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  1. Can you please tell us (if you can) the percentage of the different brands? How many Gotway,kingsong etc.etc.? Thanks
  2. Did anybody try the kenda tire? Nobody seams to consider this tire for the 16x. I’m curious. € 19,43 20% Off | KENDA batteria auto Elettrica pneumatici 14 16 18 22X2.125/2.5/3.0 auto elettrica ks18l pneumatico https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/Eoc54qBq
  3. I changed the original tire of my KS18L (the original was a Kenda 18X2.50) with a CST. I felt a kind of Gyro Effect compared with the Kenda that disappeared after 300 KM (I got used to it). The tire is softer and a little more confortable then the Kenda but I still think that the Kenda is better for fast carving.
  4. If you see the last picture of the tire in the link, you can barely read the brand. It is a cst tyre
  5. € 28,37 6% Off | Originale Kingsong KS18l KS18XL eletric monociclo pneumatico tubo Re Canzone EUC parti 18*2.50 pneumatico https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/6aJlcE8
  6. I have that (and I love it)! For silicone cap I meant the gummy protection covers for the charger port on one side and for the USB ports on the other
  7. Do you know any site (Europe) where I can find them? Is the one for ks16s the same of the one for ks18L? Thanks
  8. Just installed. iOS, six minutes, no issues. I’m going to try the wheel right now. I’ll be back with comments.
  9. You can see in the app 60km/h but you can’t set the wheel at that speed. 50km/h is the max speed as usual
  10. I think that the KS 18 L (or xl) is the best carver
  11. On Sunday Rome will host the Formula E race and today we had the chance to test the track with our Wheels! Unfortunately I couldn’t use my camera (no sticks allowed). This is just a short video I did with my phone ( was not allowed). Official video coming soon
  12. Here in Italy Eucs are still a niche but the movement is growing slowly but constantly. In my city (Rome) in 2016 we were 4/5 people, now more than 50.
  13. I just received my cover half hour ago. A long way from NZ to Rome. It looks great.
  14. Aesthetically the old one is the best. It reminds me my old Vespa from the ‘60.
  15. Great mod! I just did it. Good sensations after 10km test. Thank you.
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