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  1. Selling King Song 14D and 16S in the SF Bay Area Local Pickup only KS 14D 420wh NEW - $500 14D is new and unwrapped in box, with charger KS 16S 840wh USED - $850 16S is used with about 300 miles and minor wear marks. Only ever used on city streets, never on grass or dirt roads. Tiltback set to 35km/h. Never took a fall on it. Includes charger. PM or text at 510-969-9252 Photos: 14D picture of unopened box only 16S:
  2. King Song KS-14D 420wh model $700 Brand new inside box. I can ship to USA at additional cost. I ended up getting a 14C instead. 510-969-9252
  3. Selling a brand new and unused Inmotion V8. Also includes protection cover that I purchased separately. Local pickup only in the San Francisco Bay Area. $860 Text me at 510-969-9252
  4. Ouch! Looks like I'm not the only one. Will he be able to make a full recovery?
  5. That's a nifty little tool you've got there, the cutoff switch. I might have to build one. But I also like the trolley handle, which looks much sturdier than the KS trolley handle. What parts did you use to build it?
  6. I was practicing balancing on my KS 14C in the garage, and in the process, lost my balance and had to quickly bail. I know that EUC's briefly become homicidal if you bail on them at a certain angle. Not wanting the unicycle to go running off and smashing things in the garage, I grabbed it in a panic. However, I ended up grabbing it by the wheel, and my fingers got sucked into the wheel well. I tried to pull out, but the torque was too great, and I had to grind it out until the speed limit shutoff kicked in. So it looks like I have a nasty case of road rash, and will take about 2 months to fully recover. Luckily no broken bones or nerve damage. I should have taken pics during the injury, but they might be too gory to post here anyway. Lesson learned: when you bail, just let it spin itself out.
  7. Anyone know where I can buy a trolley handle for the KS 14C in the USA? If no stores in the USA, any stores that ship internationally?
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