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  1. What about this? http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/In-stock-rechargeable-60v-lithium-ion_60036739032.html
  2. I will try to have a friend test the battery. Not sure the dealer I bought from will be able to honor the warranty since I bought it through an unauthorized dealer and they will likely ask me to pay for shipping back and forth to China likely being much more expensive than a new battery... Thanks for your input! Appreciate it!!
  3. I guess I could try to change the battery. Do you know what kind of battery I could buy and where to buy it? Would be nice to buy a bigger battery with better quality in that case.
  4. Hi Neil. Thanks for your reply. I have the 133 and unfortunately I bought it through aliexpress.com from a unauthorized reseller in China. Can I change the battery on the 133? thanks for your help! carl
  5. Hi Kroy. I have exactly the same model and it really sucks having to walk! Thanks for sending the link. Mine flashes twice red, then twice green, but is not described in the manual. Have taken everything a part, pulled out the connectors. Put them back and re-assembled. Still the same issue. Tok it a part again and opened up the box with the motherboard. Couldn't see any obvious errors like the capicitors blown up. Everything looked to my untrained eyes fine... Wonder what that blinking means. Jason Wheelgo - I need your help!!
  6. Hi, i have had my IPS eui for about 1 month and yesterday it started blinking twice red and twice green while making a continuous sound. I thought it was empty for battery and charged it. After charging it again started to blink and make the noise. Any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Carl
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