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  1. Ronko

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Both great choices, can't go wrong with either. From my experience the XL is a bit more comfortable to ride and more practical, but you might have more fun with an MSX!
  2. Ronko

    London(ers) calling

    Yeh I'll be around. I live close to hyde park so convenient for me. I'll message some other london riders see if they are up for a ride. Can you pm me your number? As far as parking goes, normally pretty bad but should be ok on good friday.
  3. Ronko

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    To me that answers your question.. it is better in EVERY other aspect! If the design is that important to you then go for the Z10, but if you want best all round then it has to be the KS18XL. With the ks18 you can get a pretty good protective cover from https://www.roll.nz/ which should help protect your wheel from getting scratched up while you are learning. I would normally recommend buying from a distributor as you get the warranty (unless you are confident in replacing parts yourself if something breaks). After taxes the price isn't much cheaper in the end. Speedyfeet.co.uk are very good with support and addressing any issues you may have and eunicycles.eu have a very competitive price on the ks18XL.
  4. Ronko

    London(ers) calling

    Have never had an issues taking my EUC into a bar/pub or even leaving it in a clock room at a club.
  5. Ronko

    purchase advice (z10 vs GT16 vs Tesla)

    Have you tried a KS18(X)L? I thought I would never buy an 18" as it would be too big, and I was looking to buy a Tesla. After trying out the KS18XL I found it to be a lot more agile than I expected (much better than the older ks18S, and surprisingly narrow, compact and comfortable) so I decided to buy one instead of a Tesla. Now after doing 400km through London, I think it's the best commuter wheel out there! Best thing about the 18 wheel is the confidence it gives you riding at high speed, I've gone over pot holes I hadn't seen at over 40km/h and was fine, but I would have definitely come off if I had been on a Tesla.
  6. Ronko

    London(ers) calling

    I regularly use my ks18XL commuting in London and take it on the tube/bus/train. Most of the time I am pushing it along with the handle (on escalators and getting onto the tube too) and only need to carry it on short flights of stairs entering/exiting a station or hopping onto the bus. Although it is heavy, I am only carrying it for 10 second stints max so it's not really a problem for me. The hard part is carrying it up three floors to my flat as there is no lift, but I consider that my exercise for the day! The main thing I would suggest is to choose a wheel with a trolley handle which is very quick and easy to operate, you don't want to be wasting time at the top or bottom of a staircase trying to pull the handle out with a load of people trying to walk past you (ks16 is good for this).
  7. I use this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PG69SFJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Goes up to 10.5" circumference and works well with my wrist guards.
  8. Ronko

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Just ordered one! A few of my friends are quite into mountain bike trail riding. I've been wanting to try and tag along with my EUC but don't want to scratch it up... now I can!
  9. I use this one: https://www.porsche-design.com/en/Fashion-Sports/Sports/Sport-Bags/Campus-BackPack.html Not the most practical as it doesn't have too much room, but it's very light and comfortable. I forget I'm even wearing when I'm riding on my EUC. Also, the strap at the top is useful to attach your helmet when you are not wearing it.
  10. Ronko

    Why are ther so few Female riders?

    So just under 3 years ago, on our first date told my gf about EUC's and managed to convince her to go on a second date and try it out. She learnt pretty quicly on an inmotion V3 and proceeded to buy her a V5f+ which she mastered pretty quickly. So there was me optimistically thinking we would be riding wheels together... Few problems: She only wants to use her EUC when it's warm and dry (which is very limiting with UK weather). She will only use her EUC if I'm with her, even though it would cut her commuting time in half. She will not use it if there are many people around as she is scared of it hitting pedestrians (bad experience when learning where she came off and nearly took out a child). She will not use it on the road with cars around as she is scared of being run over. Last summer we went to Italy for two weeks. I shipped out our EUC's and did quite a bit of riding together by the lake and sea fronts which she enjoyed. And she has promised me once the weather improves this year she will come out with me more often, and she's keen on taking the Eurostar to Paris and ride out there.
  11. Ronko

    Airwheel X3 vs. Kingsong KS14 M

    I had an X3 four years ago, and thought it was an awful wheel even back then! Only ever used it to teach friends to ride, and told them to invest on a better EUC as soon as they learnt. The main issue is it has very low power, and doesn't take much to overpower it... a little pot hole or even a ramp on a sidewalk! Even if your trips are short, try to go for something with a bigger battery to give you that extra power and security. A ks14S, V8 or even a V5F or a Ninebot One E+ if you don't want to spend much money would be good starter wheels.
  12. I've been riding EUC's through London daily since 2014 and had no problems whatsoever. Personally I feel a lot safer on an EUC than on a bicycle as having more freedom to turn your upper body means you have better visibility and awareness of your surroundings. I've had two falls (when I wasn't trying to do tricks etc), one in my first week of learning and once two years ago my pedal clipped the leg of a bench and threw me off. Had quite a few wheel shut offs going over pot holes etc which I've always been able to run off and avoid the face plant, but this was mainly down to the fact that the euc's I was riding at the time had low power (Airwheel x3, ninebot one etc). But now riding on on a KS18XL, feel very comfortable because it has so much torque and the big tyre can handle most potholes (and tend not to ride at max speed!). Regularly ride in heavy rain, never had any issues. I've tried electric skateboards a few times and find it harder to balance and maneuver than an euc (and I used to be a skateboarder), but as you mentioned, being able to jump on and off curbs, and ride onto grass and rough terrain is a HUGE advantage! If you do decide to get one (which I highly recommend), make sure you spend a lot of time practicing before you start riding in traffic or busy pavements, and that you feel fully comfortable in your abilities to brake hard and turn sharply for avoidance maneuvers, as well as being able to ride at a slow walking pace (the hardest thing to master). Also make sure you get a decent euc with plenty of power, wear a helmet and respect pedestrians traffic laws.
  13. https://electrek.co/2018/11/15/electric-unicycles-last-mile-vehicles/ After years of journalists giving EUC's one quick go, and immediately dismissing them as 'dangerous and too difficult to use', someone has done a proper review and seen the light!
  14. Ronko

    Stolen euc

    No not skilled, looked like he was trying to learn, and just before my friend got to him he fell off and i saw the wheel crashing down hard.. made me cringe! Showed the police my receipt for the purchase, but had already thrown out the box and had not connected the unit to the app yet so no serial number. I've just bought a new V5f+, so just make sure it's not me!
  15. Ronko

    Stolen euc

    So on Monday night me and a friend where outside a bar in the area where my wheel got stolen, and we see a guy in the distance trying to ride an euc. I recognise the rear lights of the V5 and realise it was my euc! I tell my friend to go towards him to try and stop him to 'ask him a few questions', (I couldn't run as I'm recovering from a broken femur, non euc related). As soon as my friend gets to him the guy tries to brush him off, he picks up the wheel and starts to walk away. In the meantime I call the police to come to me as quickly as they can. The guy with my wheel gets on his phone and calls his friends to come and assist him, and he runs into a council estate. We decide not to follow him further as it's not worth risking to get stabbed over it. The police show up after 20 minutes, take a statement, and email me today telling me they will not be looking into this issue any further as there is nothing they can do. Doubt I'll be seeing him on it again as he's probably drained the battery on it already, so think it's time to get a new one, and this time I'll make sure to never leave it in my car again! The police said there are kids that hang around in the area with key signal jammers, and try to steal what they can from cars. Seems like they got lucky this time!