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  1. You are absolutely right. But at as low switching frequencies as this board use it shouldn't be that big issue? What Fairchild SMD?
  2. With a Wheatstone bridge I now have measured the resistance in the motor windings, thru each connection = blue-green, blue-yellow, green-yellow. Value was, as expected, the same on all connections i.e. two coils in series = 139 milli-ohm = 69.3 milli-ohm per coil. The original MOSFET IRFB3207 is suposed to have maximum RDS(on) = 4.5 milli-ohm and therefore chews up some Power. P = I2 * R Total R = 69.3 + 69.3 + 4.5 = 143 milli-ohm. The original MOSFET IRFB3207 is supposed to deliver 180A which thru the formula above leaves us 2247W per coil but, unfortunately also 146W in t
  3. Too bad that's 38 pages about everything but the Gotway. But I'll search it for data...
  4. Have a look at my thread on the subject; Separate Power board, tech spec controller
  5. Hi all! I have search a lot around this forum and other pages but still haven't found enough detail about the controller card of the Gotway EUC's. In particular the Msuper 3 since I'm currently working on a separate power-board with either 6 sturdier MOSFET's or 12 smaller as the original. Since most controller cards share the same basic setup I suspect that we could gather "all knowledge" in the same thread. One reason to go for 12 MOSFET's is the fact that there are components that them self may cope with currents above 360A but the connector leads stop at around 160-180A. So the
  6. Why do you love 12 MOSFET-boards so hard? What's wrong with 6 quality components but bigger? 400A each...?
  7. That's a 6 pin HC-05. Have a look at the 4 pin HC-06 I added in my first entry: reaplacement BT board.
  8. I know (now) that I need a resistor in series the first time so no worries from here and onward. But this wheel was bought from a private import = I have no "official" speaking partner/dealer/seller. I'll connect my oscilloscope and measure the pace of the data coming from the main board connector. Should figure out the baud rate. Then I'll try to pre-program the BT-board with that speed and see if it'll keep the setting in a non-volatile memory.
  9. Hi all I don't know if someone here already have a topic going about the hazard of connecting the battery to main board. I was forced to leave my main board disconnected for a week which of course discharged the "main" capacitors (right next to the BT board on the Msuper 3). Then I got a real heavy recharge spike when I connected the battery again. After that the BT board no longer worked, no signal is sent from over the air. So, I found a replacement BT board and read the thread Converting the MSuper board to BT LE? by OliverH quite useful. However, I lack som basic info; What'
  10. Nice job! To all you guys having second thoughts about the extra weight; don't forget to put it all into perspective. If you had 22.1kg before and 24.2kg after the difference is 9.5% extra. But if you add 75kg body weight we're talking 2.2% extra weight. (I weigh in at 99kg and then the extra 2.1kg would mean 1.7% extra). So, I wouldn't consider that as even a remote problem.
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