting every day on my Ninebot One C. Saw a couple more. A chinese guy in an Airwheel and a shopping girl riding down Buchanan St on what I reckon it was an IPS
  10. Hi So I received the new battery pack from Speedyfeet (delivered in just 1 day, awesome service as usual!) and changed my old model C battery by the new E+ one. Before it arrived though, I noticed that the screws from the cushion that protects the electric circuit were a bit soft. I've never worried about that side of the vehicle so I never realized about these screws. By removing the cushion I noticed that the electric circuit was dusty and dirty. I began to fear that my problem was due to this. I cleaned it up the best I could using a toothbrush and being careful with all the components. However, once the battery arrived and changed it by the new one I was happy to see that the problem was fixed and my vehicle is up and running. I've been lucky this time :-) Thank you all for your support and suggestions. For those arriving to this thread, if your Ninebot suddenly stops working, one of the reasons could be a dead battery, like my case has been. I wasn't expecting such behaviour... as said before, if a battery is dying, I was expecting to cover smaller distance when riding the vehicle among other signals, but never to stop working from one ride to another. A 2 years old battery and not paying attention to it's maintenance, made me think that this problem was due to it and I'm glad I was right! pheeeeew!
  11. Thanks for your help and information I'll do a couple of more tests and checks at home before buying the batteries, but if I don't get any success -I'm not expecting any-, I'll get the new batteries and update this thread.
  12. Is it saying too much if I say that a model C becomes a E+ just by changing it's batteries? Or are there any other differences?
  13. Interesting. That guy from the video shows something similar to what I am having. I've read all the thread and he seemed to fix it replacing the battery, so I might have to do the same. In fact, I have no other option. Unfortunately Speedyfeet won't refund me if I found that the new batteries won't fix the problem. If that's the case you guys will know I sell a battery pack 100% new apart from doing this test :-S One more question is that I own a Ninebot One C, but can't find any batteries for it. All I see are for E+ (thanks Hunka Hunka Burning Love for the link) I asked and Speedyfeet says they'll fit, but I've found some other informations that says they're not compatible due to the different amperage. Do you have a C model with E+ batteries? Is that compatible with the charger?
  14. It sounds like a heavy repair is expected and I'm kinda frightened. After 2 years, warranty has expired so I might have to save money but I don't even know how and where to send it to be repaired in the UK. Anything I could try? I'm pretty disappointed. I haven't done anything wrong. It just won't work for no reason :-(
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