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    Constant training = results
  2. Jose Otal


    Congratulations, I'm just training with the unicycle and it's easier than people think, it's a much longer process than with an electric wheel, but it can be achieved with constant training, I mean there's no age to learn and The falls are much less dangerous, I encourage the lovers of the electric wheel, to start this new hobby and pass to level god of the wheels, sorry for the translation
  3. I bought the ninebot e + and three months later buy the Got way msuper, if you're a rookie you like the wheel and you want to make long distances, the cruising speed becomes important and for me the 22 kmh of ninebot is not enough, but if you have several falls and scarecrows, Regrets to spend a lot of money on the first wheel, I had two strong crashes and decided to continue and buy the gotway, today I would recommend a cheap to start and lend to friends and as second wheel one that runs more than 30 kmh, sorry for the translation
  4. Yes, it seems a lot of fun, it's a discovery for me, since I have one size xl for 850 euros, a price similar to unicycles, I do not think it's just for kids, for big kids like me,
  5. https://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/Gotway-16inch-ACM-820WH-One-wheel-self-balance-electric-scooter-High-speed-mono-wheel-scooter-with/2501006_32735091110.html? En aliexpres tiene el acm 820 de 1160 euros, pero con muchos problemas para reclamaciones de garantía, es otra opción
  6. When I was researching on different electric vehicles, to buy one, and one day I crossed a man with a double wheel unicycle and I thought it was the best thing for me and easy to learn, after seeing many videos on youtube and I met The videos of speedy feet uk and change your mind and buy me a ninebot e +, a few months later a gotway because I wanted more speed, but I lack very little to buy an inmotion v3 pro
  7. Skates online or quats, I think you can make a comparison similar to the electric wheels Which of these will happen more easily in difficult terrain? I do not know any trick to reduce the danger with two wheels in parallel
  8. I think the same, only when I want to go on dirt roads I put the complete equipment, 1 gloves, 2 helmet, 3 elbow pads, 4 knee pads
  9. I also experience the wobble with the ninebot e + and with time it disappeared, when I bought the gotway again I went back to the wobble, but it happened to me at 35 klh, time later disappeared, I once came back doing a little jump, I do not believe That the problem comes from the wheel, I think it is the pilot and in some case because of the excess pressure on the wheel
  10. yttps://es.aliexpress.com/item/GOTWAY-14MCM2S-260WH-340WH-520WH-680WH-blance-car-Electric-unicycle-Speed-30/32368523979.html?spm=2114.12010408.1000013.2.OVT1tm&scm=1007.13339.33317.0&pvid=766eead3-8571- Sorry but I do not understand very well everything that is published here, I use the google translator I have had the experience that aliexpres charged me twice the purchase and my bank tells me that this second payment is pending confirmation (you have to be careful in confirming the second payment), again aliexpres I do not accept my payment and I believe That the seller did not accept it to apply a discount, because I had that offer asta a few days before, I buy from Spain and the wheels are already in Europe (Holland) and this gives me peace and confidence,
  11. Look at your seller and have a good reputation, send him a message on his own account and ask him how is the situation of his purchase, or what is the problem
  12. When I bought my Msuper gotway, the purchase was not accepted and shortly after I received an email from the seller that wanted to make me a discount of 15% and of course I accept, now I only make purchases to sellers with good reputation, it is possible that their Seller is very new and not very serious, the Chinese are at parties these days
  13. I bought two wheels for aliexpres and so received the same message, DO NOT CASE, check the status of your shipment and you will see that it is in the process of being shipped and not pending payment, so I am passionate that aliexpres charged me twice the Product (I believe that with date of the following day) and when I went to the bank to ask, the answer is that the second payment is pending to confirm by me, the money is automatically returned to me within 10 days, Payment can be to authorize the second purchase that you do not order, I pass several times, what is said, look at the status of your purchase in your account aliexpres
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