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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply Trust me hahaha
  2. Despite the relatively weak impact, the insert nuts were mostly destroyed
  3. Recently, my customer tripped over a small stone. Fortunately, the customer is safe, but 16x wore a lot of damage. so i am replacing the entire shell The mold of the 16x inner shell seems to be slightly modified. The original method does not allow the washer to be used because the screw length is small. Could you please provide any information if anyone has recently received 16x?
  4. Because this is the concept of a supplementary battery, it's just need to do a parallel connection The GW originally battery protection circuit is a normal PCM circuit with no bellance function It only has a wire that controls the amount of current Charging and discharging are the same and there is no problem because the BMS current in the extended battery is 50A What's important is that there's no need to worry because each battery pack controls charging and discharging I've done a lot of these things, and there's been a lot of trial and error before. Thank you for your interest it's exactly
  5. Of course ₩ 32,410 11% Off | 24S 86V 72V 50A 40A 30A 18650 lithium battery protection board BMS Li-ion lifepo4 20S 22S 16S 48V 60V W LED balance indicator https://a.aliexpress.com/_dSHFnZE
  6. Yes, that's right. The battery works perfectly, and we're riding test drive
  7. The battery cell was the same as the original LG M50T 21700 5000mAh, BMS 24S 50A
  8. Thank you for your advice. I'm almost at the end of the work
  9. What's the size of the charger? If it's a small size, I'm interested I have only two variable resistance options toggle switch ,current is user-defined. for example 5/10A, 6/12A and size is 170*106*55
  10. I ran a simple test drive. I can feel the power of the motor. The Msp will certainly give you pleasure riding I'll be working on a battery expansion soon (24S1P) Expect an increase in battery capacity (About 2178Wh(25Ah)) I have checked the BMS loadspace and arrangement I think up to 24S2P is possible. but it would make the work process very difficult I will try the easy direction first. I'll share some of the battery addition expansion work reviews later see you later guys wish me luck
  11. See, here's the picture. don't ask me the source We'll just have to share Left New Controller, Right Old controller
  12. Look, here's an interesting video I think it was a very good speed test Thank you to the Russian brothers who tested it
  13. It's apart from MSP, this is a kind of MSX revision It's just Gyro mode will be optimized and the lights will be improved
  14. MSX is still popular and will continue to be production. Only a few improvements will be made MSX V3
  15. Hello Jason

    I want to try KS18xl v2

    Can you send me KS Soft Tuner that can update the firmware manually?


    I'll wait for your reply

    Thank you

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