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  1. I don't know about the handle looking "phallic". Actually in my opinion it's pretty cool design. I have both the inmotion v5 and the KS16S. I'd choose the inmotion handle over the built-in KS handle anytime. As for carrying the wheels, they're both equally easy to carry (apart from being heavy that is). Getting your hand and fingers around the handle is no problem. In fact, personally I find it more difficult to carry the KS wheel because of it's non-parallel-handle construction.
  2. can't say anything about the updating process from 1.02 to 1.03 since my my new KS16S already came with 1.03. Anyway, wheelLog is working just fine
  3. well, then....too bad for those who tried to escape the pricing policy in europe....
  4. does that info apply to the "domestic" line too (different logo, technically identical)....just wondering since they seem to enjoy a certain degree of popularity not only with european buyers as I take it from their comments on Ali.....
  5. I can't even speculate why the colour of the cables are blue and brown since I dont't know where the charger came from originally. I'm no EE and just cut off the plug and took a look where which cable was going. Here's a picture of the C13 and the letters to which the two cables where connected. The blue one went to "L" and the brown one to "N". I interpreted "L" as live and "N" as neutral and that led me to believe that the blue one must be connected to the GX16 No.1 pin and the brown one to No 3. But your statement got me thinking. You're probably right. I'll take a meter to identify the positive wire. Thank your for your support!
  6. I've got my hands on a free (fast-)charger (67.2V/5A) for my new KS16S. Only problem is the output (DC) plug is a C13 instead of a GX16-3. So I spent a coupIe cents on a GX16-3 (female) to replace the C13 with it. Next I cut off the useless C13 and got 2 cables (one colored blue and the other one brown). The blue one connected to the C13-pin labelled L, the brown one to the pin labelled N. Now I'm not sure about which cable connects to which pin of the GX16-3. My best guess is No 1 --> L (blue one), No 3 --> N (brown one). Would be great if someone could tell me if I'm right or about to fry my EUC? THX
  7. It must be some sort of accessories....most of the text seem to be from the original tesla promotion...my guess, the seller just forgot to adept the text....first line of the product description clearly says "promotion ended early...." and in the picture it says "buy before October, big promotion".....so what's left must be accessories, certainly not the EUC in the picture
  8. ...and ugly as hell - no offence, but now I'm even more happy that the nice chinese seller provided the original handle for free when I bought my v5f....
  9. That's why I'm not waiting any longer and buying one NOW. Who knows what kind of regulation in a couple of years will be in effect.....
  10. just stumbled upon a seller on ebay who offers V8 and Gotway MSuper v3 (allegedly brand new and 100% genuine inmotion technology)....bidding start's at € 20,-- (worldwide shipping € 100,--) http://www.ebay.de/itm/V8-One-Wheel-Self-Balancing-Personal-Unicycle-With-Smart-App-Control-/132066723935
  11. I can't comment on the technics of the V5F(+) and if it's top-notch or not since it's my first and only EUC...so I can't compare. But I haven't had any sudden cut-outs, strange sounds or unexpected behaviour so far. It does what it's built for and it's a lot of fun riding the wheel Reading about the problems of other brands it makes me feel good to have chosen inmotion, that's for sure
  12. I had the same problem with my V5D a while ago....it's easy to solve....just tighten the screw shown in the picture enclosed.
  13. Treating EUC's the same as e-bikes would currently be impossible because the regulation for e-bikes (up to 25 km/h and 600 W) in Austria is the same as for conventional bikes. So EUC's would currently be treated as bikes and would have to have two independant brake systems, reflectors of a defined size and and much more. EUC's don't fit into the current regulation for bikes in Austria. And I hope and pray that any regulative measure whatsoever won't mean to completely ban EUC's from public space - because quite frankly I don't like riding my wheel in the living room.
  14. As far as I know the V5F is the name for export (foreign market) and the V5D for the chinese (domestic) market. Technically they are supposed to be identical (but I can't say for sure since I haven't opend and compared the two). As for the app - I own a V5D and the (android) inmotion app works (english Version)
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