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  1. Ditto, never had a problem with the local regulations. Not downtown, nor in the suburbs.
  2. I have been meaning to open it and snoop around for a bit, guess this is as good a time as any. I'll wait a couple of hours for more replies though, just in case
  3. Howdy folks! ☺️ When I woke up yesterday I noticed the brake light on my KS16 was stuck on one side of the wheel, and the headlights doesn't turn on at all (on/off/charging doesn't matter, they're just stuck) so I figure there could be an easy fix like unplugging the batteries for a minute or so - But, seeing as how you all are an excellent bunch of clever people who've probably heard of this before, I figure I better check in here first so I don't screw something up. I've tried adjusting the related settings in the app but there was no change. Apart from this, the wheel have travelled ~950km now and is working great.
  4. barash

    Not charging

    Hey G, how's all this working out?
  5. Is this a common problem for the KS 16/18 as well, or just the 14?
  6. My toddlers favourite song since she was 6-7 months old, which means it's been my favourite song for well over a year and counting...
  7. Here's a rundown of my last few weeks, still very much a newbie as well. There are gaps of a day or three inbetween the days below, but I don't remember how many&when so it took longer than it looks Day 1: About an hour at a parking lot, with 1 meter long chest-high separators between every other parking spot. Used one of those for steadying and getting used to leaning for acceleration/deceleration. Towards the end of the hour I started doing careful circles around them while holding on to them. Day 2: Same parking lot, but started against a wall. Realised that something had 'clicked' and at the end of a 10 meter wall I let go and leaned forward preparing for my first faceplant. 'Lo and behold, the wheel's electronics worked its magic and I managed to roll to the end of the lot, roughly 70 meters. Spent the next 40 minutes doing the same lap, practising turning when reaching the end of the lot. No successful turns were made, no faceplants either though so still mucho psyched! Day 3: Back at the lot, and again something's 'clicked' since last time. Starting to manage wide turns after a few minutes and about 30 minutes in I'm doing slow, huuuge, figure 8's around two big buildings. Lots of dismounts but feeling the 'OMG I'm mastering this!! Can't believe it!!' with every figure 8 completed without dismounts. Day 4: Spend an hour in a nearby garage, about 150 meters long and a 5 meter lane between lots. Some lots are empty at the ends so I use those to turn. Every time I try to just use the 5 meter lane for turning I fail and need to dismount so I don't scratch up a car. Not sensing any progress, feels more like regression. Getting disillusioned, considering returning the wheel to Gormash and giving up. Day 5: Go back to the parking lot, more figure 8's. For 2-3 hours, charged twice. The wind is awesome, the riding is awesome, the turning, well, I don't need 6-7 meters anymore, but I need more than 3. Meh. Day 6: Back to the garage, 20 minutes of pure joy! Something 'clicked' again, turning within 3 meters is stable *flexes while on the wheel*.. *loses balance*.. *manages to barely catch the wheel, next to a Very expensive looking mercedes*... Decides to stop using the garage!!! Day 7: More parking lot, feeling very confident here. Know every bump, hole, and incline and aim for them whenever possible. Practising unassisted mounting, and much fail was had. Sometime around here my Ninebot One E+ arrived (roughly a week now), after few minutes on it to get used to the difference in handling I was more comfortable on it than I'd ever been on the starter wheel (Orb x2 or something, generic). The extra torque was very noticeable and I was ecstatic. Since then I've rolled around 16km on sand/gravel roads as well as regular pavement. I still struggle a ton with unassisted mounting, no chance at going backwards, people around when doing tight turns freaks me out, etc. Still a long way to go. In short, keep at it and at some point you'll get a 'Click!' and rapid progress will follow
  8. Really great news mate, happy for you
  9. Topseller.no came by my office yesterday with the E+, and today they'll be dropping off the handle and parking accessory at my home. More like Topservice so far
  10. Well, now ya'll gone and convinced me as well. E+ ordered, and busying myself scratching up Gormash' old Orb until it arrives
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