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  1. Mougna


    Hello @Paco Gorina, Is you app compatible with a ninebot one S2 ? I'm not able to connect it, maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  2. Mougna

    New Nineboter, One S2 weird noise

    Hi guys, After a few tries, I almost don't notice it. It was less louder than on the video, I think shooting that video inside give the impression of a louder sound. Anyway, it's working good, even if at low speed it "cranks" a little.
  3. Howdy everybody, I just bought a brand new One S2, which looks terrific. The only thing that prevents me from starting is a weird noise (imho) that the wheel does. It's only when the motor is started, and at low speed. If I perform the same movement with the motor stopped, there are absolutely no noises (so no things stucked inside). I have contacted Ninebot who told me that it is completely normal for an S2. Nevertheless, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Even if it's normal, what is causing that awful noise ?
  4. Mougna

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Thanks for your inputs (and sorry for polluting this topic). Finally, I bought a Ninebot One S2 brand new, a local store was selling it at a very good price (less than 500€ new), so I went for it as my first wheel.
  5. Mougna

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    No idea of the charge level, 800W motor and it's the small size battery (340WH). I was thinking of upgrading the battery with an additional one. It was unlocked to the 30km/h mode. Price is a little less than US$ 600.
  6. Mougna

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Hello @Smoother, and thanks for the infos. Indeed, the KS-14c is an used one, but the guy only used it 6 months / 250 km approximately. It was bought mid 2015, so I assume it the potential "not-that-well-manufactured" axis series. He said the wheel felt only once, otherwise it was for work travel. He no longer use it. I agree with your remarks about the limited speed of the S2 and the annoying bips.
  7. Mougna

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Ok, thanks anyway. I'm hesitating between an used KS-14c (witout warranty) and a new Ninebot One S2, but all the broken axis on KS-14c & overheating is frightening...
  8. Mougna

    King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Hello there! I'm considering buying a KS-14c aswell, and would like to see the post/link you are talking about. I am not able to find it on the forum.
  9. Mougna

    Another 3D printed EUC project

    What is the printing time of this piece ?
  10. Mougna

    Another 3D printed EUC project

    Hello @MattJ, it looks nice. My 2 cents: I would put a red back light in addition of a front light, especially in order to be seen. Here is another good idea, maybe to adapt to your design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1747703 In this case, lights are decorrelated from the mainboards, thus do not need electronic modifications. You can just change the lights/batteries when they die, and use standard bicycle lights. Next step, I'll think about a trolley adapter, as this is really convenient when you need to carry your wheel.
  11. Mougna

    Another 3D printed EUC project

    Hello @MattJ, is this still ongoing? When can you release your step by step instructions? This would be really helpful, as I am starting to print your shell. On the other side, I noticed that you are thinking of Light support: this would be really needfull as winter is here, and we are really invisible without lights while riding our marvelous wheels. When do you expect to finish the design? Would it be compatible with parts already printe? I'm asking just to know if it's better for me to wait a few days before printing E15S-v1.21. On the other hand, Microworks has a 16" inch motor, since 2015 : https://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/2015-New-Products-brushless-motor-16_60237639861.html Weren't you looking for something like that ?
  12. Mougna

    Another 3D printed EUC project

    Hello! I am reading all this with enthusiasm, and think I will print my own EUC as soon as possible (my brother owns the 3D printer, and it's currently under maintenance. ) I have a question regarding "waterproof" : Can the EUC handle some rain (in order to get back home), is there any kind of protection here ? By the way how is it after some use? Any improvement you are thinking about? Thanks again for the amazing work, Can't wait to have my own!