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  1. I appreciate your compliment. It seems that seeing the possibilities and enjoying the work process has helped me get the energy.
  2. That's a good question. This downgrades the charging port to single, but still supports charging currents of 15A or less. In any case, it is not possible to use 20A charging in a general driving environment, and it is not even supported according to the battery specification, so after working with a single connector, I buried it in an empty space. As you may know, the slower the charging speed, the better for the battery cell. 10A is a very fast charging speed.
  3. I will definitely enjoy it on the upcoming weekend holiday. Thank you. Regards. I was doing different things at the same time, so I couldn't focus on this. For almost two weeks, I worked 3-4 hours a day. I think I have invested a total of 50 hours. My euc hobby activities motto is, "Enjoy your way to your destination" I look forward to riding anything safe and enjoyable. Thank you.
  4. The work I started out of curiosity ended with passion. the work is 95% complete Thank you for your interest and support
  5. sorry for the late reply guys I was too busy working on expanding the battery. Now that i almost finished, i have checked the bearing markings. But there is no marking this is sort of like a custom bearing specification. It is also a bearing made of synthetic rubber
  6. It's panasonic INR 21700 4800mAh 144 cells (24S6P, 2502Wh/28.8Ah) are packed It has a high discharge output of 15A or more at an instantaneous maximum discharge rate
  7. The work process is very demanding and the difficulty is difficult. This is something I don't want to do again The 24S4P pack on the left is almost completed This battery pack can check information such as cell voltage, current, and temperature sensor with smart bms. also control user-defined battery cell balancing Battery work is very dangerous, so always pay attention to insulation work and safety even a skilled me always works with tension unless you want to see fireworks in the house Work is nearing completion, and charge and discharge tests will be conducted
  8. Sharing custom battery extension information here The processed part was reinforced with epoxy Always make sure there is room for shrinkage tubes as they are packaged You can refer to the battery arrangement
  9. Last week, because it was a holiday in Korea, all shipments were on hold I finally got it now. Simply sharing unboxing photos This is really too heavy lol nearly 86 pounds Please watch for your back
  10. I agree with you. GW shell materials are still of low cost quality with reduced cost and i think it is the role of fixing the spacing of the main shell a little more I think there are likes and dislikes this charging method is one of my pursuits. It is never a downgrade in a typical environment, few euc can be charged with a current of 20a. Except for Monster Pro also maybe EX it couldn't be better than a bunch of 18awg 2 pairs, but this still parallelizes. Above all, it would be appropriate to see it as a response to the allowable current amount of the circular 5pin charging connector we have already tested 100.8V 12A current of one circular 5pin connector and verified that there is no heat generation and no problem with long-term use Thank you for your good opinion
  11. The original battery pack is being removed and disassembled for battery expansion customization i think I'm trying for the first time. RS-C38 2520Wh (28.8Ah) and while disassembling, i share the identified improvements Mainboard layout changed from existing portrait mode to landscape mode The screws have been changed to hex bolts The heat dissipation effect is improved by applying a hollow motor to inhale air into the hole with a cooling fan The very uncomfortable grip of the MSX/MSP handle is rounded to improve the grip Since the motherboard build version is marked, you can check at a glance if the motherboard changes in the future. RS-C38 V13.3 version The entire bearing is a single shaft concept, and the load-bearing force has become quite strong and robust. It is also expected that some of the heat problems will be solved It seems to have been removed because there are many existing dual-light fan noise issues It completely supports dual charging by installing a separate PCB circuit without using multiple wires. The charging wiring is 16awg and supports/corresponds to more than 20A at maximum. but since the battery specifications of the product are different, be sure to check the specifications to see if your euc supports it It's the kind of tire pattern I don't like So I immediately switched to a different pattern of tires It's perfectly installed and clean Waterproof sealing, which was annoying on the MSP side shell, has been attached to the main shell I'll try my best to expand the battery Thank you
  12. I owned 16X but sold it to my friend because it did not match my driving characteristics. It seems that RS-38 is not suitable for comparison with 16x I totally agree with you. Also, Korea has many hills due to its topographical characteristics. I don't think we need any more high speed
  13. RS has a completely different mold from the existing MSP
  14. Yes, this is a pre-order
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