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  1. xebeche

    Inmotion V8 mods - foot pads and stand bumper

    V5 has these screw holes on the shell for mounting mudguard or some other accessories, are these also present on V10? These could also be used for mounting a nice stand.
  2. xebeche

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I guess this is the tear down video @Jeffrey Scott Will was talking about and indeed there is a fan inside:
  3. xebeche

    Have you though of getting an Ebike instead?

    Owning both EUC and Bosch powered e-bike, I would say they are complementary rather then opposed. EUC is much more practical for strolling around the city - no theft concerns, smaller, portable, can take it inside the stores, less intrusive if you have to use sidewalk.... E-bike on the other hand is certainly more comfortable and capable especially for long off road rides, inherently far safer due to two wheels, easily climbs any curb, if you want you can get as much exercise on it as you like through choosing assist level, but at least in my city you simply can't safely leave it anywhere (or any other valuable bike).
  4. xebeche


    Question is would such tire even fit, because Inmotion wheels usually have very little space between tire and the casing. On V8 some far less knobby tires rubbed the casing when mounted.
  5. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    How about stopping power Marty? I mean how fast V10F can stop from certain speed compared to Tesla and other similar wheels?
  6. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    That is also an interesting option. Unfortunately it seems that I will wait for new wheels (KS 18L, NB One Z and Inmotion V10) to get properly released and tested / reviewed and then decide. Still far too many unknowns.
  7. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Oh man... I will end up buying Gotway !
  8. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Was it uncontrollable spin like that for 1-2 seconds, or just a twitch?
  9. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I seriously doubt that, since older Inmotion wheels don't behave like that. My V5 tumbled hundreds of times in all possible ways and NEVER had anything remotely similar to that spin @Marty Backe had with V10. When the wheel falls, tumbles or is angled beyond certain degree - it's "dead". Let's hope this is just an issue with this pre-production wheel - whether the cause is in hardware or early firmware.
  10. xebeche

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Buuuuu Well that is a shame. I really looked forward to your full review before pulling the trigger on V10F as an upgrade to my V5F+. Anyway again thank you for the stress test videos and time and effort Marty!
  11. xebeche

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    Many thanks for the review @Marty Backe. Since the pedals are so high, would you say that it makes them more difficult or less comfortable for stepping on and off the wheel? I mean in city commute situation, where you have to get on and off frequently.
  12. xebeche

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    You mounted them on V5?? Other than improved comfort have you noticed some other advantages?
  13. xebeche

    Short Review of the V10F

    But then you have dirty handle in the worst possible spot - hand-grip
  14. xebeche

    Short Review of the V10F

    Thanks for the review @Jason McNeil. Any info about the mudguard? Will it be small rubber additional thing like on V5, or is the shell constructed in such way that there is no need for it? In your photo of the rear side there is some visible dirt obviously deposited there by the tire.