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  1. KevinUR

    EUC review on Electrek

    https://electrek.co/2018/11/15/electric-unicycles-last-mile-vehicles/ After years of journalists giving EUC's one quick go, and immediately dismissing them as 'dangerous and too difficult to use', someone has done a proper review and seen the light!
  2. KevinUR

    Stolen euc

    No not skilled, looked like he was trying to learn, and just before my friend got to him he fell off and i saw the wheel crashing down hard.. made me cringe! Showed the police my receipt for the purchase, but had already thrown out the box and had not connected the unit to the app yet so no serial number. I've just bought a new V5f+, so just make sure it's not me!
  3. KevinUR

    Stolen euc

    So on Monday night me and a friend where outside a bar in the area where my wheel got stolen, and we see a guy in the distance trying to ride an euc. I recognise the rear lights of the V5 and realise it was my euc! I tell my friend to go towards him to try and stop him to 'ask him a few questions', (I couldn't run as I'm recovering from a broken femur, non euc related). As soon as my friend gets to him the guy tries to brush him off, he picks up the wheel and starts to walk away. In the meantime I call the police to come to me as quickly as they can. The guy with my wheel gets on his phone and calls his friends to come and assist him, and he runs into a council estate. We decide not to follow him further as it's not worth risking to get stabbed over it. The police show up after 20 minutes, take a statement, and email me today telling me they will not be looking into this issue any further as there is nothing they can do. Doubt I'll be seeing him on it again as he's probably drained the battery on it already, so think it's time to get a new one, and this time I'll make sure to never leave it in my car again! The police said there are kids that hang around in the area with key signal jammers, and try to steal what they can from cars. Seems like they got lucky this time!
  4. KevinUR

    Stolen euc

    Had my euc STOLEN last night! Left my Inmotion V5f+ in the boot of my car the day after getting it and someone broke into it and stole it. It happened in London around the Chelsea area. Please keep an eye out for a black Inmotion V5f+ on sale in the UK. Also, if the guy manages to figure out what it is and how to use it, he's going to need to get hold of a charger for it so any retailers out there, please watch out for someone trying to order an Inmotion charger.