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  1. Is that stationary cars, autonomous cars, or cars driven by meat sacks?
  2. It really cracks me up listening to multilingual people slipping in and out of their known languages in the same sentence. "blah, blah blah backside 180 blah blah blah"
  3. If your wheel doesn't shoot ahead of you then you haven't experienced violent tilt back. Without the shooting ahead its not violent, its just tilt back. Any one who has actually experienced violent tilt back would never experience it many times because it is too f.ing scary to go anywhere near it again; unless one is incapable of learning (not something I am suggesting about you) seeing as more than 50% of the time it results in a butt plant at speed or some other type of crash (but not particularly a face plant because of the nature of the wheel's movement)
  4. Accelerating hard to max speed is something I actually haven't done (accelerating hard to max available battery is more my speed), It was just the simplest way to describe getting into a VTB (violent tilt back) I've had mine various ways but almost all because my first wheel had a tiny battery (340Wh) and lowish top speed 30kph. Marty had the same wheel with double the battery and I believe it makes all the difference. And it was me who proposed acceleration related tilt back phase-in, like anyone important is listening As for the never ending tilt back, you make a good point. I just went to test fee air tilt back (to avoid making another un-fact checked statement) and one can indeed reverse the effect by forcibly tilting the wheel backwards, but the transition is VERY abrupt and there seems to be no progression in it. One moment it's full speed ahead, then after tilting it back a long way it slams into what seems like a forward crawl. There is a distinct thump; almost like the program won't respond until a specific dergee of tilt is reached, then BAM!. (Much like your testing a few weeks ago of the 45 deg forward, backward cut out). I would not like to experience this while standing on the wheel, either. So I stand corrected: never ending tilt back doesn't exist (for King Song) but what is there in it's place is not much more appealing. Usually when riding, I have fallen off by then so I have not experienced it; as far as I am aware. As any face planter knows, in a wheel initiated ( as opposed to a rock or kerb, etc) things happen so quickly, it's hard to diagnose the event afterwards.
  5. Awesome photo. Love the rock strata in the ridge behind you and the perilous looking lip 3 feet behind you, and the vista, and, and, and. Fantastic. I'm going to start calling you Ansel Adams.
  6. if you don't fear King Song tilt back then you haven't experienced a violent tilt back. I envy you. Here's my suggestion, accelerate hard to max speed. When the wheel suddenly shoots violently ahead of you and dips violently backwards so that the pedals drop out from under your heels while you are trying to stay upright at high speed, report back and let us know how it made you feel, (or what injuries you sustained). It's not the tilt back that is feared, it's the "violent" tilt back. not all tilt back is violent. But when it is. it is usually at speed and, in my opinion, it is exactly like when you lift the wheel off the ground and tilt it. Once the wheel passes a set speed it goes into this max speed routine, there is nothing you can do to slow it down, in other words, tilting it back the other way will not slow it down. It stays at max speed for a fixed amount of time, then it shuts down. If you are riding it when this happens, it's all over but for the crying. If you think this is impossible, remember that when you lift the wheel and tilt it to max speed, the wheel has no idea that you have lifted it off the ground; as far as it's concerned, there is a rider on board. It just keeps accelerating until the tilt back threshold is reached, that's when it violently accelerates to max, stays for a few seconds then resets to dead.
  7. I wonder what a King Song would be like if one could disable tilt back. There's a huge speed reserve in there, but something like a vibrating pebble watch would be essential to keep away from the dreaded "cut out"
  8. I've been lurking mostly. Sometimes its just not worth entering a thread where the camps are already entrenched and you don't feel ike correcting the internet...again!, or you just don't give a sh..t But I have been doing some research on other subjects, so, yes, possibly less content. It's funny how you think when you leave school you can stop learning. I've learned 1000 times more since leaving school than I ever did in it. A fricking waste of time really, other than the 3 Rs: Reading, w(R)riting and a(R)ithmatic. What jack ass came up with that stupid saying anyway?
  9. Sorry; I've got nothing. Obviously some parameter was crossed and then uncrossed, but which? Heat? no, Speed? no. Battery low? no Battery high? no. What else is there? Cable temp? No sensors for that, Motor hot? no sensors there either are there? Were you passing a Krispy Kreme Donut shop? Maybe there were fresh donuts inside, and the wheel wanted you to stop and get some.
  10. Sorry to hear you got injured, and sorry you have lost your confidence. If you upgrade don't upgade to the 16s, it's too slow for you. You sound like you like some speed so go up to a 45+kph wheel AND DONT RIDE THE TILT BACK. As for trusting your wheel; any wheel is a lot more trustworthy if you don't ride it at max speed, (see my personal 90% of max speed rule) stuff like this really does keep you out of hospital.
  11. I've done that, running down the stair with something in my hand, blocking my view. Man did I hit the tiled floor hard. ZERO injuries. Could have been much worse, as your post indicates.
  12. That's so true. I was walking (argh!) with a friend through a park in Barcelona (gravel path) She tripped over a raised man hole cover. Went down like a sack of potatoes hurled off a truck. She had more cuts and bruises (and gravel stuck in her palms) than I've ever had falling off an EUC. Aother female friend was attending an event in a long evening gown. Caught her heel in her dress, same potato sack scenario. Another female friend tripped over a raised garden path, did a full on face plant. People really do go down hard when walking is interrupted even momentarily. Silly girls should have worn wrist guards to do that "death sport" Oops, thread derailed, again.
  13. get a motion alarm designed for brief cases and lap tops. Come to think of it, I need one too. So it's off to Amazon after this. edit. only get a well reviewd one. There's a lot of junk out there.
  14. I realize this is an older thread (new to me though) . I have experienced something like this and what it felt like to me was 1. wheel senses too high a speed, ( in my case from the wheel accelerating over two small ripples in an otherwise smooth surface to keep up) 2. wheel initiates tilt back routine, 3. tilt back routine (at max speed) can be violent, demanding a lot of power to speed ahead of the pilot to tilt him back and not simply tilt him off). 4. sudden demand for power causes an Amp surge, 5 Amp surge causes a Voltage spike (drop), 6. Voltage spike exceeds power available, 7. wheel looses power and balance. 8. rider face plants. 9 Total time lapsed: 1 second max. 10. ample power available to wheel lying on its side, so nothing seems to be wrong (no smoking gun) Why this could happen to a 72% 840Wh battery is confusing, but the rider's weight is getting up there and we have no data on terrain rise in the immediate vicinity, or the ambient and battery temps. Add in the potential bad or unbalanced cell or two as discussed above) and the plot thickens My Philosophy: Don't ride ANY wheel above 90% of the speed it will tilt back or fall over. My 16s has 3rd. alarm at 32KPH (35kph max speed quoted my King Song) and I NEVER trigger it, it's just not worth it. Want to ride at 35kph? get a 40+ kph wheel. You have to build in your own safety margin if you want to be safe(r)
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