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  1. To be honest mister Smoother, All 4 are working fine. With a little difference between them in speed and turning. The kids "and me" are happy. I'm mainly driving Ninebot One E+ and since last week also the Gotway monster. And it's just my personal curiousity that I always like to know who and what is behind the things I buy. But I can't imagine that there aren't really serious manufactorers who aren't proud of what they are making ? And that they aren't curious about the response of there products. Not that i see myself as a qualified tester, there are other people who are much more experienced and qualified than me. So just call it curiousity
  2. First of all my best wishes for 2017, But then I would understand in commercial point of view that they would put there stamp on it . A company name or a symbol. But even that I can't find. Now I have allready four different ones . All of them bought in a different place and even one purchased aboad. Now i opened them all to find in the inside some indication but not a little plate. But now my question is does someone knows some manufacturers or websites of manufactures? Because all what I find looks like to be just resellers.
  3. Does anybody has experience with the bigwheel sold on Ali ? It looks like the Onewheel. https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Germany-Stock-One-Wheel-Big-Wheel-Skateboard-Unicycle-Electric-Self-Balancing-Scooter-500W-Motor-Drifting-Hoverboard/32760408727.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.aX4mfb
  4. Hey. Can someone explain why all hoverboards look the same . I can't see which one is from which company and so on. I personally bought two 10" ones from two different company's and they are simmilar except the look of the wheels . So who is making what ? And what are the real company's ? Because I'm starting to think that all those so called builders/sellers are buying at the same Chinese factory . If somebody knows names of real factory's and/or real manufactorers?
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