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  1. Hello Jason

    I want to try KS18xl v2

    Can you send meĀ KS Soft Tuner that can update the firmware manually?


    I'll wait for your reply

    Thank you

  2. Look, This is the original picture I worked on.
  3. Hi guys I know how feels I know you guys are disappointed. me, too. It's kinda often use trickery Bfore V8 - 74v * 3.2ah = 236.8wh * 2Parallel = 473.6wh After V8F - 74 v 3.5ah = 259wh * 2Parallel = 518wh Whatever it is let's wait for v8f
  4. I also get 2 beeps when charging more than 4A current at v1.07 firmware. I asked Micheal and he said that this was not the intended function. He may be testing now. Let's wait for his feedback.
  5. Can you share the 1.05 file? I will just try it
  6. The Kingsong iOS application is buggy and doesn't work properly. If you want to upgrade the firmware, I recommend Android OS good luck KS-16X Firmware V1.07 Features: 1. Adjust speed limit starting voltage, optimizing speed limit algorithm, safer to ride 2. Add output power, safer to ride in low-voltage status 3. Add hall optimized algorithm, more smooth to ride, more stable at high speed 4. Add new balance algorithm, accelerater faster, riding feeling will not be affected by voltage 5. Activate 100% power of the fan on the controller when headlight is ON and bluetooth music is ON, to improve heat dissipation 1.Add turning light function 2.Automatically adjust between high beam and low beam, including brightness 3.Can click power button to switch high beam or low beam 4.Add auto power off function, default 120 minutes(this function will be not activated during riding or playing music status) 5.Fan activated when controller temperature reach 45 centigrade with 50% power, 100% power when exceed 65 centigrade 6.Fix the bug that some voice report is still working when close voice speak switch 7. Add output power alarm, it will beep 4 times when over 88% 8. With 1.06 also Front light Automatic is wrong.... The dimming is perfect but when speed Up only max. 80% light Output...when Switch Manual to light on 100% Output....can you make dimming also to 100%;or over 20kmh to 100% light Output...this is nice Feature 9. Fix forward/backward shaking problems of some wheels
  7. I sometimes go riding to Pyeongtaek. Do you need help or lessons?
  8. Wow you're so good I just misunderstood you Sorry I'm not good at speaking English My kakaotalk account is "ydev" add me thank you bro
  9. Hii guy I'm healthy man lol I asked my Chinese friend to buy 16x If you want to buy 16x, you can buy it in October through EVshop Sellers in Korea
  10. Congratulations, I'll wait for your review.
  11. You're did a good job. Your attempt to expand the battery pack was good, and your skills will improve.
  12. I just completed the upgrade and will test it soon. I think it's stabilizing a little bit. Firmware upgrade instructions: 1. Lay wheel flat on ground 2. Upgrade firmware using app 3. Place wheel upright and run horizontal calibration before riding 1.05 : 1. Less abrupt speed limiting pedal tilt 2. LED lights are now off while charging 3. Speed display in app improved 4. Three different riding modes fixed 5. Unlock top speed (50 kph) after 10 km 1.04 : 1. New System Framework. Reduced CPU usage by optimizing system efficiency 2. Improved Motor Control Algorithms. Improved stability during high speeds, accelerating, braking, and turning. Also, motor runs more quietly. 3. Optimized temperature control. More endurance when climbing hills. 4. Power cycling no longer necessary after horizontal calibration. 16X
  13. Actually I don't know exactly if it's the second batch Just when I checked your post, I referred to the S/N I haven't experienced any special issues yet and it still works well I think it's the first batch, just the second manufacturing
  14. I just finished firmware upgrade to V1.04 In fact, even in the previous V1.01 version, I didn't see any issues Anyway, I'll test it and share any special issues
  15. I got my first Kingsong 16x in Korea last week. Also My serial number is the second batch. (KS16X2B190729xxxx) I was busy so I just unboxed and charged it. I am going to test this coming weekend I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride I'll share the information if I test with Kingsong 16x Thank you Don't get me wrong I just made a dual plug temporarily Yeah and then I covered it more neatly I just compared the size with the machine I had lol I'll introduce you to a very good course when you guys come to Korea There are many scenic courses in Korea.
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