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  1. Do you know if the red light (sometimes is on sometimes is off) on the upper part of the wheel is related with the charging? Thank you
  2. It is happening to me too. Red light but not beeps. Sometimes is on, sometimes is off. The wheel works apparently great.
  3. Did anyone try the Kenda 16x3? I had it on a KS18L (18x2.50) and it was excellent. I think I’m going to order one of this
  4. Does the wheel spin freely if you just roll it? If the wheel is off and blocked probably you have to change control board
  5. 12 km around the block (11 times!). No difference in the wheel behavior. The tilting option is very nice
  6. On Soft Tuner I found a 2.2 version for 16x. Did anyone try it?
  7. On soft tuner (from App Store) the 1.8 firmware seams available. Did anyone try it?
  8. phatmike

    Soft Tuner

    Thank you
  9. phatmike

    Soft Tuner

    I founded this app on the Apple Store but I can’t understand his utility ( It is all in Chinese). Can you help me? Thank you
  10. Sorry to hear that. Just few questions: Firmware version? Did you have the new motherboard or the older one? How did you bent the rim? I wish you a fast recovery
  11. @Jack King Song Hi Jack, any news about the new 18s with suspensions?
  12. I think next Kingsong wheel will have suspensions. I will love a 18 x3 wheel too.
  13. Just a curiosity: why, during the firmware upgrade, the wheel has to lay on a side?
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