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  1. Gareth Tibit

    New Kingsong APP (Android)

    Does this new app have any effect on the speed reduction at 50% on the ks14d? Some one try it out please??
  2. Gareth Tibit

    Gotway mcm v3

    i honestly dont think the mcm4 would totally pass as an entry level wheel. from what ive been told by linea lin. the mcm4 is faster than the mcm3, theyre almost the same machines with the mcm4 having a slighter edge with being more recent and attractive. my mcm4hs 340wh does 35km/h gps,
  3. Gareth Tibit

    I went too fast on my V5F+

    Very Vivid description. I have the normal v5f, not the + and I push it to average 27-28km/h all the time with my 55kg light ass. Seems I'm gonna turn it down a notch after this...I do have an mcm4hs 340 I haven't rode and since I got the v5f I abandoned the old wheel. Perhaps the v5f series aren't built for fast rides
  4. Gareth Tibit

    New to the forum...

    Or if you're willing to spend a little more money...go for the gotway mcm4. You just cannot go wrong with that wheel. 14inch. 800W motor. 30km/h(ive personally done 35km/h gps speed on the wheel, I'm light though. 55kg). And it's also within your budget. Just don't go below 340wh when picking a battery
  5. Gareth Tibit

    New to the forum...

    I would recommend you get the inmotion V5F from Aliexpress. "Rockwheel store" is a very reputable seller and a good number of people here have bought from him. The V5F costs £349(3000 yuan) without shipping so maybe 400 'might' get it delivered to your doorstep A very safe wheel. Speed>25km/h. It's pretty good.
  6. Gareth Tibit

    Inmotion v8-XL+

    Wow buddy.. you run off 25km/h?? You'll have to teach me that sometime. I weigh about 60kg and I've gotten used to pushing my v5f to 28-30km/h all the time. Even when I don't push beyond 25km/h...I haven't been able to run off
  7. Gareth Tibit

    King Song 14C 840Wh vs Gotway V5F+ 480Wh

    There. And I really thought inmotion would stay true to their words on a new firmware update to increase speed on the v5F+...some people bought the wheel in anticipation that inmotion will deliver as promised. Really sad they didn't and we riders have to push the wheel to get satisfaction...it's a really nice wheel. Just wish it were faster
  8. Gareth Tibit

    King Song 14C 840Wh vs Gotway V5F+ 480Wh

    Someone on this forum has reportedly done 30km/h on the v5F+ and posted a screenshot of the app...the speed clearly says "30.4km/:h". His weight from the post was 56kg. I think it's safe IMO
  9. Gareth Tibit

    King Song 14C 840Wh vs Gotway V5F+ 480Wh

    The voice Warning can be removed by recording silence. You can customize your own speed warnings in the inmotion app and then record silence. I really really really wish inmotion would release a firmware for more speed. It seems to be the only thing lacking in such a wheel of beauty. The Release of the V8 kinda tells you that the speed issue on the v5 probably won't be addresses. I wish there was some sort of customized app or tweak that could give the wheel more speed!.
  10. Gareth Tibit

    53 Kph on an MS3 ?

    Anyone capable of doing 50km/h should leave a suicide note
  11. Gareth Tibit

    King Song 14C 840Wh vs Gotway V5F+ 480Wh

    I'm Also torn between getting a v5F+ or KS 14. A lot of people say after learning....you will definitely want to go faster and the KS 14 does a good safe 30KM/H. V5F+ does roughly 22-23km/h when tiltback starts. Ks14 also has an 800W motor as opposed to the 550W of the inmotion. the inmotion is such a work of beauty and the futuristic design is really really good. It's a pretty decent wheel if you ask me. Besides...Does anyone really ride up to 30km/h and how long can you keep that up in the city.
  12. The inmotion v5f+ has been out for a while. Specs are pretty decent for a 14inch wheel. 25km/h speed, 500w motor with the perfect body design. The IPS zero is an Old wheel probably from 2years ago with Specs which claim 30km/h, 800w motor. Both wheels are reasonably light, sleek and compact. If I wanted SPEED AT LEAST 25KM/H, MINIMAL RANGE of 20KM, NO OFF ROAD. what wheel should I go for and reasons? Keep in mind the riders weight is 60kg. Answers specifically among the two wheels. Thanks
  13. Gareth Tibit

    buying with paypal

    Noted. I'm gonna add a 340wh mcm4 for my kid also. A "safety" speed daemon just like his pops. Haha!. I'm yet to have a cutoff while riding!.
  14. Gareth Tibit

    buying with paypal

    I can use either(paypal or aliexpress)I'm wondering if the discount the seller gave me will apply when I use aliexpress but I know now that I will have the discount.
  15. Gareth Tibit

    buying with paypal

    The seller does have paypal...but using Paypal..i will have to place the order outside the aliexpress website. The seller does have excellent rating on aliexpress though. Just wondering if anyone has bought directly from him