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  1. I sold a year old Inmotion V5F which worked amazingly for 2 years /1,000 miles commuting to work and putting it in my closet. Bought a new a SoloWheel Glide 2. Every time I charge, at around 75-80% the charger gets extremely hot and starts making a high-pitched noise which I assumed was an overheat alarm or could also be some type of whine. Customer support at eWheels is claiming this is normal...... For a test I put a fan on the charger during the entire cycle to keep it cool and surprisingly no funny noises from the charger. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an issue wit
  2. BarrieR


    I hate to say it, but I'm adding my name to the list of people experiencing the IPS Zero Faceplant. I have a the 340wh version. Have put 85 great hassle free km onto it. Temperature was 45 degrees F. I was on the same route I take every day. Smooth clean asphalt, I had just turned a corner and was accelerating on a slight incline, then plop. I'm glad I was wearing gloves which absorbed most of the impact. On recovery Zero was on its side with the wheel spinning and alarm on. I am very thankful I wasn't going faster. I checked, battery was at 49%. I straightened out the plastic and
  3. Thanks for the message. I simply let this one go to someone else instead of messing with it. I have an IPS Zero now and and crossing my fingers for a better quality product.
  4. First off, this item IS NOT functioning properly. Read below and there is NO warranty. Check the website banggood . com. This is called the IPS I130 on that site, but when you get the box, its a 133B. Original price $410. This has been rarely used. It has some type of issue with the computer. It drives fine for a little while and then the alarm goes off like it was tipped. reset the power switch or just stay still for a little while and it stops. Sometimes it works fine for awhile, other, it will only go 10 feet before the alarm. Charger included, but its a Europe plug end. You w
  5. BarrieR


    Thank you for the review and suggestion on CEBUYER. After researching many cheaper models I have a Zero on the way! 5% off with coupon code "5%OFFOCT", limited one per customer
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