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  1. Hello EUF users, I hope you're all staying healthy and positive during the pandemic. I am sharing some improvements and changes from the latest batch to Begode RS (with pictures) The left and right positions of the RS LED logo, buzzer and BT audio module have been changed. Changed from the old green instrument cluster to red LEDs. (this is an obvious setback since visibility is very poor) The module of the DC subboard was separated from the main board and installed in the original BT audio space. Waterproof and dust-proof would help
  2. Hello, I am sharing the new features for theInmotion V12. Disclaimer: This content may be changed by the manufacturer at any time. The Inmotion V12 EUC is basically 18x3.0 inches and is a non-suspension product with a hollow motor applied. The nominal voltage will be 87.6V, which is the same as the 100V lineup as BEGODE The battery capacity is 24S4P 20Ah(1750Wh). This is a pack of LG M50T or SAMSUNG 50E cells. The basic motor power is 2500W. The product weighs about 64 pounds. An LCD display similar to that of Sherman will be installed. Quad headlights will
  3. At least, if a charger with CC/CV is working normally, it will balance by charging and discharging with a current of 500ma-1A. So the balancing wire is not a big problem.
  4. Right here, The three Captains of Suspension collection Inmotion V11, Begode EX, Kingsong S18 It just looking at them makes me happy And the RS-HT 2,500Wh, which has only one in the world, is also lovely
  5. Both products have the same charging and discharging specifications. It's charging and discharging of C-P- are the same. That is common. You can work according to the product's manual. regards.
  6. I will sharing a simple YouTube video.
  7. I appreciate your compliment. It seems that seeing the possibilities and enjoying the work process has helped me get the energy.
  8. That's a good question. This downgrades the charging port to single, but still supports charging currents of 15A or less. In any case, it is not possible to use 20A charging in a general driving environment, and it is not even supported according to the battery specification, so after working with a single connector, I buried it in an empty space. As you may know, the slower the charging speed, the better for the battery cell. 10A is a very fast charging speed.
  9. I will definitely enjoy it on the upcoming weekend holiday. Thank you. Regards. I was doing different things at the same time, so I couldn't focus on this. For almost two weeks, I worked 3-4 hours a day. I think I have invested a total of 50 hours. My euc hobby activities motto is, "Enjoy your way to your destination" I look forward to riding anything safe and enjoyable. Thank you.
  10. The work I started out of curiosity ended with passion. the work is 95% complete Thank you for your interest and support
  11. sorry for the late reply guys I was too busy working on expanding the battery. Now that i almost finished, i have checked the bearing markings. But there is no marking this is sort of like a custom bearing specification. It is also a bearing made of synthetic rubber
  12. It's panasonic INR 21700 4800mAh 144 cells (24S6P, 2502Wh/28.8Ah) are packed It has a high discharge output of 15A or more at an instantaneous maximum discharge rate
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