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  1. David Landais

    WheelLog for Inmotion - Development

    Wheel log is compatible with xiaomi amazfit watch (no need smartphone) but the UI is not very usable on the watch for now
  2. David Landais

    V8 stand enlarger 3d printed

    After some prints, crash test here is the definitive version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2196826 Print with 30% minimum infill with ABS à 240°C
  3. David Landais

    V8 stand enlarger 3d printed

    I made it using a caliper and reported each values in sketchup. Double sided adhesive is perfect.
  4. David Landais

    V8 stand enlarger 3d printed

    Hi all I made a stand enlarger, it offers more stability. See here: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/2368-elargisseur-de-béquille-v8/ David
  5. Hi all Quick speed test with my V8 GPS + App + Radar My maximum speed recorded by the gps (not in the video) is 31 km/h