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  1. Hi All, anyone have a working (used or new) Gotwayc mSuper2 motherboard (QJ motor) they might let me buy? GW do not have stock. Maybe from a unit with a failed QJ motor? Thanks
  2. Hi Esaj Please list us: ElectricWheels https://www.electricwheels.co.za/ Country: Southern Africa Towns: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria Brands: KingSong, Gotway, Airwheel, Inmotion. Many thanks Niel
  3. Hi All, I was also considering making a tool to tighten the Monster (and other Gotway) axle nuts on the motor-wire side until I realized that a good, offset ring spanner works 100%! :-):-):-) I love the Gotway products but I far prefer the KingSong axle/pillar connection - it requires no maintenance and is superior IMHO.
  4. Hi All This is my virginal post on this forum (after much lurking and learning:-). We have been importing EUC's to South Africa since 2013, I am looking to increase exposure of the activity locally and I was wondering whether anyone on the forum might know if there have been any records set (verified or otherwise) by EUC riders on electric unicycles? I recall seeing a post about someone riding a Gotway mSuper V2 with a seat-mod some distance in Europe some time back but am unable to make The Google find it again...:-). I do hope the EUC range record is less than the current electric bicycle record....
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