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  1. The default colours in the app are pale, even though they appear bright on the phone screen. Tap the "+" button to create your own colour choices and select high intensity colours.
  2. My experience in 2 & a 1/2 years in London: - Been stopped once by police officers who were keen to know how much fun it is to ride, and ask about the differences between eucs and hoverboards - Regularly zoom into meetings with various police inspectors, who always think it's hilarious but haven't had a go yet I probably need to bring my euc to a constituency meeting and persuade my local MP to have a go...
  3. AlexT

    KS16 wont turn on

    Yes the wheel spins when the motor's disconnected from the control board. New control board on its way from ewheels.
  4. AlexT

    How slow/fast is IPS i5?

    Thanks, All. I spoke to Ian at Speedy Feet and in the end I went for the Inmotion V8. Maybe one day I'll be in the market for multiple eucs, but right now it's just a shame there's nowhere closer to try it out.
  5. When I ride past the local school I get shouts of "Go go Gadget Wheels!" BTW I learned to ride by watching the Airwheel tutorial videos:
  6. Hi! The most important bit of learning to ride is not caring if people laugh at you when you fall off - ideally you need to laugh at yourself when you fall off too! After getting the hang with stabilisers, the most helpful thing I found was to try and "scoot" - one foot on the pedal, one foot on the floor, and then just take a big step and put my foot back on the floor (try both ways round). Once I could do this confidently I tried putting up my foot onto the pedals for a short time. Having a strap to hold onto is also handy because it saves having to bend down every time you fall off. Good luck!!
  7. Hi All, regular rider, occasional browser/poster here. I learned on an Airwheel X8, quickly got frustrated with the range & speed and have been commuting on the train with a KingSong KS-16 for the last 2 years. The IPS i5 has caught my eye - looks ideal for getting to/from the station but I wonder about the max speed. I tend to stick to <13mph - would the i5 be OK for this or would I feel like I'm back on the X8 again?
  8. AlexT

    KS16 wont turn on

    Uh oh. So just 5 days before my KS16's second birthday the same thing happens, only worse: as I arrive at the station and step off, it won't switch off and the wheel locks. After a few minutes there's a loud "POP" - presumably the fuse going. The wheel is incredibly stiff to push even though it's off. Once I got it home and took apart the casing I can see that the fuse and battery connector are black. Disconnecting the battery and replacing the fuse resulted in sparking and instant blowing when I tried to reconnect the battery. So I assume the motherboard is completely fried. Is the stiffness of the motor caused by the MOSFETs blowing as mentioned above or could the motor be damaged? Also, apart from getting a replacement motherboard shipped from ewheels USA, are there any UK suppliers I could use?
  9. AlexT

    KS16 wont turn on

    ...and many thanks to @Jason McNeil & Stefan, who fixed my KS16 in an hour yesterday by replacing the control board. Seems to be working OK so far.
  10. AlexT

    KS16 wont turn on

    Coincidentally this has just happened to me. I've been riding around just fine for about 4-5 months now. I stopped my KS16, pressed the button to switch it off and nothing happened. The motor resisted the wheel moving but didn't balance, then after a few minutes the fuse blew. Now I've replaced the fuse the wheel spins frantically when switched on. I've just emailed Jason and will await developments.
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