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  1. Smoother

    The Photo Thread

    THREE. That's a good ride to start the season, but I still don't see any Zombies. You promised me zombies.
  2. Smoother

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    That's a good training video. It covers several topic discussed this week alone. In addition to Standing straight/don't look down, there was one leg mounting, and where the wheel should be at the start of one wheel mounting, steering, using a support. Every newbie should watch this video.
  3. Over voltage is not a setting, @Flying W was referring to being over charged (and then presumably riding down hill) So the questions is: was it charged to 100% and were you trying to ride down hill? (although the hill is not strictly necessary)
  4. Smoother

    Removing XL pedals

    Assuming you are trying to move it in the correct direction (with the taper people are talking about) then your only choice is to hit it a lot harder. If you are trying to overcome 100 unit of "stuck" you have to hit it with more that 100 units of "move". Tapping it repeatedly with 80 units of "move" will never move it. It's up to you to make sure that nothing else gets damaged in the process, by supporting things that can move/bend/snap.etc so they don't move.. When I worked in the oil industry, hitting thinks with a bigger hammer usually did the trick. You can tap a pipe flange, that is not holding the test pressure of 15,000psi, all day long with a 12lb sledge and it wont seal up. A few good swings with the 14lb hammer and the job's a good-un. If your afraid to give it a good whack, bring it to me, I'll get it out for you.
  5. You probably shouldn't' use No2 and any word with "brown" in it, in the same sentence. Congrats or the first 20 feet (x 1,000) Don't wear a grove into the kitchen floor. Head on over to those tennis courts we talked about, flat, empty (except for hoodies and drug abusers), lots to grab hold of.
  6. Smoother

    Cracked Shell

    Well that blows. That should definitely not have happened in a fall like you described. Do you, for warranty purposes, have video of the event? You next course of action is to contact them, tell them what happened and ask them what they are prepared to do about it. A screen shot of the App showing total miles will help a bit, but that doesn't prove that you didn't throw it off a building for instance (which adds no miles). My King Songs have been through a lot worse than that, and while some of the screws don't screw into anything anymore, they are still functional and essentially unbroken.
  7. Smoother

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    Lean back, sit down, lean back AND sit down, your choice, Sitting down seems more effective. I use it when I need to brake hard (if I remember) for day to day braking a simple lean back works just fine.
  8. That's true you didn't say you couldn't see. I thought you mentioned the truck to point out it's size (and a truck can be a pick up to a full blown 18 wheeler, so I had a lot of "truck" images to choose from, and I picked one you couldn't see past). I guess you just mentioned it because writing car would not have been accurate.
  9. @Darrell Wesh yes, shooting around a vehicle that you can't see around that has suddenly emergency braked because of an emergency in front of them that you cannot see or anticipate, injecting yourself at speed into the unknown emergency situation, is definitely the correct course of action. Why didn't I think of that?
  10. Smoother

    Wheel Wobble

    You know, I keep hearing this "not relaxed" argument over and over, and no disrespect @SuperSport (haven't seen you post in a while) I don't buy it. I can be riding along just fine on a smooth surface, and then the wheel encounters a disturbance, all of a sudden I have a wobble, yet I have not changed my state of relaxation. And if relaxation was the key, then how come some people say it's because your legs are too tired? Too tired? relaxed? what's the difference? They both can't be right. I think @LanghamP hit the nail on the head over a year ago, with the following post. Essentially, our wobbles are the equivalent of a motorcycle tank slapper, only we have no tank to slap. In the video posted just after this post, the rider ( skip to the end) cannot physically control his "wobble" despite having about 2 feet of leverage via the handle bars, and almost wipes out at over 100mph. Welcome @RowCutter . Can you be a bit more specific about your location; it helps people meet up if they know who's wheeling nearby.
  11. Smoother

    Why are ther so few Female riders?

    MY inventive ways? I get most of my inspiration from you. Let's see: Bigger pedals? check (wasted a year procrastinating over that one) Bigger 16S battery? I wish I had the skill. Extended shin pads for uber power control? When I get around to it, and then wonder why I waited so long. You're the innovator, I'm just a slow imitator.
  12. . . . Your next post here better be real or I'll set the real dogs on you and your Dalmatian.
  13. @travsformation in the future I'm just going to PM you and ask you to tell them what I'm thinking. You do it so much better than I do.
  14. Smoother

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    That looks more like fabric than carbon fiber. But...I like the idea. Interchangeable (Velcro) padded fabric panels in a range of designs, much like those Ninebot skins you see all over eBay. Cammo? you got it. Barbi pink? No problem A range of bold colors? sure. Patterns? why not? even Burberry? absolutely. You want more women to adopt the sport? give them design options to express themselves. Burbury: EDIT If I knew anything about "photoshopping" things I'd take the above 16x photos and insert some sample of what I'm imagining. I really think interchangeable side panels would be a great tool for people to customize their wheels; not only once but as their tastes, or circumstances changed. Moods: Stealthy night ride: remove pads exposing black plastic underneath. Summertime beach cruising: Turquoise pads to match the sea Crazy group ride: Cool grafiti or pop art design Lend to the WAGs (wives and girlfriends): Something to match her sneakers or purse. or hat, or, or, or We don't wear the same clothes every day, so why should our wheels?
  15. Smoother

    Kıngsong KS18xl Easy to park after that

    That is a tidy solution. Well done. I might copy that one day. The "Smarty Stand"