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  1. Smoother


    Chemical hand/foot warmers. Available from most sports/outdoor shops and of course Amazon
  2. Smoother

    Did tiltback throw me to the ground? 18XL

    Does the King Song beep?... I call mine Lassie because I never know what she's trying to tell me. Based on your additional information; speed, battery level, etc, I'm thinking it could only have been tilt back. You don't weigh like 300 lbs do you, because rapidly accelerating that amount of mass could overpower a lesser wheel, but not something like an XL. In my experience, when a wheel throws you it's not always easy to diagnose why, so this may remain a mystery/suspected tilt back. Video it next time.
  3. Smoother


    Its not about worrying about what people think, it's about being considerate and understanding that my rights end where other people's rights begin. But if you want to ride around blaring loud music, like every other selfish, inconsiderate person out there, go ahead, it's no skin off my nose.
  4. Smoother

    Did tiltback throw me to the ground? 18XL

    Tilt back feels like its name. It doesn't feel floaty. Also, I'm not sure testing tilt back set to a low speed has any reflection on how it acts at high speed. At high speed it has A LOT more work to do, in a much shorter time, and requires a lot more energy to do it. People told me the tilt back on my KS16s would always be mild, unlike my ancient ks14c, but that still didn't prevent it from almost tilting me right onto my ass in the middle of a crowded shopping street. Only a lot of arm flapping accompanied by a temporarily stopped heart, kept me upright. Yes, I had experienced milder tilt back at llower speeds, but it wasn't the same as high speed. None of which answeres your question because floaty, is not tilt back. Something else was triggered. What was your battery level at the time?
  5. Put one high up on each thigh and make it look like your ass is on fire.
  6. Smoother

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    And she loves cats. You lucky man.
  7. Weave, slalom, seem to be the most appropriate. Yes I agree weaving is fun, just like sidewalk skiing. Funny enough Jan and Dean (before the Beach Boys) wrote a song in the sixties called Sidewalk Surfin'. It is about skateboarding At the very end they repeat over and over "skateboard with me why don't you skateboard with me". Weaving also has a small benefit; it evens out the wear on your tyre so it doesn't get a flat spot (grove) in the middle, wearing the tyre out prematurely. Turning on a tyre with a flat spot is weird, ask any sports bike rider.
  8. Smoother

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    The risk of persuading a female you love to ride EUC, is that one day she might have a serious injury. I would not want to know that it was my coercion to learn, that caused my baby to break a wrist or cut her chin or any of the various injury possibilities. I am my baby's protector, keeping her safe from all that is bad out there. pushing her to learn EUC would go against my internal remit. Now having said that my baby is a girly girl, she does nothing dangerous except bare back horse riding ( her choice not mine). Yours @Mike Sacristan sounds more adventurous, but I still wouldn't push her. Watching her limp for 6 months would be a constant reminder that "I caused that" . For me, getting her to join me with an escooter would be a result.
  9. Amen to that. If this is a genetic abnormality then turn up the radiation to make it grow (as @Marty Backe and @houseofjob apparently have already done. Marty says he's in aerospace, I think he changes the fuel rods at his local nuclear power station---by hand)) When it comes to normal people, I want to be as little like them as possible; grey soulless robots soaking in conformity and living it to the letter. But I bet most of us here feel like that.
  10. Maybe leave the baby at home! Just sayin'
  11. Smoother


    I'll be doing it again soon. Once is never enough. Only -2 here AND SUNNY. Time for another ride
  12. Smoother


    Damn it Marty you're like a drug dealer now, feeding us what we crave most. What do charge for a 1/4 oz?
  13. Smoother


    Sorry, forgot to answer this one. I ordered it from Germany when I was staying in Provence . It was the first month of a 5 month road trip. It turned up about two days before I had to leave for Spain, but I did manage to get in a few hours of practice. You haven't lived until your first hour of EUC training is on a basketball court shared with 15 French kids playing football. Nothing says "incoming!" like footballs whizzing past your head while riding an EUC. That was the end of October. Days later I was in Casteldefelle near Barcelona. That's where I really learned to ride Sitges, Barcelona etc. That was November. December was spent in Denia, January too I think. March February was Cabo Roig (torrevieja area).
  14. Smoother


    EMMM! I love Mentos too. But I think you spelled it wrong.
  15. Well you know what I'm about to ask, don't you. . . . Go count them, and no cheating with tiny steps. But I think @novazeus has us all beat; 2000 feet I think he said was the length of his own personal EUC training ground driveway. ps I was fully aware of the size of your lot when I posted that 155.