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  1. Same here with my V5F+, first the button started to react strangely and then the wheel died completely. @theNight - how does your wheel reacts now when you plug in the charger? Does it show charging indicator and turns on the red and blue front/back lights as usual?
  2. We need V8 successor, with wider tire (3"), 1500W+ motor accompanied by reliable over-engineered control board, 800-1000Wh battery, shell can be wider to get additional space for battery and avoid top heavy design, integrated mud-guard and parking stand, good front (light the road not the treetops) and back/brake light, stylish and spacey side lights, handle like on V8 but better quality, 40-45 km/h top speed is more than enough and finally the weight certainly has to be as much as possible under 20kg. That would be one thoughtfully designed modern wheel for 2019. and perfect upgrade from my
  3. Few days ago the power button on my V5F+ started misbehaving. At first my light would switch on and off while riding, then I had to hold the button for longer than usual to turn the wheel on/off and finally it wouldn't turn on or off at all. Anyone had this problem? Could it be just a button or the problem is in the control board? At the same time, while trying to diagnose the wheel in my garage, I was stupid enough to leave the charger on the roof of my car and forgot about it. Charger ended up in pieces, falling off the roof of my car while driving Could anyone please suggest where to b
  4. This is very, very bad Glad that no one was harmed. Inmotion should address this very clearly and openly ! After the first fire incident there should have been mandatory recall and replacement of all affected wheel batches, not just some optional "half-fix". This just proves that all wheels before being released to the market should have minimal appropriate IP rating / testing.
  5. Same thing here, but people are using many kinds of other personal electric vehicles (scooters, skateboards, e-bikes) around the "big" city, so EUC is probably not sticking out that much. I also thought about getting ankle guards while learning (my ankles were dark-blue in the beginning from multiple hits and bruises), but in the end solved it by simply wearing sport socks with additional pair stuffed inside them around the inner ankles. Later with more practice you just simply stop hitting the ankles with the wheel / pedals. But as other people mentioned above - wrist guards, knee gu
  6. Hi Patuljasta, Nice to se someone else from our country here, especially a lady . Only once I met someone else riding the wheel here and that guy was from Argentina. Congratulations on learning to ride in such a short time, most of us needed days or even weeks to get the grip of the wheel. As steve454 suggested, for night riding get a good Li-Ion powered flashlight or bicycle light (at least 600+ lumen), which you can mount on the handle like this: Wish you lots of fun riding and pozdrav iz Zagreba
  7. V5 has these screw holes on the shell for mounting mudguard or some other accessories, are these also present on V10? These could also be used for mounting a nice stand.
  8. I guess this is the tear down video @Jeffrey Scott Will was talking about and indeed there is a fan inside:
  9. Owning both EUC and Bosch powered e-bike, I would say they are complementary rather then opposed. EUC is much more practical for strolling around the city - no theft concerns, smaller, portable, can take it inside the stores, less intrusive if you have to use sidewalk.... E-bike on the other hand is certainly more comfortable and capable especially for long off road rides, inherently far safer due to two wheels, easily climbs any curb, if you want you can get as much exercise on it as you like through choosing assist level, but at least in my city you simply can't safely leave it anywhere (or
  10. xebeche


    Question is would such tire even fit, because Inmotion wheels usually have very little space between tire and the casing. On V8 some far less knobby tires rubbed the casing when mounted.
  11. How about stopping power Marty? I mean how fast V10F can stop from certain speed compared to Tesla and other similar wheels?
  12. That is also an interesting option. Unfortunately it seems that I will wait for new wheels (KS 18L, NB One Z and Inmotion V10) to get properly released and tested / reviewed and then decide. Still far too many unknowns.
  13. Was it uncontrollable spin like that for 1-2 seconds, or just a twitch?
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